"Global energy" for peaceful atom

This year's awards "for outstanding contribution to enhancing nuclear energy safety and decommissioning of nuclear facilities" was awarded Russian Swedish scientist Lars Gunnar Larsson and Russian academician Ashot Sarkisov.

The awarding of the International energy prize "global energy" was held on may 23 at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

Awards a world-renowned scholar on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin presented the President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rosneft, Igor Sechin. He called the award "global energy" technology satellite of the Nobel prize: "the Works of the laureates have immense practical value for solutions to the fundamental questions of safety of nuclear technology.

The winners of this year led collaborative research, including radio-ecological rehabilitation of the Arctic, which becomes the field of large-scale international cooperation."

Winners of 2014 made significant for the global scientific community. Academician Sarkisov is known as one of the founders of the Soviet nuclear fleet, but in recent decades he has focused on another important aspect of nuclear security.

For many years he has been actively involved in cooperation with Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of the United States on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Scientist in 2004, led the development of the master plan for the disposal of decommissioned Russian nuclear fleet and rehabilitation of radiation–hazardous objects of its infrastructure in the North–West of Russia.

Ashot Sarkisov said that today nuclear energy is not only one of the most important factors of scientific and technological progress, but also an essential component of the formation of the geopolitical picture of the world as a whole. "Nuclear power has become a model of effective international cooperation. Striking confirmation of this is that the award "global energy" this year awarded to General wording me and my Swedish colleague Dr. Lars Larsson", – he said.

Known Swedish nuclear physicist Lars Larsson made a significant contribution to the study of the NPP impact on the environment.

The results of his work proved to be essential in various emergency situations. In particular, Larsson participated in the investigation and elimination of consequences of accidents at nuclear power plants in the USA in Pennsylvania (Three Mile Accident) in 1979, Despite the fact that Lars Larsson has always lived and worked in Sweden, his best-known achievements are closely connected with Russia.

In particular, with a solution to restore the normal background radiation in the Russian Arctic zone. Currently in the Arctic waters there is a large quantity of sunken objects containing radioactive waste is a legacy of the cold war. In 2003 at the international level, the decision was made the most complete destruction of such objects.

"Russia has long occupied my thoughts. There was once the "iron curtain" held in the middle of the Baltic sea, making it almost impossible of a closer exchange with the Russian colleagues, – said Gunnar Larsson. – Probably, you know, as I am happy and proud, standing in front of the Russian scientific and engineering community, receiving recognition for his achievements in technology areas such as nuclear safety and waste management, as a witness of how the Russian nuclear energy has moved from the isolation of Soviet times to international standards, gradually getting rid of the heritage of the cold war.

International energy prize "global energy" is an independent award for outstanding scientific researches, scientific and technological developments in the energy sector that promote efficiency and environmental security of power sources on the Ground in the interests of all mankind. Since 2003, the awards were 31 scientists from 10 countries: UK, Germany, Iceland, Canada, Russia, USA, Ukraine, France, Sweden and Japan. The decision to select recipients of the prize are the international Committee on award award "global energy", which consists of 25 respected scientists from 10 countries. The prize nominating pool 2700 scientists from 60 countries of all continents.

Source: nkj.ru


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