The costs of building the Reich and the city Putin

Simferopol proposed to rename the city Putin
A proposal was made public at a rally against the current city government in Kerch on Saturday, writes "Kerch.FM».

"One of the speakers was announced proposal to assign the name of the city of Simferopol" Putin "- writes izdanie.Krome of protesters, activists of the party" Russian Unity "and members of the public Kerch and Feodosia expressed support for the south-east of Ukraine in the issue of accession to Russia.

It was also announced that the party "Russian unity" joins the ranks of the Russian party "United Russia". In addition, it was announced the arrival of the deputy chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation - Vladimir Zhirinovsky in Kerch soon.

All offers speakers were met approving applause.
Insanity grows stronger


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