The blue light

Electric blue season that already does not disappear from racks in shops, fashion shows and the red carpet. The blue dress looks spectacular and sexy. It is surprising that no one has composed the theme song for a blue dress, something like "Girl in blue, I fell in love with you too much," or "The girl in the blue, I was powerless against you." It is time to cultivate and the color of the dress, as it does not leave unnoticed!

Incidentally, the blue even more practical than the red: first, it is dark, and the dark, as it is known, slim, and secondly, it fits everything from pale to black, from blondes to brunettes, from slender to round forms.

Kate Middleton

Kate Beckinsale

Jessica Alba

Ashley Olsen

Kate Walsh

Paris Hilton

Petra Nemcova


Natalie Portman

Lily Allen

Mariah Carey

Emma Roberts

Eva Longoria

Fred Pinto

Diane Kruger

Dani Minogue

Blake Lively

Kerry Washington

Katy Perry

Generally, clothing from fashion shows and the red carpet is undergoing many changes, leaving the streets of the big city. On the streets, too, you can find a lot of blue: blue skirts, blouses, jackets, bags, leggings, scarves, gloves - everything blue is a trend this season!

For example, Rihanna chose a blue top:

A Katy Perry - blue hair. Perhaps inspired example of Malvina.

If you think this is an option for the most daring, you have not seen a desperate Selena Gomez at a party on the 33 th anniversary of Perez Hilton, who has decided to put all the blue that she had. Although the choice she was not much, since it was the dress code of the party.



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