They're people too

Star - the same people, and they can break the arms and legs or break to pieces the head just like ordinary mortals. Only here with the hospital they have a problem - if due to injury celebrity stops production of the next movie or actor can not go on tour, they lost a lot of money. Therefore Selebi have to splice the bone at an accelerated pace. In recent chronicles were photo Anne Hathaway, who broke her arm badly right in the middle of filming "Les Miserables»

Let's look at other stars in the cast

In 2007, Rihanna was a nuisance - it slipped badly

In 2011, George Clooney had surgery on his elbow for some time walked with a heavy structure on the arm, reminding Inspector Gadget

Kristen Stewart broke her arm during the shooting of a scene with a wooden troll in "Snow White and the Huntsman»

Shia LaBeouf injured several fingers in a car accident in September 2008

Fracture of the wrist the summer of 2007 did not prevent Uma Thurman good rest

Reese Witherspoon said last year's Mother's Day with here is such a thing on his leg

Among the players fractures - a fairly common phenomenon. It did not escape this fate and David Beckham

The paparazzi-chronicles, we have repeatedly seen Halle Berry on crutches. Actress decked its gypsum flowers

For real man, which is the 50 Sent fracture - a piece of cake

Pete Wentz, broke his leg in 2007, picking up clothes so that the design was almost invisible from a distance

In the same 2007 like "boots" worn and Mandy Moore


Jessie J wore gypsum glamorous as she

And Maria Menounos picked shoes specifically for "boots". Indeed, the country would have looked this machine near lubutenom

Brooke Shields in 2010, had the imprudence to break a finger

The year 2007 was fruitful for star fractures. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Broken Leg Emma Bunton nearly became a hindrance to the temporary reunion Spice Girls

More recently, Emma again injure


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