Unsuccessful photos of stars

Photographs of celebrities, about which they would like to forget.

Britney Spears (Britney Spears)

George Clooney (George Clooney)

Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian)

Kate Moss (Kate Moss)

Mischa Barton (Mischa Barton)

Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan)

Hugh Laurie (Hugh Laurie)

Emma Watson (Emma Watson)

Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson)

Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes)

Iggy Pop (Iggy Pop)

Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo)


Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman)

Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse)

Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman)

Jude Law (Jude Law)

Dustin Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman)

Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)

Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts)

Olga Kurylenko

Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)

Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise)

Sheryl Crow (Sheryl Crow)

Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba)

John Travolta (John Travolta)

Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria)

Eva Mendes (Eva Mendes)

Pete Doherty (Pete Doherty)

Orlando Bloom (Orlando Bloom)

Amy Lee (Amy Lee)

Andy Dick (Andy Dick)

Zhanna Friske


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