Interesting facts about the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was equipped engineering and fortified frontier of the German Democratic Republic and West Berlin on August 13, 1961 to November 7, 1989 a length of 155 km. In this post you will learn interesting facts and see archival photos of this building, who had become legendary.

During its existence from 1961 to 1989 Wall stopped almost all emigration and separated East Germany from West more than a quarter century. In this image, the police in West Berlin was behind barbed wire in a high concrete wall at the Brandenburg Gate 23 November 1961. The Communists had just smashed the screen cover the walls. In the picture you can see how the material used for the construction of the wall, loaded on the other side of the concrete barrier.

Before the construction of the wall 3, 5 million people in East Germany escaped restrictions on emigration and fled to West Germany, across the border between East and West Berlin. While in West Berlin was a real economic boom, part of which would be the residents of East Berlin. In the photo people get on the bus to look for newly built Berlin Wall.

Due to the closure of the east-west border in Berlin a large number of East Germans could no longer travel or emigrate to West Germany. Many families were divided; East Berliners who worked in the western part, were cut off from their place of work, and the people of West Berlin were isolated on hostile ground. Two girls on the streets of West Germany talk to their grandparents in the house in the eastern zone, separated by a barricade of barbed wire, August 14, 1961.

After the construction of the Wall around 5,000 people attempted to escape. As a result, died from 98 to 200 people. In this photo of a dying Peter Fechter carry soldiers Border Service of East Germany, who shot him when he tried to escape to the West 17 August 1962. Two former soldiers Border Service accused of murder. Fechter 50 minutes spent on neutral territory, after which he was taken to hospital where he died.


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