Alternative Mathematics

That the current textbooks for schoolchildren often suffer like to put it mildly, inaccurate and original interpretation of the subject - a phenomenon already quite familiar. (But really, people quite quickly get used to the fact that yesterday would cause a violent reaction or, at least, would surprise). But insanity multiply and grows stronger. Look at this page. Of the five brainteasers in three - do not even know what to call it - oversight of the author of the text editor, proofreader or total apathy of all instances? After all, somebody wrote it, someone took and maintained! Incidentally, the segment of printing for students - the big chunk of the entire educational literature - for each year and need much more than the same high school Beginners. And so, flick of the wrist, issued such a nonsense for the little ones. I'm not in this fact taken separately seized - and sundry can dig into the network and find examples of this kind as much as seem sufficient to assure that it's simply a system. By the way, especially for the soul takes the subtle humor of puzzles №3. Subtle and refined. If we remember that a lot is reflected in the small and on the contrary, we have a complete, complete the picture. A sort of Ouroboros. One of rollback, and they already do not care all other rollback and know exactly what more you can not bathe.
Welcome to the land of non-traditional knowledge, kiddies.


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