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Dear yapovtsy, there was a lot of posts about the Yellowstone super volcano and the end of the world. If anyone is interested in a more or less objective and complete count on this topic, then please read my topic. Just specify will be photos, videos, and lots of letters. Not all will be able to "beat" a stream of disk imaging, but if you want the truth and to understand more or less real in what is happening, then please get acquainted.

Al Nash, Managing Yellowstone National Park was forced to give a comment on a lot of questions coming from alarmed residents of the United States over the past earthquakes in the area of ​​super-volcano and escape of animals from Yellowstone National Park. Nash says: Yes, we did have an earthquake of magnitude 4.8 points, which was the strongest in the last 30 years. [Next]

In Yellowstone occurs between 1000 and 3000 earthquakes per year, most of which are very weak and people do not feel them. As a result of a strong earthquake in the Norris Geyser - no one was hurt and nothing is destroyed. About the flight animals - yes, they really leave Yellowstone, but not because they feel opastnost, but simply it is winter and they have nothing to eat. Therefore, bison, elk and deer migrate in search of food outside of Yellowstone National Park. Here the snow melts, the grass will appear and they will return. Yes, our park is located on a super-volcano. Below us - magma ocean. Yellowstone lives, geysers, steam is ejected, earthquake happen. But it's beautiful. Tourists love to look at the geysers. We do not see any signs that the volcano is about to explode ... Geologists have found that supervolcano located beneath Yellowstone National Park, contains far more red-hot magma, than previously thought. Eruption turn disastrous consequences for the entire region.

It is stated in the report of the American scientists from the University of Utah, which was presented at the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

Experts have long known that Yellowstone National Park is located in the caldera (a huge crater) North America's largest supervolcano. However, the size of the super is still controversial among scientists. The authors decided to clarify this issue by registering small tremors in the area of ​​the national park.

Analysis of seismic waves showed that the magma chamber extends much further to the north-east of the park than would follow from previous studies. The total length of the cavity is about 90 km, the width is 30 km. Depth supervolcano varies from 2 to 15 km, it is filled with magma, sometimes mixed with hardened rocks.

According to our data, the volume of the chamber with magma in 2, 5 times more than previously thought. "We have worked here a long time and have always thought that the size of the volcano are undervalued, but still were surprised by the results," - said Professor Bob Smith, one of the study participants.

Last supervolcano under Yellowstone erupted 640 thousand years ago - then the ashes covered the whole of North America, and climatic shifts were felt throughout the world.

Previous major eruption occurred 2, 1 and 1, 3 million years ago, so some experts believe that such events occur on average once every 700 thousand years.

According to US media reports, seismologists recorded tremors inside the so-called Yellowstone caldera, on the territory of which the famous nature reserve. According to some reports, a few days ago in Wyoming recorded aftershocks of magnitude 3.0 and 4.8 on the Richter scale.

It is within the so-called Yellowstone caldera is the famous National Park, located in the crater of a long extinct giant volcano. Caldera area is 4,000 square kilometers. In the case of a new eruption of this ancient supervolcano, disasters can be enormous.

According to some American seismologists, recently stepped up the volcano. Since the beginning of the year was recorded more than 60 aftershocks, which terrorized the local population. A recent earthquake in the heart of Yellowstone caldera forced to withdraw from the national park of many animals.

If the Yellowstone volcano wakes up, it will result in a tragedy of global importance. The eruption will be effective in 2500 times greater than the power of the latest release of Etna and is comparable only with the explosion of the atomic bomb. Thousands of cubic kilometers of lava poured out on the territory of the United States, and those places where the lava will not reach, will cover a thick layer of volcanic ash.

Latest news Yellowstone supervolcano 2014 can not be comforting for the residents of Wyoming. The fact that a number of them starts to activate the terrible force of nature.

People living in the state, saying the recent volcano intensified. Since the beginning of the year was recorded more than 60 aftershocks, which terrorized the local population. Yellowstone earthquake caused by 1 April 2014 forced to leave the territory of the park animals.

Scientists monitor the activity supervolcano, say, if Yellowstone wakes up, it will result in a tragedy. The fact that the hollow volcano extends over an area equal to the 4th New York, and the eruption could occur with a force similar to the explosion of the atomic bomb.

At the moment we have a situation around the volcano giant, or the so-called super volcano, Yellowstone, located in the eponymous national park of the United States. The situation unfolds extremely pleasant and there is evidence of silence and even hide information from the US government. So get down to the facts and reflections on them:

1. In 2010, he published an article in which, some scientists say that the Yellowstone volcano soon to wake up, and the consequences of even minimal activity, this giant, would be catastrophic for North America, as well, if you have the whole hog then the entire planet, "Hi nuclear winter." According to this article, scientists around the world were waiting for the awakening of the volcano in about 2070, but after a thorough study of this subject, changed their forecasts for 2012-2016.

2. From the beginning, geyser activity around the volcano grew - it is not essential, sometimes, the thing attracted the attention of many.

3. March 20, 2014, one of the inhabitants of the valley near the volcano, recorded a massive "escape" from the territory of the bison of Yellowstone Park. It's no secret that animals feel closer woes.

4. According to the statistics, seismic activity, for 2014, can be traced not only to the frequent cases of earthquakes in the area of ​​Yellowstone Park, and bringing them to the surface of the epicenters. That is, if in the beginning of the year more than 70% of the earthquake was at a depth of 10 km under the ground, in the March earthquake at a depth of 10km in general is not fixed. And the depth of their rapidly decreasing, and now it is 7.3 km.

5. March 30 recorded the strongest earthquake in a few years, 4.8 points on a scale Rihtora. Also, it is to this day the intensity of earthquakes goes to a maximum of 42 tremors. The depth of the epicenter of 1, 7 to 6 km.

6. On the same day the temperature begins to rise sharply in the Lake Yellowstone Lake, by as much as 18% Celsius.

7. March 31 Yellowstone Park statistics system captures 13 more small aftershocks and some thermometers record rise in temperature near the surface, after which the system is disconnected from the on-line mode and also from the online lost all termoodatchiki.

8. At the moment, work can only keep track of the seismic sensors and only 75% of the original.

9. In the night between April 1 and 2, the sensor is located in the center of the crater of the volcano captures a burst of activity, and another strong earthquake lasted for more than 20 minutes, it is fixed all the other sensors scattered over a vast territory of the park.

10. All sensors for April 2, recorded a minimum of 6 earthquakes have 2 medium and one strong.

Yellowstone Volcano is one of the biggest volcanic super giant last erupted 610,000 years ago, and before that even 600,000 years ago. The eruption of the volcano could lead to the extinction of at least 80% of all life in North America, and a maximum of 80% to the extinction of all life on earth.



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