Russia will survive a nuclear winter, and America will die

The Russian people, experiencing an annual Russian winter, survive and nuclear. 7 photo.

With the aggravation of the situation around Ukraine once again the specter of nuclear war loomed on the horizon. Most thinking people realize that if Russia will consistently defend their interests and stop concessions to the West, the final phase of this confrontation will be the nuclear missile confrontation between Russia and the United States. Photo: Prince Georgy Golitsyn (b. 1935), yet in 1983 predicted global cooling for the first time as a result of nuclear war

A nuclear war would be the most severe disaster for both peoples, but will become even more severe its consequences. But the most devastating of these consequences will be so-called nuclear winter, as a result of the removal of the stratosphere large amounts of smoke and soot caused extensive fire in the explosion of 4,400 nuclear warheads, the sun's rays almost cease to penetrate to the ground, and the temperature on the planet to fall throughout the Arctic.
Spots of soot clouds gradually merge into one and a half or two months, the whole earth would be shrouded in solid black veil, almost does not transmit light. Already in the first weeks after the nuclear explosion in the Northern Hemisphere average temperatures should drop to 15-20 ° C below the normal level. In some places also, for example, in northern Europe, the temperature drops to 30 °, and on the East Coast and in the central regions of Siberia - even at 40-50 ° C. The cold snap also cover considerably more southern areas. For example, in Saudi Arabia by the end of the first month after a nuclear accident the temperature drops to 30 ° C or more. Later, when the formed solid particulate blankets, cooling and spread to the southern hemisphere. In the equatorial zone the temperature drops to 15-20 ° C. Colder even in Antarctica. Nuclear night will last 3-4 months on the planet and a nuclear winter will last about a year. Photo: Nikita Moiseyev (1917-2000), to calculate the parameters of nuclear winter even in 1984

Then soot finally settled, and will cover the glaciers of Greenland and Antarctica, which are black, will rapidly melt, raising the sea level. From nuclear winter, our planet will step right into the nuclear summer - for a time, almost the entire planet was hot and very dry weather. Photo: author of the concept of nuclear winter American astrophysicist Carl Sagan Samuilovich (1934-1996)

To prevent a nuclear winter is not possible. It can only delay, giving West concession after concession, and, in the end, completely abandoning its nuclear weapons, but then there will be a nuclear confrontation between the United States and China, and China, unlike us, no matter what concessions does not go, and nuclear War will break out sooner or later.
Therefore, you should accept a nuclear war and nuclear winter as inevitable and begin to prepare for them, to minimize possible losses.
First of all, you need to create food stocks, which would be enough for that part of the population that will survive after a nuclear attack. These stocks are already available, but they are concentrated in one place, and as a result of post-war devastation of transport service in different regions of the country will become impossible. (Residents of cities such as Vorkuta, live in the Arctic winter nine months of the year. Survive and twelve.)

Second, create protected from nuclear attacks seed stocks, as all crops during a nuclear winter will inevitably perish.
Third, it should be taken care of retaining not only humans but also in farm animals. Those cows will stand and arctic temperatures, but they will sustain it in the event that they will be fed. Therefore it is necessary to take care of the creation of a stock feed, calculated on the stabling of cattle throughout the year.
Stocks of fuel and should be enough for the 12-month period. Furthermore, it should establish a decentralized pre-heating system, as CHP is likely to be destroyed during a nuclear attack.

However, the chance of surviving a nuclear winter from Russia much more than America - the majority of its territory is located in a warm climate zone. Therefore, there is no heating system, and the house does not hold heat. In addition, the population has no superfluous winter clothing. Thanks to all this, the majority of America's nuclear winter will not be able to survive. Our population is also reduced - die, especially big cities. Firstly, it is they, and not the smaller regional centers, will undergo a nuclear attack, and bomb shelters not enough at all. Secondly, in modern cities, people are a little concerned about the creation of food reserves, and in the first days after the nuclear attacks disrupted centralized management, and in the ensuing chaos, many will be left without food supply.
Residents of the small towns and especially villages affected to a much lesser extent. They have not lost their survival skills obtained in the 90s, and many still live on the food self-supply by buying in stores only vodka and tobacco. The shortage of these products, they somehow survive, and after a nuclear winter, as before, will live in that makes a garden. (In the early days after the nuclear exchange centralized management disrupted and food supplies in the cities will be plundered.)



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