Cancer prevention the "unknown" known vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 was the subject of sharp disputes and open war 20 years ago, when some of the world's leading scientists announced that consuming the 100 percent guaranteed from development of cancer and in most cases vitamin kills existing cancer.

Pharmaceutical companies immediately jumped on this statement and demanded a revision of the results of the analysis. The results of the study by the FDA (Administration of Foods and Medicines) was rigged — you can read about it in the book by Edward D. Griffin "World without cancer". ("World Without Cancer").

Transnational pharmaceutical companies with the medical establishment, the United States forced the FDA to make it illegal to sell "raw" apricot seeds or Vitamin B17 with attached information about their antiracism effect.

Pharmaceutical companies conduct research only those chemicals that they invent; thus, if a drug is approved, they have exclusive rights to sell it. And they never go on to conduct research on a simple food that they can not be patented and can be sold in any supermarket.

This page offers a brief version of the facts, which are published in the book "World without cancer" by Edward D. Griffin. The book "World Without Cancer" covers a lot of information about research in the field of cancer, which was suspended, and prominent scientists who were arrested when they began to tell others the truth about the vitamin. It contains a report on tests conducted on Amygdalin (vitamin B17, laetrile) in the famous cancer Institute, Sloan Kettering, new York, USA, and was closed.

Vitamin B17, also known as laetrile and Amygdalin, were found in most fruit seeds, particularly apricot. The seed of the apricot was declared a cure for all known cancers 35 years ago.

The more confidence scientists have stated that if these seeds are included in the daily diet of human cancer cells he will never develop, as well as, for example, a person will never become ill from scurvy if he eats in a day at least one orange, or pellagra if the diet is Vitamin B.

Most people with cancerous tumors in the body that ate apricot seeds or Vitamin B17 in tablet form, almost got rid of them. Although cancer patients were cancer, problems with damage to vital organs they have left. For their regeneration will need to have other herbs and medicines — and that is another question. Of course, when the body of a man is thoroughly eaten up with cancer, even the most powerful extract Vitamin B17 can only prolong his life many times longer than chemotherapy. However, in many cases, a strong dose injection Laetrile many times reduces the pain.

Vitamin B-17 found in most fruit seeds. Its components give us everything we need to live without cancer. Seeds for everyone to eat. Do not wait until you have cancer to start to include them in your diet.

Vitamin B17 is found in seeds of Apple, peach, cherry, grapes, and apricot. It is found in some beans and many grasses of wheat type cereal. Hard - in the depths of the apricot is there is absolutely not to throw it away.

In fact, this thick wooden shell protects one of the most important food on earth known to man. This is one of the main components of the diet of the peoples of such crops as the Indians. The peoples of these cultures was not observed a single case of cancer, yet their diet included traditional foods!

We don't have to do seeds are the Foundation of our nutritious diet, but we need the equivalent of about seven apricots seeds per day. This number guarantees our freedom from cancer. Other foods that contain vitamin B-17 are as follows: hard almond, millet, beans and others. (Hard almond tree has also been banned in the US a few years ago.)

Apricot seeds have the highest content of B-17 on earth. They need to chew, despite their bitterness, because they are necessary in our diet. They can be added to any food product. They can be crushed and swallowed with a teaspoon of honey. As for prevention, Dr. Krebs (the scientist who discovered B-17) asserts that about 7 apricot seeds per day guaranteed protection from cancer for life. One or two tablets B-17 (100 mg) per day is the most appropriate dosage. The health Food stores in the United States no longer sell apricot seeds because of pressure from the FDA, which for several years have carried out raids on these shops to determine the presence of vitamin B17 and apricot seed.

In almost all cases of cancer, when the B-17 is taken in high doses, cancer apocrisiarius. Now before each, who are treated with chemotherapy, gets a choice: to stop it immediately or to continue it, painfully wondering about its effectiveness. Those who continue their chemotherapy, will have a rather sad result. We understand that as soon as the individual is caught in the vacuum cycle of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, it is very difficult to get him out of this vicious circle (government, medical institutions, prestigious doctors and hospitals). Hundreds of people make bad decisions because you still hope that the tumor will disappear (it is necessary to believe). Yes, it shrinks after chemotherapy, but soon begins again to grow according to its natural process.

If You have cancer and You would like to get some information on how to take B-17, and which foods to include in your diet, and what is not, keep reading. There are many useful products to improve your health and prevent cancer.

Note: to Give your body to get used to the changes, and start with a small dosage, gradually increasing it, otherwise You can get sick.

If You don't have cancer, but You want to prevent it, eat 7 to 10 apricots seeds daily (start with a low dose, 1 or 2 seed in the day and walk to 7 – 10. Try to eat more raw food and do not bother with processed foods. If the raw product bears a label warning, You already know what to do.

In addition, there is a pancreatic enzyme that helps break down the protein wall around a cancer cell. You can get this enzyme by a simple food from a raw pineapple, if possible, eat one pineapple a day along with the seeds.

Start taking vitamin C, at first small doses (approximately 500 mg to 1000 mg per day) and gradually increase the dose of 10,000 mg per day). It will take some time to prepare Your body to new conditions, so not too try immediately to large doses. Too large doses can cause headaches, nausea, diarrhea, etc. It does not mean that the product is working. On the contrary, it means your body too quickly detoksiciruta, so You should reduce the dosage. If You want to avoid painful symptoms, You should slowly detoxifying Your body. Regardless of how You have destroyed Your immune system with chemotherapy or radiation, You must want to fix it as possible. One of the ways to do that is associated with probiotics Vetom, they will help to bring your immune system up to the level which is needed to fight cancer and other diseases.

Drink plenty of drinking water. Tea with rose hips.

The juice is beneficial for your liver. Can buy more beets, mix it with other vegetables and squeeze the juice from them. It is very important to start slowly, because at first You might feel bad. Drink it slowly (about 1/4 Cup) and slowly come to large numbers. Beet juice will cleanse your liver of toxins and dumping them into the body, as he was one of the best purifiers of the liver. Drink water (approximately 8 to 10 glasses of water per day), preferably fresh, clean, which will help You to flush toxins from the body.

Now about the food. You should not eat... refined sugar, caffeine, white flour, and try not to eat meat or to eat it in very small amounts. You can eat meat, but the meat itself takes just those digestive enzymes that help break down the protein wall around a cancer cell.

Sugar substitute Stevia sweet grass.

In addition, should be strictly excluded from their diet, tobacco and alcohol.

As always happens with any new thing, you have to start small. Do what You tells Your body. But if You feel sick when you start to do what has never been done, do not panic. This does not mean that the new program is not running. Just need time to rebuild, and any rebuild could be painful. Perhaps You started with too high of a dosage. Natural products immediately begin to remove toxins from your body, and if You do it too quickly, it can make You feel sick (these symptoms are similar to flu). Then reduce the dosage again and start to raise it slowly.

The views of many leading doctors and scientists, who confidently declare that cancer is a direct result of deficiency of vitamin B-17. Remember that scurvy, rickets, pellagra was a deficiency of vitamins B and C. it took centuries (and millions of lives) before the kings and medical industry of the time accepted the simple truth and came to vitamin solutions as drugs. Today, we are in the same position relative to cancer. Cancer is the epidemic of our century. And only we can prevent it.

The vitamin is harmless to the body tissues for a simple reason: each molecule of B17 consists of a single compound of cyanide, one — benzaldehyde and two compounds of glucose (sugar) tightly Packed together. Cyanide to become dangerous it is first necessary to define the molecule and release it that can only an enzyme called beta-glucosidase. This enzyme is present throughout the body in minimum quantities, but almost 100 times more in tumours.

Consequently, the cyanide is released only in cancerous areas of the body with amazing results, is fatal to cancer cells, because benzaldehyd also released at the same time. It's a deadly poison in its properties, but in combination with cyanide it becomes even 100 times deadlier. They produce the effect on cancer cells can be left to the imagination.

You ask — and is there a danger for the other, healthy cells of the body?

Another enzyme, rodenas always present in the healthy cells in larger quantities than enzyme-key beta glucosidase, has the ability to transform and cyanide, and beta-glucosides into useful products for the body. Most likely, that cancer cells do not contain rhodanese and left to the mercy of the action of cyanide and benzaldehyde.

But the most important is your prayers. Do everything with faith and prayer, ask God for healing, for help, rely on His wisdom. Believe in His ability to heal.

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