17 tips to increase productivity


We all happens periodically to reflect what we are doing wrong and what you can change to make things all right and quickly committed. < Website I found some answers, which itself, as it turned out, I use constantly.

1. Write down all the things Do not try to keep it all in your head. Pours them out on paper, or in the program planner. The less in your mind thoughts of the outstanding matters, the more you can focus on the task at hand, and the better you can do it.

2. Take first the most important It seems to be easy. But in practice it turns out that we do not often occupied the most important things, postponing important for later. Try this: get up in the morning, perform all the rituals of morning and 2-3 hours to do the most important things. What moves you to your goals.

3. Plans for the day in the evening Do not wait for the morning! Very simple advice, but really helps not to get bogged down in unimportant matters, the main focus and prioritize.

4. Give up from paper Keep all records of all business, all projects in electronic form. This saves time and allows you (if done right files) to obtain fast access to data.

5. Use the file synchronization services They are almost all devices. Think of how much time you lose simply because of the fact that you do not have all the relevant files at once.

6. Use Mind-mapping What it is? It is the whole paradigm of thinking. Its use increases productivity tenfold. By creating mental maps, you can better remember information more effectively and to generate new ideas.

7. Save seconds even when working at a computer They run over in minutes and hours. A simple example. As most people use a computer? The mouse (or the touchpad) + keyboard. For most operations, we use mouse and keyboard use for typing text and numbers. Few people know that almost all actions in the operating system and programs are provided keyboard shortcuts - hotkeys. It is proved that it is much more effective than the constant use of the cursor. It is not necessary to know all of them, enough to start small, and work with your computer has become more efficient. Here is the list of combinations for Windows.

8. Learn blind 10-finger method of printing Yes, take and learn. Programs and services simulators now the sea! If your work is connected with the computer, you will save tens of minutes or even hours each day!

9. Aim for a single task Do not try to do everything at once. Select the task, remove distractions (colleagues, social networks, Skype, ICQ, mail, Internet) and just do it.

10. Get up early Ancient as the world council, which allows millions of people around the world to keep up a lot every day.

11. Exercise or even charging This will help keep your body in the right form, and therefore, mind and spirit to work more efficiently.

12. Eliminate the "not the case" out of the list Let your plan is just what you can take and make. For example, "start a new project" it does not matter. This is a project. But "define the objectives of the project for two months" - it is more like a business. Even better, your list will be concrete actions.

13. For each task is the time that you allot to it There is even an entire machinery with a funny name "Pomodoro».

14. Ignore unimportant You have no idea how much extra time you fancy free, just ignore all that can be ignored.

15. Be proactive Do not react, and determine for themselves what to do, and that the bolt of the goal.

16. Save files directly to where they place For this you will need, of course, to consider an appropriate file storage system. But it is easier to find and process the information in the future.

17. Change activities The more you do the same, the lower your productivity. Change the picture and type of activity several times a day. This will help to preserve the freshness of vision and high creativity.

And most importantly, do not forget why you're doing this. Do not forget to live! What is the point of productivity, if not have time for a real life, movies, books, friends, loved ones, traveling, walks and relaxation? Keep the focus of their spiritual and material goals and avoid distortions.

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