The case of Ivan Demjanjuk (15 photos)

Ivan (John) Demjanjuk - a former US citizen of Ukrainian origin, accused of war crimes, which he, according to the prosecution, made being a guard at several Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Previously, it was suggested that Demjanjuk could be the guard "Ivan the Terrible", known for his cruelty.

89-year-old John Demjanjuk, a native of Ukraine, is accused of crimes against humanity during the Second World War, when he was a guard in the concentration camps. December 2 in Munich, was to begin the trial of Demjanjuk, but it was postponed because of his health. (Department of Justice / Getty Images News / / February 21, 2002 / USA)

Ivan Demjanjuk arrived in the courtroom. He is accused of involvement in the murder of 28 000 Jews - the Nazi camp "Sobibor" in Poland. (Miguel Villagran / Getty Images News / / November 30, 2009 / Germany, Munich)

In 89-year-old Demjanjuk infectious disease. What is it - do not tell. The defendant complained of a headache, he had a fever, and the prison doctor found him temporarily unable to participate in the process. (Miguel Villagran / Getty Images News / / December 1, 2009 / Germany, Munich)


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