As we are destroying their lives and do not even notice it

Sometimes it seems as if in the life of something going wrong. And we would be happy to change everything, but what exactly - do not know. The site publishes articles that can help to get out of this invisible trap. < - Life - is not a straight flat line. This is not a set of graphs and schedules. This is fine if to any age you did not manage to graduate, get married, find a stable job, raising a family, fortune and so on. It is also great to understand that if you're not married to 25 years, or have become vice-president to 30, or even just were not happy, the world is not going to condemn you.

You can pass back. You can find something that inspires you. You also have the right to time. For some reason many forget about it.

Straight from school, we begin to draw up a program of his life and it actually enters the university. The alma mater, we choose the work that we do. Even if the program we do not like - just because we have already invested time in it. Every morning we walk to this because we need to support the choices that we once did. And we take the next step and then the next and the next again, thinking that we are put down tick in some checklist of our lives. One day we will wake up in a depression. In very severe depression. We feel one day, something huge dominates us, but the reason that we will not know. That's how we are destroying their lives.

We are destroying their lives, choosing the wrong person. What is the need for accelerated relationship? Why are we so fascinated by the idea in the first place to be with someone and not by becoming someone else? Believe me, the love that nurture of convenience, the love that blooms along with the need to sleep next to someone and love that serves our needs for attention, rather than passion - such a love does not inspire you to wake up at 6 in the morning and hug the person sleeping nearby. Strive to find a fundamental love - a relationship that will make you become a better man or woman. "But I do not want to be alone!" - We often exclaim. Stay alone. Eat alone, sleep alone. After some time, you will discover a lot. You will grow, you will find something that inspires you, you will control your dreams and beliefs. And when you meet a person that will make your every cell to dance, you will be confident in him. Because it will be confident. Wait. Please, I urge you to wait for it, fight for it, strive for it, because it's the most beautiful thing that your heart ever experienced.

We are destroying our lives, allowing us to control the past. In the life of a lot of what is happening and will happen - such is its property. Frustration, confusion, days when you feel unnecessary. Such moments and words seem to remain with us. But we must not let them affect us - they were just words. If you allow everyone, not very pleasant events in life determine how you perceive yourself, and the world will see you in a negative way. You miss the precious opportunity, because they did not receive the promotion five years ago, telling myself that you are stupid. You miss your love, because it will be assumed that the former partner left you because you were not good enough, and now you and do not believe men or women. It is a vicious circle. If you do not allow yourself to move past what happened, it was said, and tested, you continue to see the world through the prism of their obsolete and not very successful perception.

We are destroying our lives, when we compare ourselves to others. number of your subscribers in instagrame not reduce or increase your value. The number of zeros in your bank account does not affect your compassion, intellect or your happiness. The man, who twice more property than you are not experiencing some double bliss. We are stuck in a constant surveillance of those whose pictures laykayut our friends, who else signed our followers on Twitter, and of course, today, before the end of the day we will not die from it, but in a global sense, it destroys our lives. It creates in us the need to feel important, and often we suppress others to achieve this.

We are destroying my life, depriving themselves of feelings. We are all afraid to say too much, feel too deeply, so people do not accidentally learned how much they mean to us. Interest - this is not a synonym for the word "madness". Yes, expressing his special attitude to someone, you become vulnerable. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, there is some magic in the way you strip the soul and honest with those who are important to you. Let the girl knows that it inspires you. Admit mom in love in front of their friends. Open yourself, do not get the stone, be bold about who and what you love. It requires courage.

We are destroying our lives when we suffer it. When you settle for less, you are destroying the possibility that live inside of you, and in this case, both are cheated - you and your potential. Perhaps the next Michelangelo, is now sitting in front of computer, connecting staple documents, because forced to pay the bills, or because it's so convenient. Do not let this happen to you. Do not ruin your life in this way. The Life and Work, life and love - they are inextricably linked. We must strive for an outstanding job and the same extraordinary love. Only then will we know the diversity of life and bliss.



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