Unemployed, and then - a homeless (12 photos)

In 2009, amid rising unemployment and the ongoing mortgage crisis in the United States across the country are continuing evictions and alienation of property by banks. Early in the morning to the home of the person owes money to the bank knocking on a special team of eviction with a court order, or there is further inventory, or simply thrown away all their belongings in the street, and a man is forced to leave his home.

A similar story happened last Friday in the city of Boulder, Colorado, where another unemployed person who was not able to pay the rent, thrown into the street.

Deputy sheriff wakes up 58-year-old Harvey Lesser, to give him a court order of eviction from his apartment. Lesser, unemployed, who previously made a living programming, who suffers from chronic health problems associated with obesity, he said he was unable to pay the rent after used up all their savings. (John Moore / Getty Images)

Deputy Sheriff Seth By waiting at the entrance to bring Harvey Lesser from his apartment, after the presentation of the former tenant of a court order of eviction. (John Moore / Getty Images)

Lesser leaves his apartment. (John Moore / Getty Images)

Literature about the job search ("Summary for Dummies", "Job Search Online for Dummies", "a job for Dummies") on the table before the eviction team will make all the goods Lesser of his former apartment. (John Moore / Getty Images)


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