The degradation of the brain - read ALL!

With each passing day more and more people complaining about problems with the brain activity - to an increasing distraction (ie, inability to focus, gather my thoughts for the solution of some problems), the difficulties with storing information on physical inability to read large texts not to mention the book.

And ask to give them something to improve brain activity in general and memory in particular. And, paradoxically, this problem is not only and not so much for the elderly, weakened brain is kind of like, "put on age," but for people in middle age and younger than the average. However, many do not even wonder why this is happening - it is automatically charged to stress, fatigue, an unhealthy environment, at the same age, etc., although it is not even close to the cause. Among my patients, there are those who are far from the 70, but who does not at all no problems with memory or with brain activity. So what is the reason?

accelerated loss of your brain function started at the very auspicious day, when you decide to be constantly "in touch." And there is no difference - whether you are forced to this business need, languishing in idleness or elemental fear of being "not at the level", ie fear of being branded as a black sheep, eccentric among his own kind.

Back in 2008, it was known that the average Internet user reads no more than 20% of the text, posted on the page, and avoids large paragraphs! Moreover, special studies have shown that people are constantly connected to the network, the text reads and scans like a robot - grabs everywhere disparate pieces of data, constantly jumps from one place to another, and information evaluates exclusively with "share" position, that is. e. "Is it possible to this" revelation "to send to someone?". But not to discuss, but, mainly, to cause emotions in the form of an animated "burp", accompanied by short remarks and exclamations in SMS format.

The study found that the pages on the Internet, as already mentioned, can not be read and reviewed briefly a pattern resembling the Latin letter F. The user first reads the first few lines of the text content of the page (sometimes even completely, from start to finish), then jumps in the middle of the page, which reads a few rows (as a rule, only in part, is not he has started reading the string to the end), and then quickly down to the very bottom of the page - see "what's the matter ended»


Red - the area where the reader's attention lingers longest
. Yellow - a cursory viewing area. Blue and gray areas can not be read at all

Therefore, the most effective way of presenting information to the ordinary Internet user is to display information in the form of an inverted pyramid (ie according to the principle 'the lower, the less ") with mandatory allocation of keywords (so that consumers understand the information that is important, and that - not really) and the disclosure of not more than one idea per paragraph. The only way to hold attention on the page as long as possible. If, however, as the descent down the page information density does not decrease, or worse, increases (as, for example, in this article), then these pages only a few linger.

My personal opinion is:

Internet - it is a real drug. What is a drug? It is absolutely useless thing, without which any person can live well until then, until you try. And when try, then there is a life-long dependence - addiction is not treated

. On the problems with the perception of information people complain all ranks and professions - from highly qualified university professors to service staff to service washing machines. Similar complaints can be heard most often in the academic environment, ie, from those who by occupation is forced to close and interact with people on a daily basis (to teach, give lectures, take exams, etc.) - they report that the already low level of reading and information perception skills of those with whom they work , year-on-year lower and lower.

falls Most people experience tremendous difficulty reading large amounts of text, not to mention the book. Even blog posts larger than three or four paragraphs seem to have most of the too difficult and tedious to read, and therefore boring and not worthy of even basic understanding. There is hardly a man who would not have heard of the popular network statements "too many letters - not mastered", which is usually written in response to a suggestion to read anything longer than a couple of dozen lines. A vicious circle - it makes no sense to write a lot, because it's almost no one will read, and the reduction of transmitted thought leads to more feeble mind not only readers, but writers. As a result, we have what we have - a massive dullness

. Even people with good (last) reading skills said that after a day of throwing on the internet and maneuvering among tens and hundreds of e-mails, they are physically unable to start even a very interesting book, because reading has a first page only turns a real torture. < br>
Reading simply "does not go", primarily because:

a) it is impossible to force myself to stop to scan text, looking at it Keywords

b) completely digestible complex syntax characteristic of most of the classical, or of the highly knowledge-intensive works, which is completely absent in the exchange of telegraph "SMS-belching».

As a result, a proposal has to reread several times! The most outspoken people so directly and say: I am disgusted / disgusted with himself (a) Statement

. But that's not all. Because of the constant connection to the Internet are rapidly deteriorating human skills as the ability to return to an already once-meaningful information, analyze, read and use your imagination. Even worse is the fact that 80% of people go to the Internet for the dubious entertainment, or draw out information that is not something that is zero, and negative cultural value.

The majority of people (especially the young) attached to their gadgets so that the threat to be disconnected from the mains for at least one day of experience, not only mental depression, bordering on panic, but real physical breaking resembling drug. Do not believe me? Come on, turn off your soapbox ALL and try to live without it at least 2-3 days.

There is a view that I fully share that ability to effectively perceive the complex texts, to read complex books will soon become an elite privilege available only to a particular caste people. The idea is not new, as yet Umberto Eco's novel "The Name of the Rose" offered to let the library only those who are able and willing to take sophisticated knowledge. And all the others will be able to read the signs but only online.

In short, no pills, no supplements, no diet, no shrinks etc. not able to stop the degradation of the brain. Stop it can only be one - the termination of admission to the system for processing information of all kinds of waste and daily brain loading so-called "useful information." This process is extremely complex, and altogether impossible for many people. For many, the train, as they say, is already gone.

Once again, briefly:

1.Gadzhety providing a permanent connection to your data / Internet - smartphones, iPads, etc., without which you are now even go to the toilet can not, -. Makes you almost a moron with a sluggish, apathetic, with barely understands the brain, which is not able to think and analyze. But, like any addict, you, of course, are convinced the opposite - that the soap dish make your life impossible bright, saturated, convenient, etc., and you personally - "greatly advanced the person", which is always in aware of everything.

2.Blagodarya these devices into your brain a continuous flow of the clock comes all kinds of garbage that foul your "trip computer" so that you godites only to execute the primitive, low-skilled work. You can neither connected speak nor write nor read - Your speech and tongue-tied awash words-parasites. Talking to someone about something, you could hardly pick the right words, and listening to someone - to quickly lose the thread and start to get bored and yawning. Write You can not, because virtually every word starts to make mistakes, and how to use punctuation - do not even know about. But you do selfi cool (and other trash pictures) and to knock someone into Viber and WhatsApp.

3.Koroche speaking, listen to the bad news: mobile communication should be used solely in case of emergency. For example, you come to an unfamiliar city and can not find the atmosphere - really need to call. Or you are late for an important meeting - call really necessary, ie you need to configure your gadget only reception or transmission necessary for you professional and business information. And the rest of the time your gadget must be turned off. However, I can imagine how you uncomfortable just thinking about it.

4.Nuzhno be prepared for the fact that all of your environment you put it mildly, does not understand - you say that you greetings, absolutely cuckoo, that you went to the roof, etc. Spit and grind. Remember, you are subject to the information you need to attack and defend. In the words of the president of CBS News, Richard Selant: "Our job - to sell to people not what they want, and what we need»

. 5. And finally, you need to re-learn to read books. The present paper books - do you understand? Not looking at the clock sighted eyes of his soap-box with a screen and read books. It will be hard, but you try. Rape itself is not necessary - the first day read half a page, the next - the whole page, on the third day - 1, 5 pages, etc. Note that the body will do its utmost to resist - and will vomiting, and break, and pull to do anything, as long as the brain is not strained

. Good luck to you do not want to, because you need not it.


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