Cannes Film Festival

16 May 2012 Cannes Film Festival opened its doors to the stars of the first magnitude. As expected, all the fun at such events occur no where else but on the red carpet, where famous women, dressed in the most expensive clothes couture collections from designers appear before us in all its charm. At this time it was more than a grand - from the outputs of some ladies simply breathtaking!

Eva Longoria was the star of the opening ceremony, you just look at it in this delightful dress! In general, the Marchesa dresses rarely look bad, but this image is beyond praise. Absolutely amazing decoration, silhouette, which is so fragile and Eve, of course, the highlight of the entire image - luxurious chiffon Chlef. To some it may seem that the plume is longish, but it's Cannes - is played for high stakes. The whole image looks just perfect - from dresses to make-up, hairstyles, accessories and poses. Undoubtedly, Eve - the first contender for the best outfit of the festival.

Compared with Eve, Jessica Chastain looked quite modest in its basic in dress from Alexander McQuenn, but only so I can not call it a failure. I like the dress, primarily due to the presence of pockets on it, which makes the image less pathetic, but interesting. In addition, Jessica counterbalanced modest dress garnished with an abundance of precious stones, although I would have chosen in its place colored stones (such as pale pink or blue), rather than white diamonds.

Indian beauty Freida Pinto in a dress Michael Angel. Good outfit, I like the combination of bright shiny top and pale pink skirt, but in general, the image does not cause exclamations of admiration.

Another thing - Diane Kruger in a stunning toilet Giambattista Valli Haute Couture. The highlight of the dress - is, of course, incredible mint color and excess tissue (in the best sense of the word). Generally I'm partial to flowing dresses from flying material, the more pastel shades, so I'm delighted with the image of Diana.

One of the most beautiful Chinese actress Fan Bingbing often chooses dresses with oriental prints, and the its output is not an exception. Exquisite dress by designer Christopher Bo was decorated with flowers and ornaments in Chinese style, and completed the whole soaked Chinese culture image hairstyle in oriental style and impressive size earrings with emeralds matching outfit.

Modest Virginie Ledoyen French girl in the same modest dress from Elie Saab. As I recall, dresses from Lebanese designer Elie Saab always seem to be more emotional, but not this time. Not to say that the image of Virginie I do not like, on the contrary - a beautiful and spectacular color drapes very becoming an actress, but it is unlikely this outfit someone remembered.

Lana Del Rey continues to exploit her favorite gothic image and the opening of the festival the singer arrived in a black dress Alberta Ferretti, which resembles the shape of the bodice web. So that black robe on the floor did not look too fresh, designers fashion house Alberta Ferretti has added his insertion of pleats on the skirt, and perhaps it is this element successfully completed the outfit. I, as always, delighted with the hair Lana - laying in perfect condition.

When you look at Jane Fonda, hardly turn the language to call it old, and actress, among other things, already in '74 - a luxurious figure and appearance in general for this age. And what to dress, I think her outfit is too bold, although transparent fabric inserts on the chest, back and sleeves slightly soften the image of the entire frankness. After all, it would be much worse if most of these inserts was not at all.

Tilda Swinton as always stands out from the general trend, but it is this detachment and creates a style of actresses who she undoubtedly is. Actress in a geometric bronze dress Haider Ackermann.

Supermodel Eva Herzigova in a toilet by Dolce & Gabbana. Dress - a poet's dream! First, finish: amazing droplets crystals cover the whole dress and playfully swing when walking. Secondly, Silhouette: perhaps the key to success in the figure of Eve, but the dress is sitting just perfect. Secondly, pale pink lace: it is never too much!

By the way, Eve diamond necklace and earrings created in honor of Marilyn Monroe unique (which became a symbol of the 65th Cannes Film Festival on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of her death).

Created this beauty master jewelry house Chopard, and this is not the first collaboration with the organizers of the festival Chopard: every year for the past five years, the jewelry house creates a special collection of jewelry at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. Number of jewelry usually corresponds to the number of the festival - this year their 65.


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