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In the past diseases such as scurvy, cholera, plague, smallpox or measles, etc. resulted in awe of anyone, because the people know that this disease is not treated any medication. The only prevention of and recovery from these diseases was fire and people burned the house of the dead, their utensils, clothes and food. But time passed, and mankind has learned to get rid of these diseases. The name of the disease, which, supposedly, can not handle modern medicine today, cancer.At the same time, many people have a cure for cancer, without resorting to official medicine. At times, the capabilities of the popular means of surprise. For example, in the early 20th century, Russian healers treated cancer is easy and simple, and not thought him some special, serious illness. Only then, with the advent of the Bolsheviks to power, when the majority of traditional healers were shot, cancer diseases are "incurable". From the foregoing we can conclude that Russian folk healers knew the nature of cancer and knew how to deal with it.

Only recently it became known to official science that cancer occurs for two reasons. The first reason is a reaction to the lack of vitamin B17. The second reason is that during the shortage of this vitamin in the human body is extremely weakened immune system. A catalyst for the emergence of a cancerous tumor is a fungus Candida albicans that lives in every human body and is the causative agent of the candidiasis. Therefore, in order to infect any human malignancy, only two factors: the lack of vitamin B17 and a weakened immune system, which can not neutralize the effect and reproduction of the fungus. Vitamin B17 is the main point hindering in the body malignant tumor. If this vitamin is missing, then even a weakened immune system to cope with the fungal disease.

American treatment for cancer Video about vitamin B17 which is found in apricot seeds and that captivity and the wild animals never get cancer, centenarians (average 160 years) on healthy bread, recommended reading, how to trick the body by giving him poison, as is makes associations about the usefulness of poison(cigarettes, beer), and at the end of an interesting answer to the question: How do You know if you've tried that You didn't like (Vitamin B17 against cancer 8 mins 1 sec.).

Amygdalin (from the Greek. — almond) — gentilized nitrile of mandelic acid C20H27NO11, a glucoside contained in the seeds of many plants of the genus Plum (lat. Prunus), giving them a bitter taste.[2]

Plum (lat. Prnus) is a genus of plants that includes species such as homemade plum, cherry, peach, apricot, almond, cherry and others. There are about a hundred species of plums, distributed mainly in North temperate regions of the globe. [2]

If you try to type in Google search (, vitamin B17 you can see is Cytopharma ( which produces in Mexico drugs contain vitamin B17. The high content of amygdalin aimed at combating cancer. Amygdalin takes effect within 3 hours after administration!

Amigdalin B17 (500 mg) 100 tablets cost about 6000 — 8000 Ross. rubles

Amigdalin injection 10 vials (3 g) cost about 7000 — 8200 Ross. rubles

100 B17 Novodalin tablets (100 mg) cost is around 2900 — 5200 Ross. rubles

The Apricot kernels (1 lb = 0,45359237 kg) cost about 900 — 1700 Ross. rubles [3]

Advertising amygdalin as an anticancer tool is considered a classic and one of the most profitable examples of quackery. Distributors of the drug are prosecuted.

Under the trade name "laetrile" (eng. laetril) amygdalin promoted by the representatives of "alternative medicine" as a vitamin-like drug (i.e. vitamin B17) and anti-cancer agent. In this capacity, he categorically rejected the scientific and medical community, in particular the Office for quality control of foodstuffs and medicines USA (FDA), the American cancer society, the American medical Association (AMA) as a non-toxic and antitumor action. There are known cases of poisoning "laetrile", including when taking it in combination with high doses of vitamin C, which decreases in tissue levels of cysteine binding in vivo hydrogen cyanide.[2]

Video about politics in medicine with emphasis on cancer... many people live better with the disease than those who treat it. Scurvy, pellagra, cancer. Only Pets get cancer. As the nature conquers cancer. Tips of proportions: How much can you eat seeds from Apple? How need surgery from having cancer? Referred to doctors and literature that can help in the prevention and treatment of cancer. (Edward Griffin — World without cancer/Edward Griffin — World without cancer 55: 28 min)

What vegetables and fruits contain vitamin B17? Turns out its neither the tomatoes nor pickles, nor in any other cultural plants in our garden. It contains only the berries of hawthorn together with bones, in the bones Ranetki, cultural and wild Apple, the seed of pear, apricot and plums and bitter almonds. That is why, a number of corrupt scientists went on to write dozens of articles about the dangers of the seeds of the plum and apricot.

Here are some of them:
What is the use of apricot pits for our body and what is their harm?
Harm apricot seeds from the standpoint of biochemistry
Why is harm apricot seeds in human nutrition?
Harm apricot seeds with the position of Ayurveda

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Supposedly, in all of these seeds, too many poisonous cyanide, which "poisons the human body, destroys his liver, pancreas and blood-forming organs". It is clear that it was the custom, in order to create in humans a deficiency of vitamin B17.

When you consider that modern man lives in constant stress, and stress is known, destroys the immune system, in addition the immune system to destroy GMOs and food chemistry, it is not difficult to guess where we have so many cancer patients. One interesting detail: three centuries ago, and in vegetables and apples and pears in the pulp, this vitamin is present, but with the creation of new varieties, vitamin B17 was only in the seeds of these plants.

That is why in the 17th century, cancer was inherent only to the residents of the city, and even then, rarely.

How Russian healers treated this disease? There are multiple ways to cancer treatments...1. Recipe taken from the official site of George A. Sidorov from the article " the Treatment of "incurable" diseases "
Traditional healers understood that the key to the treatment of any disease is the human immune system. Therefore, at the beginning of treatment, we try to maximize.

For this take the may or June honey, 1kg, dissolved it in 1 liter of grape wine or vodka, scrolled back 1kg aloe tree (agave), sometimes put 2 leaves of ficus. She always added in a composition of 50g of dry forest or meadow horsetail and 20-50g of celandine. Sometimes the replaced raw celandine meadow Buttercup.

Poison celandine and Buttercup served as an assassin for a cancerous fungus, and all the rest of the herbs strengthened the body's immune system, also served as internal balm to heal the wounds inflicted by the tumor.
When the train was assembled, it was placed in a dark place and insisted 12 days. Then this infusion was drinking 3 times daily one hour before meals. Some traditional healers in this part of the added dry or fresh birch leaf 50g, the same put St. John's wort or thyme. All this increased the effectiveness of the balm and help the body getting rid of this disease. But this is only the first half of the treatment.

The second half was to 3 times a day to eat 20 to 50 seed kernels of plum, apricot, almond or peach. It is important to know that all these bones are from fresh or dried fruits that have not undergone heat treatment. Traditional healers knew that these seeds contains a powerful poison, but they knew and what only recently found out by modern science.

That the poison cyanide on the human body has absolutely no effect as it is in connection with the substances which it is neutralized. This poison works only on malignant tumor, but not on the human body. It turns out that the seeds of plum, apricot and peach not only give the body the vitamin B17, but its poison to destroy the cancer.

This therapy helped to cure human cancer in six months. In addition, the patient was recommended to bathe in the bath and then pour cold water, rolling in snow. Sometimes he was forced to douche after sleep, and then rolled in a warm fur coat. All this was done to boost the immune system.

There is another way of getting rid of severe diseases. It even easier, but requires the patient's strong will. Usually this means it was treated Pomerania. As you know, on the shore of the White sea bee people is not diluted, the more they had southern plants such as ficus or aloe. So in those places, Russian people, ill with cancer, ate the berries of hawthorn together with bones, so is vitamin B17, drinking chaga decoction with milk, in a large number of eating the fruits of wild Apple with seeds and were engaged in physical exercises and all muscle groups.

Instead of dumbbells and barbells used stones, sand bags, millstones and iron bars. What gives? It turns out that during exercise, the muscles lose huge amount of protein, so much protein that the sick person is unable to replenish through food. So the body began to act on its own.

It produces killer cells that eat tumor protein, converting it to amino acids to build muscle. That's why modern fitnessista and bodybuilders cancer almost sick, although not eat foods that contain vitamin B17. [1]

2. Recipe taken from the site devoted to “folk medicine and Oncology.” Anikeeva Gennady Ivanovich — cancer Treatment honey wine recipe A. R. Taraban”

Tarabanovsky honey wine it is advisable to combine with the following anticancer infusion.

Recipe anticancer infusion:

  • 3 tablespoons herb St. John's wort;
  • 2 tablespoons BlackBerry leaves;
  • 1 tablespoon of pulmonaria officinalis.
  • 2 tablespoons nettle flowers deaf;
Tarabanovsky honey wine

All components chop, mix and pour 1-1 Cup of boiling water. Infuse as a tea and drink 1 glass 3 times a day, when convenient. The interval between making honey wine and infusion should be about 1.5-2 hours.
If not the whole collection, you can brew the leaves of blackberries and strawberries and to drink instead of tea.

For making honey wine, Taraban need to take copper basin and an earthen jar.

Thirteen liters of well or spring water to burn in a copper pan and bring to a boil. While the water doesn't boil, pour in about 6 cups of high-quality natural floral honey and simmer for 1.5 hours, removing from time to time the dirty foam from the surface, so you do not have complications in the maturation of the wine. Prokopevski honey solution is poured into an earthen vessel and allow to cool in the dishes to the temperature of warm soup, which still does not freeze the fat. Here's a heat honey water is poured into a wooden wine barrel and zakolachivaya hole, put it in the cellar, and the cold. Can the barrel tied with batting or a wool shawl, blanket.

Fermentation begins in different ways, depending on the microclimate of the cellar: it happens in a week; it happens, and in three weeks you need to follow. The first period of the fermentation usually lasts about two weeks, after which the young honey wine is poured into another wooden barrel, leaving all the sediment in the first keg.

In the same conditions it is necessary to control secondary fermentation, so as not to overdo the wine. Typically, the second period of fermentation also takes about 1.5-2 weeks. At the end of secondary fermentation of the hole of the wine barrel is an urgent need cork tightly.
Tarabanovsky honey wine will be ready in 4-5 weeks. Then it is poured into small (0.5-1 l) clay pots or any clay pots, put in a cold place, where it should still foam. In this period it is very useful for patients with cancer.

Drink it as much as the body takes and regardless of the condition, but to abuse them is not worth it. [4]

The Russian people knew a lot more ways to treat cancer, but these methods we will not describe, because they involve the use of heavy metal salts (mercury chloride, corrosive sublimate, ), although they are simple and reliable. That is why in modern pharmacies, you cannot buy chloride of mercury, although other poisons they sell. All because Russian folk healers to cure cancer sublimate was not difficult. [1]

3. A story which has sounded at a seminar in Latvia on 10 September 2013 from Khakimov Alexander about the woman, which had been cured of cancer of 4 degrees. Briefly, the heroine of this story began to recover only once started to look for his new mission in the service of.... 5 min 19 sec

4. Recipe soda treatment.

Cancer – a treatable fungal infection Dr. Tullio Simoncini (Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini). Simoncini realized that a malignant tumor is a sprawling fungus Candida (a yeast-like fungus with a parasitic nature that live even in healthy people; a strong immune system keeps the Candida under control, but if the body is weakened, the fungus spreads through the body and causing malignant tumors). Simple and affordable diagnostics for Candida (Candida)

5. The Internet is a note about the journey Kunitsyn. V. K. (approximately 2012). Visiting Barguzin believers were told that all diseases of the head, it was a 60-year-old man, but in fact he was the oldest and he was 118 years old. In addition, the survivor provides a clear framework in the treatment of any disease:
— the person understands together with your loved ones, what a thought or a feeling, it could cause illness. That is, he tries to understand what's wrong in his life.
— then begins to fast, pray
— after the above is done drinking herbs, extracts, treated with natural substances.

6. In recent years, proven anticancer effect of carrots, beets, cabbage. And the meat on the contrary, it helps. Fifty years ago in Sweden, gastric cancer was ranked first in the mortality statistics. Today this figure has decreased from 60% to 17% among men and 8% women. This is because before the power of the Swedes was mostly meat, but now their diet is dominated by vegetables and fruit. But he advises the head of Department of herbal medicine of the Kiev medical Institute T. P. Garnik: “Every day eat an Apple together with the seeds and you'll never have a tumor.” [5]

7. In 1997 it was found that resveratrol prevents the development of skin cancer in mice exposed to carcinogens. In experiments with mice and rats have been identified antitumor, anti-inflammatory, lowering blood sugar, cardioprotective and other beneficial effects of resveratrol.

Resveratrol (Resveratrol is C14H12O3) is a natural phytoalexin secreted by some plants as a defense reaction against parasites, such as bacteria or fungi. [6] the larger the plant susceptible to fungal diseases, the more salvestrol they contain.

Resveratrol is found in:

— the skin of red grapes (not in the pulp of the grapes and their skins, bones and some in the leaves and branches), and white grapes contain little resveratrol.

— strawberries, blueberries and other berries and fruits

— asparagus cabbage broccoli and broccoli sprouts [7, p. 163]

— spinach and cocoa

— peanuts and other nuts

— knotweed and other plants

— tinctures and dishes not exposed to strong heat treatment (not more 7-45 degrees, for each product individually) and made of the previously listed products.

The knotweed (Polygonnum cuspidatum Family: the Buckwheat) is one of the important sources of resveratrol and its glycoside. Found on Sakhalin, Kuriles and Japan (Hokkaido and Honshu). It grows on the slopes of the mountains.). T. [6]


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