33 products that make the cancer go hungry

"It is quite obvious reason that we could eliminate from the diet. But I went the other way, and asked myself what we could add to your diet to strengthen the immune system? In other words, is it possible to feasting to starve cancer? "- Dr. William Lee


Cancer - one of the most common forms of death, claiming the lives of every fourth person. Although each year on high-tech research spent billions of dollars, we seem to be just can not "get ahead of the cancer at the turn": various types of cancer are diagnosed in patients increasingly

. We often think about what should be excluded from the diet to prevent the development of cancer: refined sugar, processed foods, etc. This is correct, but maybe there is something else that we should do. What if we could add some products in our diet to beat cancer?

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine - food." He was referring to the natural forces that are hidden in the cells of living products, we are able to provide the maximum amount of nutrients and defeat cancer.

What is angiogenesis?

Literally "angiogenesis" means the creation of new blood vessels ( "angio" - blood vessels, "genesis" - creation). In the human body there are more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

Blood vessels can adapt to any environment, they are exposed to, and the body has an amazing ability to regulate the amount of blood vessels in a given time.

Angiogenesis occurs when a person is healthy, and when ill. Through the blood vessels the blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. When new tissue is formed, for its growth and maintenance of blood flow is required to ensure that no angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels, is impossible.

The body can increase the number of vessels, or to reduce it when it is needed. A healthy body has control over this process and may regulate angiogenesis as necessary.

However, studies have shown that a number of diseases in the body is not able to grow sufficient number of vessels or able to reduce their number, when it becomes necessary. If the blood vessels too much, receive nourishment, such disease states such as cancer, arthritis, vision loss, endometriosis, obesity and Alzheimer's disease. If a blood vessel is too small, not healing wounds, resulting in progressing stroke, coronary artery disease, hair loss, acidosis, erectile dysfunction and peripheral arterial disease.

In the case of cancer tumors produce proteins called angiogenesis factors which stimulate the growth therein of blood vessels. It not only supplies the tumor with oxygen and nutrients needed for growth, but provides and "emergency exit", through which the cancer cells can leave the tumor and spread to other areas.

Worldwide, there are more than 70 serious diseases that afflict millions of people - the disease can manifest itself in different ways, but when we look at all of them have an unbalanced share of angiogenesis as a common denominator

. Now, this fact allows researchers to rethink the prevention and treatment of such diseases.

FACT: The cancer begins with small clusters of cells harmless

Unbalanced angiogenesis is a hallmark of all forms of cancer. First of all it is important to understand how cancer begins. Any form of cancer begins with the formation of microscopic group of harmless cells. They can grow to the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen, with their own, because they do not have their own blood supply - the lack of nutrients and oxygen means no growth

. Post-mortem studies have shown that among those killed in traffic accidents 40% of women between the ages of forty and fifty years have microscopic cancers in tissues of the breast, and 50% of men between the ages of fifty and sixty - in prostate

. By the time we reach the age of seventy years, we will all have the tiny clusters of cancer cells in the thyroid gland. However, most of them never will develop into something dangerous, because they do not have what you need for survival - the blood supply. This phenomenon is called "cancer without disease¬Ľ.

Positive results

Cancer cells are fed at the expense of developing new blood vessels, so it is logical to assume that as soon as the blood supply stops, the tumor can no longer eat and therefore die. Advances in the study of angiogenesis based on this theory have shown positive results for both animals and humans.

Dr. William Li, head of the Angiogenesis Foundation, conducted extensive research in the field of angiogenesis - new integrated approach to the fight against the disease by restoring the body's innate ability to control angiogenesis. Medical therapy, which either stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, or suppress it, is being tested with great success.

Today, there are a number of procedures for the treatment of cancer by blocking blood vessel growth that have been approved and are used to treat colon cancer, kidney, breast, lung, brain and thyroid. Many patients had stable condition or complete tumor regression after administration of these drugs.

Identification of cancer at an early stage

Dr. Lee noted that the response to the application of anti-angiogeneznyh drugs has not been studied for all forms of cancer, which led to additional research, which was allowed to return to the root cause of most forms of the disease. He suggested that one of the reasons that some forms of cancer respond to the anti-angiogeneznuyu therapy better than others, is that we have to often deal with late-stage cancer, when he was struck by a large part of the body. Once the disease becomes rampant, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to cure.

But what if there are natural anti-angiogeneznye substances that could be included in the diet, thereby depriving tumors of the possibility to form? This led Dr. Lee to the idea to kill the cancer before it has grow into a disease - before it is too late. This method is suitable for healthy people and for those who already hit the cancer.

Diet - a major factor

In 90-95% of all cancers are caused by environmental conditions, not genetics. Among these 30-35% are due to malnutrition.

Can I get feasting starve cancer? The answer is unequivocal: yes. Mother Nature has provided us with an abundance of alkaline products, endowed with the property of stopping the formation of blood vessels in his way.

There is no wonder that we could eliminate from your diet, and that could add to it in order to deprive the cancer of the blood vessels supplying it.

Choose foods wisely

Already today we can begin to eat foods that inhibit the growth of blood vessels, and thus make the right choices that will enable us to remain as healthy as possible, keeping the cancer cells in the embryo. Here are some of those products:

Apples Blueberries
Garlic Basil
Ginger root
Sweet potatoes
Zest of lemon
Red grapes
Green tea
Pumpkin seeds

Olive oil Shiitake Mushrooms
Some kinds of products are more effective than others, and while the studies are under way, a list of useful products continues to grow.


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