Autoimmune diseases, cancer and shamans of the Amazon

About autoimmune diseases, cancer is not just lazy writing, but there is no consensus – what causes, effective methods of treatment. In search of truth cling to all versions, sometimes the most incredible from the point of view of the average person. Well, the usual going to the clinic, and unusual – will go to a shaman in the Amazon. About these Amazon shamans don't write so much, but in those places the shaman and a doctor (medicine man, healer), and the psychologist of the entire village. More recently, scientists decided to get acquainted with their methods of treatment, but it is difficult to say whether the shamans and their secrets. Unlikely. In unskilled hands (and minds) their knowledge that is passed from grandfather to father to son can harm.


"Scientists consider the treatment by shamans under the microscope" ("Scientists Put Shamanic Medicine Under The Microscope") – an article from the Huffington post of October 16, 2015):

The article tells the story of Mark Pischea, 42-year-old political consultant from Michigan, the father of five children. 10 years ago he was taken to the hospital with severe pain in the stomach. He was diagnosed with Crohn's disease (a severe autoimmune disease, harakterizuetsya different manifestations, mostly extreme abdominal discomfort, weight loss, fatigue and fever).

After diagnosis of Crohn's disease 10 years previously healthy husband and father lived in constant seizures, surgeries and recovery periods after treatment. After 5 minutes of operation Mark Pischea was bedridden for six weeks. At that time he soobshili that a last resort – only 6-I operation with complete removal of the stomach. Mark said. it is better to die than to do the 6th operation to remove stomach. But at this time Mark has another option that is unconventional. At the insistence of his wife, he crept out of bed, got on a plane and got to a small letsibogo center in the Peruvian village of San Roque de Cumbasa. The first three weeks he spent there almost alone, following a strict diet of rice, bananas and specially prepared vegetable drinks.

Several times a day he met the shaman, who prescribed him a local plant, is known that they can cause vomiting (as a way to cleanse the body) and "restart" the immune system. Recommendations also included the shaman Ayahuasca (ayahuasca), a potent hallucinogenic drink, and Cambo (poison tree frog of the rainforest, a well-known tool in the shamanism of the Amazon).

After 4 months Pischea have left traces not only of Crohn's disease, but depression, which he received as a result of his illness and treatment in official hospitals for 10 years. "My recovery is a miracle, I give thanks every day for it," he said in the Huffington Post.

Mark Pischea is one of the many Americans who received a scary diagnosis for many years unsuccessfully struggling by means of official medicine. With my Crohn's disease Mark visited the best specialists in this field, having been in the most famous clinics. In the end, he recovered, only to seek help from the shamans of the Amazon.

The potential of 80 thousand plants growing in the Amazon region are enormous, but the shamanic knowledge, which often exist only in oral form among the vanishing tribes, remain largely untapped.

Despite the fact that 25% of modern pharmaceutical drugs obtained from plants growing in the tropics, currently less than 1 % of these tropical plants were investigated for use in medical purposes. The drugs used by shamans, unknown to Western doctors. And too little research to assess used in shamanic healing practices. But, things, like, started to move. Recently launched krupnomasshtabnye research project, giving the opportunity to find synergies between shamanic healing methods and modern medicine. There is hope for productive cooperation between shamans and scientists.

Raine Donohue of "Runa Foundation" says, "We were taught that it was a white guy in a white coat in the West – is not science". It is time to recognize that, obviously, is not so."

Non-profit organization "Runa Foundation" is conducting in Ecuador and Peru work on the preservation of shamanic traditions, provides opportunities for economic development of indigenous peoples. The plans of the new directions project "PlantMed" (construction of medical clinics for the study of the plants of the Amazon, one of a kind).

"We are trying to gather a multidisciplinary group that includes trained in the West, doctors and psychologists and shamans, who are indigenous to these areas," says Dr. Mauro Zappaterra (Harvard University, consultant to the Board of Directors of future clinics).

"This project will bring together the best minds of Western medicine and shamanic medicine to create effective drugs. Clinic "PlantMed" 're ready to bring the treasure of knowledge of shamans in the science-based treatment regimes," says Dr Gerard Valentine, a psychiatrist and researcher at Yale School of Medicine and Advisor "Rios Nete".

Searching for miracle drugs in the bowels of the Amazon is not a new idea. For the past desyatiletiy a large pharmaceutical company had sent etnobotanico for exploration and collection of plants with potential medicinal properties. But in these studies there was almost no cooperation between researchers and local residents who have used these medicinal plants for thousands of years. Here cooperation is the basis of the mission "PlantMed". In the center of the "Naku", located deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon, researchers from Stanford, Yale University and other institutions will work with the healers of the tribe Sapara that are endangered (less than 600). In the center "Rios Nete center" (Peru), researchers will work with members of the Shipibo tribe, known healers.

Such centers are scheduled to open in early 2016. In each center with a group of 15 patients will work with a team of Western doctors, a shaman and several Western specialists on healthy lifestyle. For each patient, the shaman will undertake a full assessment of his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. The patient will be made up of local treatment plants, based on the definition of a shaman cause of the illness. Meanwhile, Western researchers will analyze methods of treatment, components of the medication. Also using modern technology, researchers will produce different measurements in patients before and after treatment, and to note both positive and negative consequences. This is not only a research center but the medical centre where we will get answers to many questions. Patients expect to leave the clinic from three weeks to four months, depending on their diagnosis and disease progression.

"Although modern medicine is the most complex system of healing ever created, there is still a lot unknown, which has to be studied," says Dr. Mark Plotkin, ethnobotanist of the Amazon, ecologist, author of "tales of a shaman's apprentice" (1994).

About visiting shamans written many books. One of them, in addition to the above –quite entertaining "Ayahuasca, magic Liana jungle: the Jataka of the Golden jug in the river" (the journey to the Peruvian shamans). Author Elena Kuznetsova.

Dr. Mark Plotkin says, "We must understand that cancer of the pancreas, insomnia, acid reflux, stress is Western medicine can not cure, need other alternatives".

So what are the priorities of researchers working in the Amazon? Clinics waiting for medication from autoimmune diseases in which the body attacks itself. Over 50 million Americans (almost 1 out of 5, the majority of patients (75%) are women) suffer from some form of autoimmune disease. Most spread the word (about 80) is lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus type 1 and multiple sclerosis. Doctors are rarely able to identify and address the root causes that led to the immune system attack its own healthy tissue.

Autoimmune diseases trudnoudaljaemye because of the many vague symptoms. According to the American Association of "Autoimmune diseases" for diagnosis, the patient takes about 5 years.

There are different methods of treatment of these diseases, but all of them taken separately is inefficient. As a treatment doctors often rely on immunosuppressants such as corticosteroids to suppress immune reactions. These drugs are not always effective and they have many side effects.

"There are many autoimmune disorders that affect millions of people worldwide, for which there is no cure, and the search for this treatment is far from success. We see a huge opportunity for the study of medicine plants of the tropics. Currently, many researchers are also focusing on psychosomatic origin and nature of these diseases, guided by the shamans, who definitely are focused on the interconnected psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the patient. Often Samanna goal is to find the point of intersection," says Tyler Gage, one of the founders of the "Runa".

Canadian physician Dr. Gabor, in his book "When the body says No ("When The Body Says No, 2003) talks about the connection between stress and illness, that in each case, his patients, the main reason was repression (defense mechanism of the psyche).

More and more studies are sets that stress, childhood trauma, anxiety and other psychological factors may play a role in the development of autoimmune diseases. In one study, patients with rheumatoid arthritis are often reported that experienced emotions due to neglect in childhood, of violence in their childhood. In another study it was found that patients with multiple sclerosis have experienced uncertainty, sostavlyayuschuyu them to look for greater love. Patients with lupus often told stories of childhood emotional deprivation (the loss of, loss negative mental state caused by the deprivation of the ability to meet the most basic needs of life such as sleep, food, housing).It's one of the problems.

Also, "it is possible that plants of the Amazon have a unique chemical composition, good the current on the immune system, and maybe even put her in a condition where the body can distinguish between these States the "self" and "not themselves," says Rios Nete, a co-founder of "Rios Nete".

It is important to note that shamanic medicine is not a magic wand in autoimmune diseases, it may not be effective for many or even most patients. However, it is likely that by learning more about plant medicine of the Amazon, we can help you better understand this mysterious disease, and improve the treatment process.

"Shamans say that God did not create a disease without creating a cure for them. The cure is. We just have to find it," says Mark Pischea recovered.

Unfortunately, many tribes are on the verge of extinction. The Sapara tribe once numbered 200 thousand now there are 575, their medical knowledge was not preserved in writing and you can lose it for humanity. The head of the tribe said that they are willing to share their knowledge."They want to share with the world his medical knowledge and traditions, but want this treated with respect and scientific approach," said Tyler Gage, one of the founders of the "Runa".

Another danger that this knowledge will not be retained if it is to continue the rampant destruction of tropical forests, then we have a big chance that the drugs of the shamans we did not know.

Organization "PlantMed" is in a unique position to translate their plans into reality. For about 10 years they have a good relationship with the local tribes, they are very careful with the knowledge to share with them the shamans.This cooperation, unfortunately, is the exception, not the norm. The knowledge of indigenous peoples has already been used by pharmaceutical companies repeatedly. Dr. Plotkin in the popular talk show TED told me that when from the venom of Brazilian snakes (used by shamans for treatment) had developed a drug against AIDS (brought mnogomillionniy profit pharmaceutical companies), the Brazilians have not seen a penny of that money. "It's poorly fitted to the way of interaction with the tribes, and we hope that the new research centers will be done "right," said Dr. Plotkin, the correspondent for the "Huffington Post".

Today Mark Pischea (which was at the start) enjoy good health and energy returned. Of course, there is always the risk that the disease can return, as in the case with any autoimmune disease, but Mark lives one day and thankful for it. Mark hopes that the procedures in the newly built centers in the Amazon will be available for many struggling with chronic diseases. "There is great potential for the treatment of stradajushi. I think that even many Western doctors are beginning to see that there are answers that are outside of textbooks, and that they should be open to all that will prinositi benefits to their patients."

Here's an interesting article in the "Huffington Post" And end this article like I always say – "to achieve health by all means". In a long article "urine therapy" there are stories of terminally ill people who did not help and in desperation they made an unpleasant (from the point of view of many). And recovered. Also the story about the above-mentioned reflux – total deliverance from this incurable (as claimed by the doctors) of the disease.

And here is the story about are irreversible, supposedly, diabetes (from the book "pearls of Asian medicine" by Savely Kashnitsky):

"One day Sergei Petrovich Botkin (the outstanding Russian therapist) asked a rich merchant, who suffers from diabetes, obesity and hypertension. He offered a lot of money well-known Professor, however, Botkin said he would undertake treatment only under one condition: if the barefoot, taking only a bag of bread, a stranger, without a penny, go on foot to Odessa, where he will begin treatment. If the condition is violated, the doctor refuses treatment.

The merchant was dumbfounded heard. But since he had no choice (all of his ailments were considered incurable), it only remained for him to agree to go. On the way to Odessa he was a beggar, he was staying in villages, ate what God sent, was more than 2,000 kilometers and in the end, reached the goal of his journey in the hope to help famous doctor. Botkin examined him and asked why he appeared if he is completely healthy. The merchant was surprised. However, no signs of obesity, no diabetes, no hypertension, he was not".

It is unknown whether the sign was Botkin with "Ashtanga-Hridaya Samhita", which says that when all the means for treatment of diabetes have been exhausted, should go 3,000 km with a herd of cows barefoot, eating only dairy products, urine and manure? Maybe his advice was inspired by this? Or what are the popular recipes?

Methods of treatment of autoimmune diseases (including cancer) are so numerous that to list them is not my business. Those who are touched by this disease, most likely all read: and treatment with hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda, and the above-mentioned urine therapy, and of course all the methods of official medicine, which often does wonders and brings people to life. But this happens only in a positive relation to the patient. With the pessimists, things are worse. And here can help a good book "Schopenhauer as medicine", author Irvin Yalom:

"Practicing psychotherapist Julius learns that he has cancer and he left to live for about a year. Before his death, he decides to meet with his particularly difficult client, Philip, to learn what happened to his life, and if you manage to cure it. During this time Philip had already cured himself and helped him Schopenhauer. Philip plans to engage in "philosophical counselling" and to treat people the philosophy of Schopenhauer – as once cured himself. Julius invites Philip to work in his group, to obtain permission to conduct private practice. And a year of working together has changed both of them and helped them. The book is about how important it is to talk, to talk honestly to myself that we stored somewhere in the depths of the soul.

How many problems could be solved just by talking honestly and admitting that we are uncomfortable that it gives us discomfort, etc. and sometimes we keep it all to myself, and then in one day blow up and sweep away everything in its path as the water escaped beyond the dam" (review taken the IP community "What to read").

And another story:

Judith Delozier (American psychologist and ethnographer) once went as an anthropologist in one African tribe. The shaman asked her:
– "The civilized man differs from that of my tribe?"
Judith thought about it and replied:
– "Modern civilized man can feel one thing, think another and do the third".
The shaman could not understand what she meant. Suddenly an expression of confusion on his face turned to horror:
-"Judith, don't do that — he said — to hurt you!"

Let's not get sick!

Yes, I have almost personal experience is from the shamans of the son 2 times in Peru was last time, especially to the shaman went for a very long time all were chosen and learned, but it was not so. He was looking for more spiritual and was exactly medical. A week feeding them this Ayahuasca (ayahuasca) – not for the faint of heart. Son much to tell. The shaman could ask a personal question. Well, he asked what was going, "what is my purpose?". The shaman said, "Just live. And in order to find out, you don't need to travel to distant lands".

Here's a tip shaman seeker. published

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