Women don't like to work hard, but in vain!

For men the use of force — naturally. Man is the Enforcer. For dad it's okay to give to the Pope, for boy fine ass to. The boys kicking and fighting, this is their normal way of life, experiencing only the parents, more specifically mothers.A real man knows how to be restrained and nothing will ever hit, but if you need to call the child to order, and the first time the child did not understand him, he will do it without hesitation.

Men do not believe in original angelic children, their motto is "Angels aren't born, they become angels. Children become!!»

Ninety three million eight hundred eleven thousand four hundred forty two

Women approach the security officer is not close, they profess approach the Darling. Women believe in the positivity of the child and the careful, worrying constantly, as if not to lose it — and remembering that the baby can only love. Children grow up. but for mom, the child always remains only in this baby…

Women have more fears, they can't afford those drastic measures that men find completely normal"Well what are you doing? You don't know how it will affect the baby and any fears he may after thee to appear! And then we have the same will collapse with a child contact!". Women do not like in the interaction with children to get them - and otherwise this avoid. To address psychologists constantly receive letters from women of this plan:

"What if games online capture — warn, punish, still in arms. Of course I try to explain to them the harm of online games, but they still want to play".

"Can you tell me how to behave properly when my kid just starts yelling like a Banshee (and consciously and looking into his eyes, no tears — then they are added), if something not on it (example: want to jump off the couch, I don't mind, just offering help in the form of hands, explain that a little high for his age — screaming. Okay, I say, throw yourself (think to myself that I'm going to catch) — yells. Already I think I should have to explain and deny, but he would then also shouted (there were precedents, even if I was allowed in response to another)".

Or, here is one review: "the Child all the time with my mouth open, in the absence of cold. The orthodontist said that it's a bad habit. Persuasion and explanation do not help. It can be a psychological problem? How to be? The child is 9 years old." — I said, "Yes, I think it is a psychological problem, but of a different kind: the problem is that your child isn't listening to you, and you only use persuasion and explanation. Now is the problem of "open mouth", after 7 years the problems can be much more serious. And you'll only persuade and explain?

Ninety four million five hundred ninety three thousand two hundred sixty six

Women like organically or did not tolerate, or did not understand the necessity of hard measures in weaning children from bad habits. They consider the options, when everything just kind: words, not actions, so as to cause a desire, not just ban. In fact, the ban for most mom means only the words "I forbid it!“ and nothing too serious, this does not mean. Moms will be to explain and persuade, even when to explain is no need, and persuasion, in principle, not help. Here and there: a mother tries to deal gently day after day, month after month, then did not have the nerve at the children yelled, threw a tantrum, something he decided, but ugly, regularly so can not act... Operative, sighed, scolded himself — then again: reminds requests and persuades... And so on to the next scandal.

Men in this situation just decide that give the order and without further ADO stop the wrong behavior of children. They don't even make because internally do not even consider the possibility of resistance to their orders. They just put things in order, as well as the woman cleans, dusting. It doesn't make dust disappear, it just washes the dust and cleans.

Women practice only the entreaties to the last reluctant to formulate a clear and precise requirement. Even if her dictate the requirement text, in response you can only see the unhappy eyes, followed by a refusal: "No, I can't say that!“

Sixty two million seven hundred eleven thousand nine hundred forty seven

Once in the company of young moms I asked to play it when my daughter gets up in the morning and specifically asked to speak with her harder, demanding... Here's the recording of the conversation where the daughter was playing single mom, and raised her other:

— It is difficult in the morning to Wake up, how hard it is! Well, sleep at least 10 minutes!
— Lena, get up.
— Well, another 5 minutes! Let's count to five and I get up.
— Rise! Handle raises, leg raises.
— It is so cool... No feet, I'm cold... I'll just hide and then get up.
— Rise!
— Very cool. I once again hid and then stand up.
— Lena, get up! I don't want to hear. Let's get up quickly.
— There's still a few minutes there.
— No time.
— I count to ten, then Wake up.

Here I interrupted this bickering: this style of conversation was ineffective, it could go on indefinitely, the result is not allowed. Mom seems to be trying to talk tough, played almost a man, still in his voice could be heard pleading and persuasion. I suggested, without persuasion. He sounded so:

— Lena, you will rise, or can I help you?
— No, how about I gather.
— So, I count to three, and then I will help. Just time to get up. Time…

All issue resolved, Lena will rise. But if she thinks that's all, and it all cost is cheap, then it is wrong. In fact, the conversation continues... what? Yes, that Lena did not get up by herself and even resisted the demands of the parents. So in the evening there will be another conversation like this:

— Lena, tell us what we have today was with a rising?
— I dreamt a very good dream. Such a bright, beautiful…
— I'm not asked about it. You yourself did not stand up, and I had to apply violence directly to his beloved daughter.
— It is very difficult, cold.
— Do I understand correctly that I have to offer and then you raise, and I'm going to solve this issue?
— While it's difficult to say. But perhaps – Yes, I have.
— Has. You decided for me? And you're helpless. You really decided that you are powerless and decided to rely on daddy's decision because of this features? Daughter, you're smart, if you really need it?
— Yes, I'm smart.
— Smart. Then you have 5 minutes to consult with my mother, what you do, you get up by herself, or in 5 minutes I will tell you about your future…

Fifty four million two hundred fifty three thousand six hundred ninety three

Of course, most successful and most wise decision, if the family roles are distributed: when you need to act tough, tidying demanding daddy, when can and should break the ice, it makes a warm and kind mother with your unconditional love.

It is the perfect solution, but the difficulty that dad is not always around and sometimes his family does not. For these situations the woman must be prepared: to be able to be not only cute and warm, but if necessary, once, decisive, and tough. It simply needs to be able to. Maybe you'll have to refer to it very rarely, but to be able to do it — definitely.

Subtotal, recommendation women: learn to act tough. Without scandals — but tough. In the beginning, he asked calmly, but clearly and confidently. The second step is warned of punishment. Third — decide firmly: warned — deprived. Warned — was punished. Without further ADO. And to explain it to children: "Children, I don't want to punish you, and you can do so that I never have to punish you will not. You just do what I ask you, do not break our agreement and we will only live in peace and harmony. Would you like that?“.published  

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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