Unhappy woman - an ungrateful woman!

When we buy a new book, go to a psychologist consultation, coaching, training us to live an unconscious desire to hear and learn something that will make our lives a cloudless, we secretly hope to get rid of the problem forever.

The main thing - to know this formula cloudless happiness

. That's what I lived and went to various activities at this, until I realized that this formula is not, no one will tell you anything that will save your life by problems.

As long as we live in this naive dream that all the time the sun is shining and it's important to only bring trouble-free time, any very small troubles will start you in the dead end, to drive into a depression. And your confidence will fall.

"I developed a feminine, and suddenly there came a shower. So, I'm doing something wrong in your life? Or am I just know so much about the relationship, but again had a fight with her husband. ยป

You can bring your list of problems and troubles.

Let us understand in order.

First, the problem will always. That's life, and she was so arranged. The sun can not shine forever. Sometimes the wind blows, the rain. What is important is how you respond to these problems, and if there is an inner strength within you, which you can rely.

It is important to cultivate this virtue in itself. Only when there is this inner strength, and when the woman she owns and uses, only then it can be the weak woman, which now write everything. Only then it can wait and not act to follow a man, not afraid to become a slave and powerless creature, then she may request and wait for help, only then it can be trusted, and so

In life there is different, but it is this inner strength does not lose heart and allows easy to live any events.

Second, you should know if you decide to change, you have created a new intention, and then everything starts to change around you and build anew. End in some kind of relationship, because they have become obsolete, car breaks down, because you do not want to do everything themselves, break the old plans, because they do not fit into your new life.

Remember, life is always striving for balance. If decreases on one side, added to the other and vice versa. You take something without asking, and then lose money.

Or, for example, after listening to a lecture of how to support her husband and make him a millionaire, a woman, without even noticing, so towers over her man, that begins to teach him to give different advice. She praises him proud of the state that it is "the muse and goddess" and knows how to live her husband. The result is a scandal, and in the worst case, the husband sends this unique muse away. Life always put you on the spot if you upset the balance.

The problems do not come from nowhere. All problems are created by us, our thoughts, that we usually do not track.

Problems - this feedback, which gives us life, whether we are going or have gone astray correctly

. The problem - the message that is sent to our benefit. It pushes us to long overdue changes in our lives.

We have to learn mindfulness and "read" these messages. The good news is that once you become aware of your problem, things are changing for the better, life turns to face you, as instantly as unfolded.

"As in life, awareness, then initially it requires some effort from us and it seems difficult, but in fact awareness strongly simplifies our lives." Liz Bourbeau.

A further aspect - give estimation to events just us. Every event has a very important and profound meaning and is always directed to our benefit and development. Only we endow the event good or bad sign. It has long been noticed that all events have a negative character for a positive change.

Life is changeable, its essence is to change. Life - it's always something new! If we understand and accept, we must agree with the essence of life, with its variability. Life is designed so that nothing is immutable.

In everyone's life occur ups and downs, good mood and bad, success and failure. A woman should get used to this belief and accept. You need to learn how to move in the flow of life, and not to go against the flow. It is necessary to align with life itself. Convictions, assessment, regrets and lamentations will not change anything. It is this decision will make it possible to easily accommodate any event.

Women often do not have to do anything to solve the problem. Sometimes you just need to stop and calm down, and the problem will evaporate by itself, or life itself will offer you a way out.

Here are the words of one woman:

"I have learned to slow down, by the way. And when everything begins to "fall", I deliberately slows down even more. It is difficult to awful, but gives off. Because Rush - it's a disaster for women. It dilutes and crazy. As they say, let the whole world can wait. " Julia.

We must stop exploiting the role of the martyr and victim and take responsibility for their lives. We are 100% create our physical reality through their thoughts. And no one problem does not create man in my life without benefits for themselves.

Unhappy woman -
ungrateful woman! Any problem has both drawbacks and advantages. You "advantageous" to be lonely, it is advantageous to be poor, unsold. Take the book G. Dvoskina "Sedona Method". And perform a cleansing process "Advantages and disadvantages of" any event in your life. You will be surprised that any so-called problems have more advantages than disadvantages.

Or ask yourself this question: What problem arose in my life? What she gives me?

And if you do not have enough of its own resources, to analyze the situation, you can ask for help. But WARNING! never to shift on anybody a solution to their problems. Nobody ever solve problems for you, even the best expert!

Because only you can decide to move on or stay with the problem. No book, no information will not change your life. Change it only you can! And if today are no inner willingness to change, then it is necessary to agree, too.

We must cease to be upset, you need to learn to tune in!

We did not notice the ordinary and simple things and happiness, we do not notice the comfort that surrounds us all, the beauty of nature, for example, a beautiful sunset, (by the way, the fall of the most beautiful sunsets), happy child's eyes, a pleasant chat. We want only unusual things. That's why today so many unfortunate women.

Unhappy woman -
ungrateful woman! This is a common portrait of "poor woman." Age: 30-35 years, pleasant appearance, have a child, there are parents, have a house, for example in the capital, has a job and maybe even a husband

. But at the same time - a lot of unhappiness, and all accidents tend to regularly rest abroad. I want to say so unhappy women: - Do not anger the fate, you just too much, because you are unhappy and

. Most of us have more than we can appreciate.

Those who fall in the share of trials and tribulations do, then just glad the sun on his head and that they live.

"Now I thank God for every day. It's not hard for me. After so many years of testing I'm glad all over. " Elena.

It is better to focus on what you already have.

And remember, unhappy woman - this ungrateful WOMAN

. Many times noticed, I begin to thank all the negative feelings and unhappiness, which was filled to the brim you dissolve in the joy and the feeling that all is well and everything is going as it should go.

When you change the vector of your thoughts, the energy changes in the body and, therefore, begin to change and the life. Warm wind blows, look out the sun and the flowers bloom. When you begin to give thanks, you will become more friendly, you will be sending to the world of love and joy, change your mood, gait, voice, movement.

If you thank a little bit, and through the power of your life will also change slightly, and through force. In fact we have and get so much more than we deserve. This applies to all, especially those who have forgotten about gratitude.

Thanks to easily transforms lives "on the machine" in a conscious adulthood. After all, in order to begin to thank, it is necessary to begin to notice what surrounds you, stop taking the life out of habit.

"Women's lives will begin to be fun only when you're ready for it consciously. I needed to pass a certain segment of life for this. The first article, I must confess, caused only criticism and ridicule. And a change in the attitude towards women's life took place gradually, even imperceptibly for me. And then all these small pleasures such as the new cups and saucers and candles on the table, recipe home facial masks, found on the Internet, starting to really inspire and delight! "Tatiana.

Unhappy woman -
ungrateful woman! For the happiness of a woman does not need special conditions. You already have everything to be happy here and now.

What do I have now? That is the main question. Give thanks for all that you have, for what you are doing, you feel for the people who are close to you, for what nature gives you, the life of God.

If there is a man in your life to which you feel gratitude, do not hesitate to write to him, thank, say kind words to express their gratitude, do not delay. We all need to thank.

Do not try to get rid of the problem, or be afraid of their coming into your life. Start with gratitude accept life in all its manifestations, and then there will be peace and harmony in the soul. And remember, you are not alone. You'll never be alone if your doors are open to people of love and life.

Author: Tatiana Dzutseva


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