Why fails the operation to detach the east of Ukraine

East Ukraine somehow not rebels, captured by administrative buildings people that do not stretch, the invaders are not fed, watered and not particularly unwelcome. It is already obvious that the Kremlin spin doctors are unable to shake the situation without outside support, even aggressive and rebellious, these would become general in a couple of dozen people. What happened to the pro-Russian eastern Ukraine (which in some form has been recently of course)?

The answer is obvious - Crimea.

Russia could do from the Crimea HOLDER. Could at least indicative and create a paradise for small business, completely reformat the work of local security forces, courts declare any interesting projects for the development of the peninsula, to give people a good pension, finally.

But the Kremlin was able to play only himself. Crimeans thrown from their bureaucratic problems in the wild queues. They showed no prospects. Conversely, in the offices of a growing number of Crimeans began break bandyuki clothed already imperious powers.

And where the surprise staring at it all the east of Ukraine? Are they - were shocked pensions? Were impressed with the police reform? Rejoiced projects hotel construction although the Turkish model? Oh no. All the same chatter, the same corruption, the same outrage, the same bureaucracy - only now in the Russian scale.

Who wants it after a Russian?

The Kremlin could not offer anything interesting Crimea. The Kremlin can not offer anything interesting east of Ukraine. The Kremlin has nothing to show to the world. The Kremlin has nothing to offer Russian worldwide. Yes, and Russian in Russia itself.

East Ukraine ceased to believe fairy tales. He realized that all the interesting and good in his life, he can only make himself without relying on the storytellers.

And yet all of this amazing story. Even in the same region authorities can not make people's lives even humanly normal. Even if it is very necessary for effect.
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