If there will be chaos. GRU officer gives advice

Expert opinion of Emergency Situations - Alexander, now political uncertainty clearly superimposed on the weakness of state institutions. If you win the so-called "orange revolution", the prospect of social unrest can not be discounted. In one form or another to us coming chaos. We must be ready for all of its manifestations, including the most extreme. You, as a specialist in extreme situations, tell us about the public methods to counter the chaos.

Alexander Musienko: danger of social explosion exists even in a region such as Moscow, where many of the police and internal security forces, able to extinguish a major conflict. It is possible that frenzied crowd will turn or burn everything in the street, without asking, "Mercedes" it or "six" 20-year-old disabled war in Afghanistan, which happened to be next.
Experience shows that such a situation enjoys, first of all, the criminal element. At the forefront of leaves ordinary criminality, the homeless, drug addicts, etc. Because of their aggressiveness and dissatisfaction with the situation they are the first to grab the weapon - a stick, a baseball bat, a piece of rebar - and start their dirty work. Their one goal - to enrich. They do not run in poor neighborhoods, and landscaped areas.
Their potential victim - the so-called middle class. Because in the cottage communities or government buildings - has its own security system, security, fences, etc. there is not just penetrate. And the middle classes, it turns out, the most vulnerable.
 - Assuming a negative scenario, we need to target the common people to self-defense and self-preservation. We are talking about the culture of adaptation to the new complex conditions ...
 - If law enforcement agencies will not be able to influence the situation, the ordinary citizens, much less be able to do it. So, we need to adapt as much as possible to adapt to the status quo.
Therefore, you must not hesitate, not hiding bashfully eyes, speak openly, what to do in an hour «X», how to protect their lives, the lives of their loved ones and property acquired by overwork. Because in this world the person without financial means, without shelter, without livelihoods and income - means little. The government we have, unfortunately, no social safety net does not, even in times of peace, quiet time. And during the escalation of the internal political situation, it is probably altogether eliminated. So it makes sense to designate priority areas for social adaptation in a period of chaos.
First of all, we must clearly understand that it alone can not do anything. When the situation gets out of control in a single location, at the forefront association of citizens in the community. Well, if there are homes in the so-called "access committees." When in everyday circumstances, volunteers take on the duties of collection of tenants determine the system of admission of citizens to carry out repairs to the entrance, install playgrounds, hiring concierges, etc., during the crisis, the same people are able to organize the defense. These people together, know each other, know the phone numbers of neighbors.
 - What should be done at the first sound of gunfire outside the window?
 - First of all, to restrict access to the entrance of unauthorized persons. You have to understand: one concierge with this task can not cope. Therefore it is necessary to organize the duty two or three people. The top three, because two people in the presence of metal doors will deter attempted penetration, third, and in the absence of a mobile telephone, can manage to run around the floor, to mobilize all the men in the doorway and organize resistance.
So, we need a system status, system alerts, and rapid response. This man, healthy and strong, who have officially registered hunting weapons or other means of protection - for example, gas and traumatic pistols. These are not the force that can organize resistance to some military units with armored personnel carriers and machine guns. But we must understand that military units would not storm the entrance with the purpose of robbery.
And against hooligans and criminals a primary defense enough. Several shots from a gun into the air - and the criminal element renounces intentions to enter the house ...
On the first floor entrance must be felled container with water: five-liter plastic bottles, buckets, basins ... Because any flown bottle of "Molotov cocktail" and any tracer bullet will fire.
In addition to the existing electric code locks, be sure to have an access door latch or mortise lock with a few spare sets of keys. All these "little things" should be designed and registered.
 - In the future, you can even create a special reminder ...
 - Exactly. Write memos and organize rapid training courses to all this. We need a lecture, you need a story on specific examples. There are a lot of nuances. And it is difficult to envisage a civilian everything in advance. Professionals in this field may be the police (active and discharged), special forces of the FSB and the Interior Ministry, who worked at the addresses and know the procedure for special operations in the residential sector. These people know the ways and means to penetrate into the room. Then, they can take and countermeasures.
 - It is clear that most effectively defend themselves with firearms. But there is a psychological barrier in its application ...
 - In the initial period of instability officially registered weapons - hunting and self-defense weapon - the MIA will be removed from the population. In any case, the police will take all measures to collect weapons from the civilian population.
On the one hand, it's good, but on the other - very bad. The US is still a debate about the civilian weapons, who commit a huge amount of crime. We recently fired from travmatiki wherever falling. This indicates a low internal culture of people with weapons.
Another thing is that on the territory of the former Soviet Union on their hands is a huge number of illegal weapons - it gave Karabakh, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ossetia, Abkhazia, etc. Arms trafficking is huge. I believe in Russia - walk more than 2-3 million. Firearms (rifled and smoothbore).
 - That is, the law-abiding citizen is in a losing position: hands over his weapon, and around - the sea of ​​illegal barrels.
 - This is true. But if we talk about the priority measures for the protection of his life - first of all it is necessary to think not about his own arsenal and barrikadirovanii of the first and second floors, creating a system that prevents penetration into the house. You can apply the antiquated method, a method of defense forts. Invaders because you can be watered from the top with boiling water or pour them with gasoline. If a person realizes that a match will turn it into a torch, then, of course, it will not take further part in the assault.
 - As we know, during the period of disorder or active hostilities and anarchy, utilities are not working. How to survive without basic amenities, without heating, water supply, sewerage?
 - The first threat, which we say is a threat to the social - or rather, the criminal. And the second - yes! - Man-made.
This situation associated with disconnection of gas, electricity, running water until the emergency emission of corrosive and toxic substances neighboring businesses, the same chlorine, for example. Accidents of this kind can be both subversive and purely manmade. If a leak occurs and the area becomes infected, what to do? Here, every sane person must provide a number of measures.
Basic tips. Firstly, you should check the availability of the house a sufficient amount of water: for extinguishing fires and for water supply. The second - a sealed room. It is necessary to protect windows and glass, especially in winter. If the glass will break, then it needs immediate alternative - plywood or polyethylene, and then the blanket. In any case, the temperature in the room of a multistory building, the heating system is shut off if, for some time the temperature of the environment. It will not happen so quickly in a brick house, but the walls in reinforced concrete structure promerznut faster.
 - What to do?
 - It is necessary to insulate the exterior walls of carpets, rugs. Even a wardrobe will play a role for thermal insulation of the outer walls of the deaf and save a little bit of heat. But again, your efforts will be useless if the neighbors above or below his apartment abandoned with broken windows - ceiling and floor walls promёrzayut faster, and nothing can be done.
Summer in the city: from the unharvested in the streets with corpses, debris and human waste - terrible, but winter is worse. In the winter, comes to the fore heating homes. No matter how we insulate walls, heating should be. Now on sale a lot of autonomous power of several kilowatts. But for this device should be harvested fuel. And, again, efficiency is important here - burn gasoline in the generator to produce the electricity to cook food on elektropechke and turn up the heat? Is not it easier to have a gas stove, furnace oil or wood?
 - When it comes to survival, in the course as a fuel can go and furniture, and a library.
 - Compared to wood, paper from the heat transfer coefficient is very, very low. A separate paper to stick - the skin is not worth the candle. Now, if the paper or sawdust to soak diesel fuel, you get a completely different result.
We prepared inhabitant metropolis must reserve some flammable substances, which can be elementary to cook a hot meal. The presence of a kerosene lamp, kerosene stove with gas cylinders spare partially solve the problem. This is especially true of those who have small children, and it is necessary to heat up baby food. All this, too, need to think. We need to understand that if something happens, such devices in the store did not buy. Everyone aware of this, has to create their own personal home emergency supply.
 - So we went to the third problem - the problem of material and technical means to adapt to the different conditions of life of the country critical.
 - Here our older generations: grandparents, especially those who lived through the war - will give all of us a head start. They always have a minimum stock of the house. My parents always buy half a sack of buckwheat, a bag of sugar, a bag of flour. The same is done in rural areas. City this reason, do not think, although nothing prevents them not to buy a box of condensed milk, stew, pasta, flour, which can always be diluted with water to prepare elementary food. Cereals, salt, sugar, honey, canned fish - products that are stored for a long time.
Do not make a stock of 2-3 tons for the whole life will not save enough!
We set deadlines. The social crisis may last from several days to several weeks. When the political crisis the main thing to survive a month and a half of anarchy. Then, in any case, some will power to start some kind of trade. The most political crisis could last six months. Of course, even for one person to create a three-month supply is not so simple. Even if it is on average per day will consume 1 kg of food, it is necessary to stock 90 kg each. A family of 4 people physically difficult to store 360 ​​kg of food at home. But there is no question of creating a stand-alone stock - we are talking about an additional margin to the fact that people will produce themselves. After all, in any case, life does not end, will not succeed over the barricade.
So the traditional question where to keep their money in hard times, I always say - in the banks! In the banks of condensed milk, canned meat, etc.
If the political crisis comes, the last can of condensed milk, and will not sell for $ 100. It will be invaluable, but the dollar bill will become a piece of paper.
Each defines itself as it needs, but the supply of food to be.
Next - a supply of combustible materials, gasoline, kerosene is who will provide equipment for cooking. In Kurgan-Tube in Tajikistan and in Grozny people cook their own food in the street, or a diluted wood fire burning diesel fuel jar. You can pour diesel fuel into a tin with sand and even cook on the balcony. We are in Afghanistan because cooked myself some tea, hidden from the enemy. Such fuel fumes, but under certain conditions disguise: in the gorge, a ravine or dry riverbed - it can be used. But, again, it is necessary to teach people. You can tell a hundred times as pour diesel and set fire to it, and it will not burn. We must all show, to teach, to the sand was dry, that was filled them half or one-third, not flooded, and richly moistened with kerosene or diesel fuel, periodically stir the sand and so on ... It's a whole culture with little nuances that need to be taken into account. < br />  - In times of crisis arise drug problem. What medications should be kept in the house?
 - In the first place come from chronic diseases drugs family members. There should be a supply of drugs - the maximum that a person can only be stored. If the ulcer - "Almagel" and others. If diabetes - insulinosoderzhaschie drugs, etc. Stored reserve medications should be used for as the end of their shelf life and again to update them. That is, the necessary reserve must always be present.
In second place - hemostatic drugs and dressings: tourniquets, bandages and brilliant green, iodine, etc. A man should know how to provide first aid for bleeding - arterial, venous and capillary, with fractures and bruises. In the medicine cabinet must be stomach remedies because the transition to other foods, substandard or expired, may cause gastrointestinal disturbances. The next group - depressants, sedatives.
Next - a huge group of drugs - cough, including antibiotics. Do not forget about the epidemic. You must be antiseptic. The same bleach. No bleach - the bleach will go home: toilet handle and the dishes, and pour some pockets of sewage in the streets near your porch ...
 - The fight against unhygienic then comes to the fore.
 - Yes, it is a problem - what to do with waste products, especially in the summer. It is clear that we are now taking out the trash in the garbage. But if garbage collection will not be performed, then after two or three weeks on the spot dumpsters there extensive landfill in the county would be unbearable. We will be attributed debris away, but someone will start to pour out from the balcony of his right under your feet. I'm not kidding. Herein lies the greatest threat of epidemics. Ideally, you want a hole that needs to dig. For my family, I can dig a hole one meter on, and within a month I will be enough. But this hole will be filled during the day, because Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorenko and Ahmed will not dig, and will pour out their garbage into my hole. So, we must dig a pit together with their neighbors and to set the controller that it is not emptied the trash of others. This is a very difficult adjustment mechanism, if one thinks only of himself.
By the way, the products have to be stored such that provide the minimum amount of food waste. If there is a potato, it is not necessary to clean and cook in uniform, as well as all other vegetables. And not only that waste decompose. Thus, we are saving products using them to the maximum.
There will be a full-length sewage problem - in an apartment building to use it will not be. On the top floor people can still use it, but on the first and second floors will still flooded. And if a resident of the house unconscious, the only way people living on the lower floors, to avoid flooding the faeces - is the installation of hard caps on the sewer system. But still, the liquid will rise by plastic pipes up, and they can not survive ... If the pipe burst, then the contents of the 20-storey column will fill the lower floors. This is a huge, unsolvable problem.
 - If anarchy occurs, immediately turn off the water supply and ...
 - But people will still carry water upstairs, wash foods, although easier to wash them in the street, boil tea, cook soup. The liquid will still fall into the sewer ... In the same Qurghonteppa people took water from irrigation ditches. In conditions of Moscow it may be natural water bodies - rivers, canals, ponds, large puddles and snow. People will carry out water carts and sledges. The water will boil and drink ...
From another topic: need serious reserves of drinking water in the apartment. If you use water from natural sources - hence, it needs money decontamination from boiling to filtration and disinfection with chemical agents.                        


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