Work injury

Work injury gave way not only to workers receiving a pittance in factories, but also celebrities, which lay their cards on the millions of dollars. From sudden accidents are not perfect and therefore even stars can be seen in a cast and on crutches ... a rare phenomenon, but as the saying goes apt.

Reese Witherspoon

Acting in the film "Water for Elephants" with the notorious Robert Pattinson actress sprained ankle and alle-op - screen tsirkachka in plaster. Initially, the press, seeing obayashka in plaster, alarmed: "I do not come if her leg elephant?" But God has saved - the elephant passed and light injury almost no impact on the health of Reese, who after a couple of months, fully recovered.

Jessie J

Quite a long time Jessie J can be seen in a cast, but how much she was not discouraged because of the broken leg. On the contrary, the extra rest never hurts, because due to injury the singer had to cancel several concerts, which she soon played with even greater agility. Healthy and cheerful.


Ekstremalka, what can I say. Even with a leg injury (do not know what kind of difficulty) Pink walks in the gym to regain form.

Jamie Campbell Bower

And Jamie is the original: look how nakrasili nail on the leg, just below the color of the track. Injury did not stop the actor and he arrives at the premiere of the film "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1».

Mickey Rourke

2010. The actor broke his hand in a fight.

Emily Blunt

Actress on the set of the film "The Adjustment Bureau" in 2009. It looks like a dummy injury because Emily in the film plays a ballerina, but her peculiar tension.

Shia LaBeouf

Jeopardy were the second "Transformers" directed by Michael Bay, after a car accident Shaya, performing the title role, injured his left hand. But Michael Bay would not be a Michael Bay, had not thought to add injury hero in the movie. Thus LaBeouf did not have to change the understudy or worse - to kill, not in the life course ...

David Beckham

Footballer missed the World Cup in 2010 as a player, but at the time was the assistant coach Fabio Capello. The same services after the championship Beckham did not appreciate and said to call him to the national team does not intend to. Well, let's see if will participate at the upcoming David European Championship.

Edward Grimes

In the past, torn ligaments band member «Jedward» will not affect his participation in "Eurovision 2012". Guys are ready to anneal, but "Buranovskie grandmother" ready to break them as Tuzik warmer!

Uma Thurman

On the David Letterman show actress bestowed with a bandaged hand and leading to seize the moment to ask: "What's wrong with your hand Mind?" - To which she responded brilliantly "I fell off the shelf." Probably trying to get a favorite book or just have fun.

Gwyneth Paltrow

2008. Actress injured left leg.

Blythe Danner

Well, in 2009 distinguished her mother Blythe Danner, who limped on the green carpet and even gave no sign that she was hurt or uncomfortable. The heroine!


In 2008, Rihanna umbrella traded on crutches, but fortunately not for long. The singer had a problem with the right foot.

Emma Bunton

Broken ankle, but how much grace in the stalk of the former peppercorns! Smiling through force, it can be seen, but it is very charming, it is a pity that recently has noticeably lost (aged).

Mark Wahlberg

In 2011, the actor also had problems with the ankle. Here paparazzi filmed it at the moment when he was going to the doctor to find out how his leg and if he could start training again (Mark had to gain muscle mass for one of the movies).

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny even white bandage looks like an accessory. Stylish musician!

Brooke Shields

In 2010, the actress and model bruised hand, but still find time and found the strength to dine with a friend.

Justin Bieber

Singer injured his foot on the concert in London in 2009, but after some time has been as good as new, and even this weighty structure in the foreground did not prevent him from doing his famous "pa" and a couple of times to shake fashionable bang.

George Clooney

This actor - sports people and sports injuries so alien to him. He injured his hand in 2009, but still did not disappoint the audience at the premiere in Toronto, which took place a few days after the incident with his hand.

Daniel Craig

James Bond with an injury? It is amazing to see the brave and fearless actor with a bandage, but it was necessary because Daniel had an operation on his shoulder.

Kim Kardashian

Kim injured her finger? The heavens weep! :( But seriously, the girl sacrificed many things - in 2008 she gave up for a while heels. I can imagine how much hysteria was ...


Energetic dance moves with the singer played a cruel joke - she injured her ankle.

Courtney Love

What's leg ... Main impromptu concert on the beach was a success! Gaga with her outrageous krugovorotnym smokes on the sidelines.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Footballer hardly had to touch a crutch, because the rescue retinue of assistants, and ahead of a huge limousine. But be that as it may (well, I'm talking about sniffy blue appearance and manners super-mega old) he is a great footballer!


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