The things to which I was never able to get used to in Germany (15 photos)

conjure: When I first came to Germany, to me there was a culture shock. I have told many times about this. First, I was struck by the toy and inexpressible purity all around, and then I was struck by the presence in a country such as Germany, the homeless, and later the emotion in the treasury of culture shock - both negative and positive - multiplied and multiplied.

Number 1: Personal Hygiene.

In one of the very good restaurants is quite a well-dressed man at the next table had finished their meal, folded napkin with knife and fork on the plate, gently looked at his companion, eat up some steak, pulled out his handkerchief and blew his nose ... relish. So juicy that I wanted to cry out: "Waiter! Score! We go until we vomited. »

Such actions could be called an accident, if not consistency blowing the nose at the table in the German restaurants or simply at home at the table of those who finished their meal.

Number 2: And once I started with restaurants: Who pays whom?

It is not customary for a man who, for example, invited a woman on a date, paid for it in a restaurant. Usually a polite waiter asks: «Zusammen oder getrennt?» («Together or separately?"), But usually the answer - separately! For example, in Italy the expense of the restaurant bring in a special book and shoved under the nose of the man, so that did not see the woman. In Russia, if I remember, too, pay the man. I remember the students, I thrust my husband secretly money in his pocket, because guess what, we sat in a nice coffee shop, and my boyfriend had left there the last money. Here the problem is immediately solved, usually pay separately, or only if one person insists to pay - not always a man, by the way, about the birds. It seems to be all right, but I still have this question, together or separately, to pay when we eat together with her husband, and from it is clear that we are not strangers, still confuses me

Number 3: Marriage is marriage, and money separately.

The majority of German couples no common cash account: from your husband, the wife of his. My husband and I, too, separate accounts, but it is historically - we wanted to go from one bank to another, and then the old and not abandoned. So it happened that the two accounts, but he has a map of the mine, and I have on it. Spending is still all together and aware of all of our financial affairs. The German couple is mainly cause slight bewilderment. And I, in turn, surprised by their surprise. When asked how they pay, say, food and lodging, many couples meet, that sit at the end of the month and reconcile their receipts. Those who spent more - to partner returns some money.

Number 4: Go into the shoes into the house

It did not take off one's shoes is accepted, if you come to visit. People are cutting direct fire on clean, washed the floors in the same shoes, which just pushed on spitting and cigarette butts on the street, and can be entered somewhere in the pile. My request to the German guests to leave shoes in the hallway caused and still cause a storm of emotions. And I can not get used to this stupid habit to walk in the shoes where I my hands and bare feet stepping where my little baby playing on the floor and lie kitty that in bed I was lying then. Untrained visitors suddenly find themselves barefoot on my floor because they were wearing shoes without socks in torn socks and God knows what, and swore a long time.

The only people who I allow tumble into my house shoes - workers. I am forced to take off one's shoes and because their shoes certainly except, sorry, jackboots, not name. One shudders to think where they all hung out in them. And once my one polite razuvshis worker explained that they had shoes with the special protection of the steel rods on his toes and with a thicker sole to if something fell on his leg, she leg, is not affected. And if the workplace takes a special person. Shoes, but still happens some occasion - an accident it is not counted as a production. In general, it can be, I'm chasing the rest and gather puzzled looks.

Other shoe extreme - many Turkish family living in Germany, who leave all shoes outside the door. At first we lived in a very small apartment in the city center (center, at least in West Germany - a typical habitat of poor families and migrant families) in front of our apartment was a Turkish family apartment - very nice people, besides our peers. But if it came to the guests, their shoes was almost no to our door.

Number 5: come to visit empty-handed

There simply is not accepted to bring something along for the visit. If you're going to bring something, you need to ask in advance the owner. For example, if you go for breakfast, it usually brings with it a bun - by mutual agreement.

My German friend Anke once even had a quarrel with me on this soil. We never go to visit empty-handed - always take a bottle of wine, fruit and sweets, like candy or cake, or some little things, cute trinkets to decorate the table and so on. Anke one day broke down and gave me the most natural fit on the theme: "You think we have nothing to eat or drink?" At the same time these same Germans have a beautiful proverb: «Kleine Geschenke erhalten die Freundschaft» - small gifts maintain friendship .

Number 6: I just think that the Germans have nothing to eat and drink, I know.

If you go to visit German friends, it is better to eat at home. This is no joke. We have repeatedly faced with the fact that, heading to a birthday party, we met on the table pasta with potato salad and a bottle of vodka with a basin of chips. Not that we come to friends, sorry, eat, but Russian table is markedly different variety and care home owners.

The Germans can also come to the so-called Abrissparty - party to celebrate the exit of the apartment, which name is almost the past month and dream of "fun" - and discover there a bunch of beer and vodka and a single slice of bread. This is such a very typical

Number 7: Towels, towels, your mom loves German!

If you come, say, on Majorca, woke up at 6 am cheerful and happy and decided to go for a swim in the hotel pool, which stopped and then soak up the sunshine on a special couch - do not be surprised if there are already towels! It's the Germans! Do not even doubt! No nation in the world is no longer a place scores on the bed with the night or early in the morning with towels, when all other normal people are still asleep. At the same time along the basin are polite tablets with inscriptions: "Please, do not reserve your place!»

Number 8: For you or me? No, in the cafe!

It is not accepted to invite home: no friends or colleagues, let alone strangers. If we agree with the German friends of the meeting, they come with great joy to us, but rarely called to him, but we have a very good relationship. Just not accepted. None of my German friends did not think an appointment at home if you can go to a cafe or restaurant. Meetings of the kitchen with a cup of tea or vodka and guitar and talking about life - it seems to be a typical Russian.

Number 9: Smoking is for food

I'm still pleasantly amazed when dinner for the people with whom I have an eating, I politely asked if I can not hurt if a person lit up - I'm still not eaten their meal. Who we are already in most of the restaurants are non-smoking, but when it was possible, I was pleasantly surprised at the attention. I'm used to that in large Russian companies, which is not going to last the people were all much spit, eat have a neighbor or not. Just lights up and chatted on for fun. But cigarettes and the truth interfere with scoring the taste of the food its pungent odor.

Number 10: In turn, the sons of bitches!

Yes, in Germany there are still such a thing as a queue, including a supermarket. However, if you stand with complete sidecar for procurement, and for you is a man with little things 1-2, then somehow decided to let him come. I just came up with a rule for myself - I do not miss more than one. I usually buy a lot at once - for the whole week because I did not drag on the products themselves, and I'm taking the car. And if I had a good view, a good, whether people feel that by nature I am a very gentle person, and one person with a can of coffee that I missed myself forward, to build a number with a pleading look, skip them also before my great trolley. So in fact, something with my potential, and possible before closing dostoyat.

And yes, by the way, it is made immediately to buy a lot of food and drinks like juices and mineral water for the whole week. Among the week we usually just buy more fresh fruit and bread. I, however, it is not surprising, but every time I surprised my mother in law from Russia who faints at the sight of number of what we buy, though, if you add the products that it carries around every day in the bag from the store into one truck - will surely greater.

Number 11: Children in kindergarten

If playing in the garden among the children you suddenly notice a well-dressed offspring, make no mistake - this Russian children. I was most surprised one case at a flea market. My sister in law is sometimes used to buy things for my nephew - brother did not earn a lot, but the daughter is very neat Ukrainian aunt that any little thing can bring in proper form. We stood, then a daughter, sort out things for children - it is a passion, I'm sympathetic. Then the daughter pulls out a handful of some more or less a decent T-shirt - with etiketochkoy as my mother likes to say, and joyful saleswoman pokes it in her hand another similar, but with a spot on the all belly. The daughter is outraged that poverty-alleviation, but she did not have a spot! On a German aunt genuinely surprised and said: "Well you in the garden? What's the difference, because in the evening back home anyway pig, not a child! »

Number 12: How much do you earn?

The issue here can be heard only from the Russian - honest pioneer, and he gave me still amazes. But even more I am struck by the fact that here is not to talk about revenue, and certainly not made them stick out. For example, one of the founders of our company is, without exaggeration, a millionaire goes to normal, ragged jeans. His "status" can be seen only when he sits in the car, which I need to save at least 200 years without sleep and breaks popisyat. And so to disclose their salaries - killing himself, because immediately there are well-wishers, especially among colleagues who will go to the boss and to be fair to ask, what services a citizen of N that same form his salary 2 times more . Anyway, we still manage to talk with colleagues about income, but never referred to specific amounts and, God forbid, one of the Germans did not even think to ask you or tell yourself how much it earns. You must be able to take your money and just.

Number 13: A kitty? Fiends have!

There are not taken to keep the farm only one animal. As it was, every creature on the pair? The Germans take it literally and believe that a cat, dog, rabbit or hamster home without the owners get bored, they need one - ie second, third, tenth cat, dog, etc. krolichek. If I tell that I have a cat, and public protests, it is not expressed, they call me a monster. How, they say, you can torture animals alone?

Number 14: And once I started talking about pets, it is worth mentioning about their shit.

Dog govnische at the edges of pavements and various clearings are just the sea! I never cease to be surprised and swear. Early spring in general is dangerous to walk to where the snow melted rapidly - there is bound to show up in a bunch flowerbed. Want spontaneously lie on the bank of the river? Do not lie down in the shit!

The only place where they can be fined for dog shit on the streets - this is where there is a plate that is crap doggies prohibited. Sobakovladeltsy in Germany are subject to a special tax on the dog - Hundesteuer, and many owners realize it as a fee for cleaning the city excrement their pets, even though this urban communes, which goes into the coffers of tax, do not assume. If I had to pay taxes on a cat, I would probably think so too.

Initially in Germany introduced a tax on dogs as a means to combat rabies in animals - to reduce the number of people wishing to have a dog. In North Rhine-Westphalia, where I live, the tax on dogs yet, but just this year it is going to enter. Finally, if you ask me. Tired wash shoes from many dog ​​turds, though I really love dogs, but I do not understand why they have to shit under my windows.

Number 15: Separation of garbage

Germany decided to share the garbage and I can not get enough of each, when I hear "in the country sighed with relief turbine." In principle, the garbage is separated into one that can be recycled: old clothes, glass, paper, metal, packaging, biological waste like potato skins and leaves, and one that just burned: diapers, and other scraps. Separation of waste in Germany - is a tradition, a norm of life associated with a number of problems.

Also referring to the debris - in Germany are not accepted to litter just on the street. If there would be a police officer, and you threw a cigarette butt on the ground, rather than neatly put out and thrown in the trash - you can get a fine of 10 euros for breach of the peace. But, of course, still many throw.

Men are never, Nicodemus, will never blow your nose in fingers or spit! Beee! For this is disposable handkerchiefs - blow your nose in them and throw away where? In the trash!

Number 16: Wait, for the sake of children!

In Germany, pending cross the road at a red light. In large cities, almost all traffic lights are signs "only switches to green for the sake of the children." Although she ran a red, only if nobody is there: no cars, no people, and still surprised and pleased every time that people here respect the rules.

Phew! Tired of writing! There a lot of things in general accepted and not accepted, and good and bad, all at once and can not remember, but that's it. Many things I still never ceases to amaze and surprise, such as the German rampant frugality, honesty and ethics in many areas where you just want to keep silent or escape, if only not to have a theme, taking care of the property, fairness in relation to the past, and more.

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