Break down stereotypes (25 photo + letter)

Alcohol and cirrhosis

It has long been accepted to connect such a terrible disease, such as cirrhosis of the liver, alcohol use. It argued doctors, and after them, and all the rest. And interestingly, few people confused the facts, refutes such a pernicious influence of alcohol on the human liver. For example, it was not clear why, in animal studies of pure alcohol cause liver cirrhosis was virtually impossible. Or that cirrhosis of the liver most often (compared to other categories of the population) are affected infants.
"Base oil on the fire" and pathologists in several European countries, reported that the post-mortem diagnosis of "cirrhosis" has become a rarity for people suffering from chronic alcoholism. [NEXT]

Big nose

It used to be, and some still believe that if a man has a big nose, it means that he and big dick. In fact this is not true. Ongoing studies have found no direct anatomical depending on the length, size of the penis from certain facial features and shapes.

As for sexual activity, here the view that all the little bald men with big noses - sexual giants, no more than prejudice.


This drug (which is a drug and not a means to improve the potency) advertising is presented almost as a panacea for sexual impotence. In fact, it treats only one of the varieties of impotence - erectile dysfunction - the disruption of the blood vessels involved in the mechanism of erection. By stimulating blood flow, it makes it easier to achieve erection.
What is important is the fact that if there is no sexual stimulation, Viagra will not help any.

"Hot to»

The people quite popular expression - "every day the body needs, and hot to zhidenkoe." So, they say, good for the stomach. Where is ignorant opinions matter, and not so easy to figure out. From a medical point of view, the first course to use is not necessary. In dozens of countries is absolutely not made daily use of the first courses. Therefore, whether or not there soups and borscht every day - decide based on your preferences, ignoring the fact that it allegedly needed for the stomach.


It is believed that rain water is very useful. Indeed, pure rainwater is undoubtedly useful for hair washing, laundry and cooking her food. But it was clean, maybe a hundred years, or even two hundred ago. And then you could drink it, wash her dishes and cook her food. Alas, all of this in our time do not desirable.

Yellow teeth

Many people suffer because they have yellow teeth. The more that is considered to be - a sign of bad teeth.

In fact, with yellow teeth, as well as with brown eyes, people are born. Interestingly, yellowish white enamel stronger. And to bleach it, according to some dentists - crime.

You can whiten your teeth, blackened from smoking or coffee. However, this operation is often weakens and destroys the enamel, resulting in tooth decay.

Breakfast eat yourself

It is widely believed that eaten at night is automatically converted into fat, and what is eaten for breakfast, burns without residue. This is not true. Stout man from the lack of movement and abundant food, not from when he ate - in the morning or in the evening (another thing that is harmful to gorge before bedtime). Many scientists believe that everyone, especially adults, can start your daily diet right from the dinner. A view of the importance of a hearty breakfast, according to some sources, was "put into circulation" American manufacturers of cornflakes.

Hysteria - a woman's disease

Previously we thought, and some people think so much about so far, that hysteria purely feminine disease. When Sigmund Freud first declared manifestations of hysteria in men, he was raised a laugh colleagues. Today, however, among the psychologists in the approval of the founder of psychoanalysis, no one doubts. However, women hysteria occurs three times more often than men.


Many people think that the higher the IQ, the smarter people. However, the popularity of the West such tests waned. And largely because of the fact that large-scale studies have shown that the so-called intelligence quotient (IQ) is quite relative "measure" for the human mind.
It is noted that IQ rather talk about the speed of thought processes (tasks necessary to perform the test for a limited period of time), and not about the ability to think, or the originality of thought. At the same time among the greatest thinkers were many "slowpoke" such as Albert Einstein.


Until now, many still believe that a person has warts if he touched a toad or frog. But this is certainly not the case. Neither the frogs nor the frog in no way to blame. Warts appear in people who never in his life who took up the frogs. And that is why they appear as though it is not clear even to this day.


Often you can hear when someone quarrels called senile or say that something of senility. Often under the age marasmus mean light personality changes, confusion, eccentricity. However, such changes to this idiocy are irrelevant. The fact that a special medical psychiatric term "senility", moved into our everyday vocabulary, used in a somewhat different, exaggerated, sense. From a psychiatric point of insanity - a deep dementia with loss of contact with the environment and the complete disappearance of interests. In marasmus saved only food and sexual instincts. First seen voracity, the inability to distinguish between edible and inedible, the second - gross sexual disinhibition, masturbation.

"Not now, dear ...»

"Not now, dear, I have a headache" - so discouraged from making love women, believing that sex can strengthen headache. This is misleading. All just the opposite sex can not only facilitate, but also relieve headaches. In a study of fifty women subject to frequent migraine attacks, it revealed that twenty-four of them, the state is significantly improved by sexual contact. At the moment of orgasm in the body dramatically increases the release of endorphins - analgesic, created by nature itself.

Anti-aging creams

Manufacturers of many modern moisturizing creams for the face claim that their product reduces wrinkles and prevents new ones. However, these statements can be questioned, since, unfortunately, none of the cream is not able to infiltrate the human skin enough to reach her inner layer - the same, which forms wrinkles. The same can be said about collagen creams, supposedly to help restore aging skin. The fact that the collagen molecules are too large to penetrate deep into it and participate in the "construction".


In our country, thanks to television advertising was created by the myth of the harmlessness of continuous use disposable diapers, which we called the diapers. In fact, all diapers are not so harmless as it may seem. What is still the danger of constant wear baby diapers? Let's start with the fact that the diapers are absorbent, but because the child does not appear uncomfortable conditions. On the one hand, this is good, but without experiencing discomfort, the child does not learn self-control of urination. This can lead to the fact that the baby will wear diapers almost 5 years.

Another reason for which the child is highly undesirable to wear diapers. The fact that a few months old boys laid Leydig cells that will produce the male sex hormone - testosterone. However, this process can prevent the overheating of the testicles, which can happen if the clock to use diapers. The consequences of such overheating may occur twenty years later in the form of infertility.

The fish has a beneficial brain

Once it was declared a German physician, who found in the human brain phosphorus and concluded that phosphorus is a catalyst for thought. Since this statement for a long time did not question. And doctors on the basis of the fact that a lot of phosphorus in fish, advised her to have a little more to improve brain activity. However, in reality for normal brain phosphorus is not needed at all. And if you still want to replenish its reserves in the body, then it is not necessary to eat fish, it is enough apples, vegetables, milk.

Aircraft and artificial breasts

People say that women, with the help of surgery to enlarge breasts, the aircraft can not fly. Allegedly, during the height set plane dentures can burst from the pressure differential. In fact it is not. On such cases, it is not known either domestic or foreign surgeons. And one of the surgeons reported on how the patient, which was increased by breast prostheses, once in a car accident, hit the wheel of the car and broke four ribs. This breast prostheses do not burst. It turns out that old-fashioned dentures withstand the pressure of 10 kg / cm2, the new - even more secure.

Temperament and the size of the female breast

Another misconception associated with the appearance of man. For some reason many people think that the more a woman's breasts, so it is temperamental. In fact, it is just a misunderstanding, which is supported in the minds of many people through the efforts of the sex industry, thanks to which a woman with large breasts and became a symbol of sexuality.

In the morning on an empty stomach is useful to run

LRA is not always useful. The fact is that during sports activities before breakfast heart and muscles consume sugar. If you do not eat before the morning run, the body threatens the lack of sugar. Which leads to sweating, lethargy, and poor circulation. And therefore it is better to intense exercise classes something to eat. Certainly not worth much load. An apple or a handful of raisins will be enough.

Horror movies

Many accuse the horror that they are damaging influence on the human psyche and help to increase aggression in real life. However, all is not so simple. Psychologists believe that "modern civilization does everything that the man was not ready to rebuff the possible natural and man-made disasters." In their view, we are living too comfortable. A horror reminiscent of possible troubles, are a kind of training for our nerves. However, psychologists are stipulated that all the above applies to those films that have at least some psychological depth. But the films in which too many scenes of unjustified violence and little thought to inhibit the mind and dulls the sense of self-preservation.

Cold feet at the child

Some parents often panic when their young children, despite the fact that they are kept warm (and even too warm), constantly cold hands and feet. And the parents themselves, and many "advisers" in the face of grandparents, relatives and friends think that because of this, children can become sick. In fact, children under one year thermoregulatory mechanism poorly debugged, so there is absolutely nothing wrong in the fact that the child is constantly cold hands and feet. But when a child above the cold skin of the hands or feet, it already means that it is cold, which, in turn, could lead to colds.

Color Dreams

Often you can hear that the dreaming color dreams fools. However, this statement is not true. Color dreams - a phenomenon quite common. According to researchers, they saw about twenty percent of the people. The same study showed that dreams are colored in otherwise healthy people, regardless of age or profession. However, everyone who sees the colorful dreams, distinguished by heightened emotionality. Scientists have revealed very interesting relationship between color and mood of dreams. If a person's day was heavy and he overworked, it is likely that his dreams are in black and white. If there were some nice events, and human lung, elated, at night he "will show" colored dream.

Tea brewing can be enjoyed throughout the day

This is not true. In no case can not drink tea brew, stood more than 6 hours by this time it formed harmful to the body. Probably each of us had noticed on the walls of tea cups trudnootmyvaemuyu brown film. So, when using the old tea leaves the same film covers the walls of your liver, making it difficult for her work.


This term is very popular in the literature on natural means of sanitation. There are many techniques allowing to remove toxins from the body. And that's what it is - "slag", really no one knows. In medical reference books to answer this question is not found. None of the clinical laboratory of the world, "slags" not yet discovered. Rather, it is a purely linguistic term that allows to define virtually everything that is considered to be unnecessary in the body and that it is necessary to withdraw from it.


Recently, one often hears that due to non-performing plants (and, consequently, a decrease in industrial waste water) the environmental situation has improved considerably and, for example, the river became clearer and they can swim without fear.

Unfortunately, this is not true. There is a concept - "secondary pollution." In the rivers over the years accumulated mud, silt, chemicals, and, alas, they have not gone away. And not all the plants have stopped. A working plants continue to pollute the environment. And therefore talk about a serious improvement in the environmental situation is somewhat premature.


Many parents give their children to eat eggshells, to "bone were strong" and for the prevention of dental caries. However, to date, at least in dentistry, there is no convincing evidence about the benefits of the egg shell for the prevention of tooth decay - is questionable whether it falls out of the shell of calcium in the blood, especially in the teeth? Therefore, dentists prefer other methods to combat tooth decay.



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