Amazing collection 92-year-old Japanese woman traditional Japanese temari balls

Amazing collection 92-year-old Japanese woman from carefully crafted traditional Japanese temari balls was open to the public thanks to her granddaughter, NanaAkua.

She found out about the technique of this traditional Japanese new year's gift in the 60-ies and since then has not stopped creating them. Now she has almost 500 different patterned areas in the collection and is not going to stop any time soon.

The art of temari came from China and came to Japan in the seventh century. It soon became a tradition for parents and grandparents to sew the balls using silk scraps from old kimonos and give them to your children in the New year. The technique requires a huge amount of patience, precision, good vision and pretty nimble fingers. Grandma NanaAkua has all of the above and that is why these treasures to amaze us and evoke admiration

Great idea for a Christmas gift, isn't it?


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