The threat of major earthquakes in California

Scientists predict that by 2037 the movement of crustal plates near San Adreas fault in California almost certainly lead to an earthquake comparable in strength with shocks in Haiti. It is estimated that over the next 30 years there is a probability of 99, 7%, an earthquake of magnitude 6, 7 points destroy the US West Coast. The chances of such an event is higher in Southern California than in the North - 97% versus 93%, reports AP. "We almost guarantee there will be something like," - said Ned Field, a geophysicist at the Geological Survey in Pasadena and one of the authors of this sensational forecast. But while on the formidable forces resemble a mud volcanoes. Report of the places where scientists project may soon not be.

© David McNew / Getty Images // Geothermal mud springs.

© David McNew / Getty Images // A flock of seagulls near the geothermal power plant Kalipatriya.

© David McNew / Getty Images // the freight company Union Pacific.


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