Brazen unemployed in Germany

Arno Dowel lives in Hamburg. He is 55 years. Officially, he was already 36 years is considered unemployed. Hamburg authorities constantly threatened to stop him pay an allowance, but Arnaud was not discouraged - he lives in a 47-meter apartment, which pays for taxpayers, sings songs, and even became a local star - the founder of the philosophy of non-labor.

The reason is that in Germany Arno called "spit in the face to millions of people every day going to work." Dowel do not agree with - according to his philosophy, work in today's society - is most often empty pastime, leading to stress and disease. Therefore, there is no meaning in work. In fact, Dowel became the ancestor of conscientious objection movement of people in Germany from work.

However, Dowel says that sometimes he still had to formalities for the sake of going to work, but it was not long delayed - it was quickly dismissed, and he again sat down on the neck of the German state. The last attempt to drive social agencies Hamburg Expansion work took place just over a month ago. Arnaud worked for a couple of days, and then came down on "sick leave". Overworked.

Now, the state and municipality are required to pay him the 47-meter apartment in Hamburg, all utilities - water, electricity, gas, garbage collection, as well as supply the ever unemployed Arno money in the amount of 359 euros per month. These funds dowel, by his own admission, descend on cigarettes (he was a heavy smoker), snacks and beer. On the lives of himself and his dog he makes songs. A favorite pastime is to sit in front Plugs TV, drinking cold beer and smoking.

 - "After the dismissal from work I feel much better, and my stress is over", - told reporters Plug the results of its work in the laundry room, where he was ironing. - "Today I took my check in the mail for unemployment benefits«.

To receive benefits, dowels still need to portray to government agencies at least some activity.

 - "I went to the employment center, there was offered a temporary job in the educational center. But I said that I have a diseased lungs and I can not work with people! "- Told reporters the unemployed, dragging another cigarette.

Dowels also offered the post of cleaner areas in the museum complex on the site of one of the Nazi concentration camps, however, and this work is "tired" German is not pulled. Now, the court asked the owner of his apartment - the company Saga, who wants to evict the Arno from the apartment for nonpayment of rent.

 - "Actually, I have asthma. The doctor said that I absolutely can not work ", - said in response dowel.

During the fight with the government, and house owners Arnault acquired not only a lot of enemies, but also gathered around him an army of fans. Lifestyle Plugs Germans seem abnormal, but they are willing to respect their right to do so. After the triumph of humanism in Europe for a long time led to the emergence in her entire social groups of people sitting on the dole. And it's not only in their unwillingness to work, but in the absence of a proper number of jobs in the economy.

Delighted Arno, he said, "who suffers from asthma," with the help of friends recorded a video of his song "I still love!»:

And in January, he flew for a few days on the Spanish Mallorca, where wandered along the beach and splash in the cool Mediterranean:


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