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June 22 at the foot of Mount Iron, near Zheleznovodsk, on private land ownership near the "hunting" of the lake more than 150 residents took part in the celebration of Midsummer.

Sung classics of Russian literature of the ancient festival is traditionally celebrated on the night of the summer solstice. In pre-Christian times, the shortest night of the year honored Kupayla Slavs - the god of the summer solstice, the patron saint of marriage, love and procreation. With the adoption of Christianity in Russia a holiday dedicated to the birthday of John the Baptist - 24 June. The new style of Midsummer's Day is celebrated on July 7, although in different regions of Russia celebrations are held at different times, as in the Tver region Kupala celebrate June 21 to June 24 elsewhere. The very name of Ivan Kupala - a Slavic version of the name John the Baptist (purchasers, pogruzhatel). He who has religious roots of the holiday is traditionally celebrated throughout the whole of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, often as ethnographic, folk festival. On the night of Ivan Kupala making wreaths, bonfires, lead dances, sing, run wreaths on the water, playing folk games.

This year, the celebration of Ivan Kupala at the foot of Mount Iron, near Zheleznovodsk, on private land ownership near the "hunting" of the lake brought together more than 150 people in the region Caucasian Mineral Waters. People in traditional national costume sang songs and circle dances, when a forest clearing crew drove three police. Police officers demanded to stop unauthorized public event, to stop violating the public order and to report the names of the organizers of the "Midsummer┬╗.
Participants of the celebration tried to convince the police that the non-public event, venue away from the settlements, the land on which the private divorced fire, and they are on it, and by agreement with the owner. In addition, the Russian singing Russian folk songs in the forest is not forbidden, as well as reel and weave wreaths. A Midsummer organizer still can not establish historians, folklorists and anthropologists.
The police still have made an administrative report on one of the participants, and in the record, somehow indicated that choral singing and dancing around the campfire is the service.
The well-known lawyer in the province Vyacheslav Savin, which we asked for an explanation, police action left no comments, noting that the protocol can be appealed, and jokingly warned the country lovers. "There is something to think about fans trips to barbecues, perhaps following the protocol of this kind may be made to them. Be careful, please, with the singing and dancing near open flames. In any case, take the trouble to notify the desire to go on the nature of local government and be sure to bring a servant of the Church ┬╗.
The situation was commented Dmitry Chernov, indicated in the police report as the organizer of a public event inconsistent.
Chernov said he does not intend to appeal the actions of the police: "This is - nonsense. People come to the festival of Russian culture. In the distance from settlements on private land sang Russian folk songs and dancing around the fire. Offenses of unauthorized worship except the police did not record ┬╗.

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