In the Koran there are mysterious letters that no one can explain

29 chapter begins with a sequence of unrelated bukv

If you've ever looked through the Qur'an in Arabic, that could draw attention to the mysterious letter at the beginning of some chapters, including the first. Total of Chapter 29, and the letters, it seems, does not fit together.

Known as Mukatta'at, these letters for centuries scientists knocked confused. Together they make up exactly half of all the letters of the Arabic alphabet, but collected on a single page, seem meaningless. Imagine that our article would begin with "AKRFF KGEH" and would look at this as though all know exactly what the letters should mean.

Mukatta'at used to blacken the name of the Prophet Muhammad - Christian theologians have accused the founder of Islam is that he suffered from stuttering or during the writing of the Qur'an suffered 29 seizures. In such theories these days no one believes, but a mystery why the "ideal" contains the text of unrelated letters will not go away.

Some Islamic scholars believe that some letters encrypted secret message, which is based on the number 19 (it is believed that the letters associated with the 19th verse), others think that the letters speak of the secrets inherent in the Quran and understood only by Allah. Still others believe that the prophet in this way wanted to show how the particles of an imperfect human language there is a divine truth. Similarly, we are unlikely to ever learn it - if it is not the will of God, of course.



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