Musicians and Models

Rock musicians - a special category of stars, incredibly sexy and attractive. It is not surprising that many of them choose for themselves in a couple of models - and together they look simply stunning!

Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna

Maroon 5 Singer chose not someone, and one of the "angels» Victoria's Secret. Genes ancestors Adam and then appeared: nosy young people know in their beauty shoots videos, and pays, I suppose, not dollars!

Forces and Heidi Klum

It is an unusual couple: Forces completely atypical family man and a homebody, and Heidi gave birth to a lot of atypical super-model. But it remains in service - well, bravo!

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley

Though now this couple is in divorce, but they remain friends. And we managed to create a daughter, which, we hope, has inherited not only the beauty of the mother, but also the talent of the pope!

David Bowie and Iman

Bowie always had exquisite taste. Gorgeous, Iman, reminiscent of Egyptian statuette, for more than twenty years, is his faithful companion and guardian of the family hearth.

Mick Jagger and Scott L'Vren

Mick continually choose the most beautiful women, though he was often so difficult to make a choice, he divided his attention between several simultaneously. However, the beauty L'Vren Scott seems to have finally been able to put a restless horse stall.

Ron Wood and Anna Araujo

Ron Wood, as his bandmate Mick Jagger has always loved women authenticity and slimmer. Like Mick, he was married to the model, and then divorced her for another model and then went on his hands - the hands of models, it should be noted. Now Ron lost his head from the "angel» Victoria's Secret Anna Araujo. Who next?

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

After 16 years of marriage to model Rachel Hunter, Rod found a new love and a new model - Penny Lancaster. Again and again the blonde above it (and incidentally, the last really quite easy).

Steven Tyler and Erin Brady

Say thank you to Steve for his predilection for models and consequently - a beautiful Liv! Judging by the clips, Steve often drags clothes their girlfriends - and that complexion something they have the same.

Jack White and Karen Elson

Singer The White Stripes managed to not only wear a ring on your finger, Karen, and persuade her to give birth to two children - and for the model is a big feat!

Madonna and Jesus Luz

And it also happens. Queen of Pop Madonna loves models - but only men, of course.

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