Street fashion in Lvovsky. Meet this Slavik - the most stylish in the world of the homeless.

In order to become famous, do not have to be rich. Do not believe me, but the usual homeless person can become a local celebrity in the city and even beyond. Slavik, 55-year-old homeless man from Lviv, which is well-versed in fashion trends, won his spontaneity and great sense of style, not only of Lviv, who know about it firsthand, but also the hearts of many users of the Internet.

Extraordinary Slava was able to observe Ukrainian photographer Yuri Dyachyshyn that offered homeless do a photo shoot titled "Fashion Slava". Now this radiant homeless became an icon of style street fashion, not only in Lviv, but also outside it!

«Slavik 55 years. Slavko - a homeless gypsy, but it bears no resemblance to the rest beggars. Unlike the hobos, he does not go with a bunch of scruffy packages and does not like to rummage in garbage cans », i> - tells the photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn, who by chance was able to get acquainted with Slava.

Yuri adds: «Slavik, which is not very typical for the homeless, never wears the same clothes. Sometimes it comes to that it changes its frilly outfits twice a day. It monitors a regularly changing hairstyle and even shaved armpits ». I>

«My head can not understand how such a thing is possible for the homeless. Slava has its own secluded place, and no one knows about it. He keeps secret information about where he lives ». I>

«Slavik often wandering the streets and begging, but he does not stick and does not bother people. He regularly drink intoxicating beverages, especially beer, but yet he knows when to stop, so that has not yet become an alcoholic. Slavko - the most stylish homeless worldwide! » I> - with a smile tells the photographer.

«All of these photos (and there are about 100) were taken in two years during casual encounters. It happens that we have met with Slavik every day, and the case - once a week or even a month. He soon got used to me, and even once tried to find me. When I had free time, I went to the place where we could meet with him and photographed him ». I>

«The main thing in life - to preserve health. And it is very important that no one broke and did not destroy your inner peace », i> - so Dyachyshyn quoted Yuri Slavik.

As you can see, in addition to high fashion and there is low, which is distributed among mere mortals. It has been proved that good taste can not be bought for money. This person may have lost many things in life, but, despite everything, he still remains a great sense of humor and positive attitude to life. Tell us about this most charming and the most fashionable in the world of the homeless to your friends.

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