6 seats with the cheapest renewable energy in the world

On average, energy from fossil fuels cheaper than clean energy, but every year the gap is closing. Consider the six examples of record-low value of the solar wind from around the world — from Chile to Denmark.Free wind energy in Dallas

Utility company TXU Energy in Dallas, Texas, at some time produced as much electricity from wind turbines, I decided to give it away just like that. From 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. users of the power grid could use electricity. At the moment, wind energy is only 10% of the total energy production in the state, but the example of TXU Energy have proven that clean energy has great potential. Free electricity benefit of the company, as reduced spending on energy storage and maintenance of the power grid when generating surplus. Free solar energy in Chile

Sunny weather this year resulted in a surplus of electricity on solar farms in Chile. For 113 days, the electricity was supplied free of charge. Last year, the country enjoyed free electricity 192 days. State. investing heavily in the construction of solar power plants. The authorities have already built 29 farms and will build 15 more. However, there were only two mains, not United among themselves. Because of this, many villages have no electricity, and some citizens have to pay for electricity due to problems with infrastructure. The cheapest wind energy in Denmark

In November the Swedish firm Vattenfall announced that proceeds to the construction of the offshore wind farm in Denmark. It generated electricity is cheaper than energy from coal and natural gas. The power plant Kriegers Flak with a capacity of 600 megawatts will be the world's first sea network EHV, which will produce electricity at $54 per megawatt. The wind turbines will create interstate transmission lines with Germany, which will allow countries if necessary, to exchange electricity to reduce costs and avoid energy shortages. Powerful grid will begin work at the end of 2021. Best solar house in Australia

Equipped with solar panels and homemade Tesla Powerwall 2.0 home in Australia proves that the benefits of renewable energy is not a fantasy but a reality. Housing with solar panels saving their owners thousands of dollars a year. The main advantage is the ability to save energy and use it later if necessary. The head of Tesla Elon Musk had long argued that solar installations can be a reliable and effective source of energy, and in addition, they help people to save on growing electricity bills. No wonder the company has released a Mask of the solar battery in the form of shingles for the roof. Renewable energy cheaper than fossil

It may seem unlikely, but in the US, solar and wind energy is already cheaper than energy from fossil sources. The 2014 edition of The New York Times analyzed data from various energy companies and found that clean energy costs no more than traditional. This is largely contribute to government incentives. At the same time, the growth of investment in "green" sources increases, prices fall and competition increases. The cheapest solar energy in the world

The struggle for the world record for the lowest price for solar energy continues. In may, a new benchmark established Dubai — one MWh of solar energy were estimated at $29,9. In August the record was broken in Chile, when in the energy auction real estate development company Solarpack Corp. Tecnologica praised one MWh of solar energy to $29.1 in. At the same auction energy from fossil sources was worth twice the price. published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: hightech.fm/2016/12/13/cheap_renewable_energy


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