Battle of maravar pass - an episode of Afghan war

Battle of maravar pass - an episode of the Afghan war (1979. - 1989.), In which 21 April 1985 in Maravarskom Valley in Kunar (Afghanistan) was encircled and was destroyed by the 1st squadron of Soviet special forces under the command of Captain N.Tsebruka . Roth exits to the village Sangam (ambush-search activities), located at the beginning of the gorge Maravarskogo 10 km. from the border with Pakistan. The village did not have an enemy, but in the depths of the gorge were seen spooks. During the persecution company was involved in the gorge and was ambushed.
For a long time to help in the gorge blocked four hundred mujaheds, company of the Soviet special forces could not break through.
Ammunition from the defenders quickly ended, the soldiers fought with grenades.
Preferring death to captivity and abuse, special forces blew himself grenades, seven men gathered together, blew themselves up with a grenade assault made of OZM-72 mines.
According to eyewitnesses and combat units to evacuate the fallen, severely wounded soldiers brutally tortured before he died: they were ripped open their stomachs, eyes gouged out, they burned with fire, rifle butts and stones crushed bones of the legs and arms.
In a fierce battle heroically killed 31 special forces. The prisoner did not give one.

Among the characters-"Afghans" have pilots and tank crews, motorized infantry and Marines, engineers and signalers, representatives of other branches of service. Privates, sergeants, warrant officers and officers behaved in extreme conditions fearlessly and resolutely, act as true professionals patriots. Leave no one indifferent deeds of those who are able to breastfeed obscure commander in battle, draw fire, rescuing comrades last grenade to explode enemies.
For example, a unit of scouts was to advance on a separate mountain area and to ensure the safe passage of convoys. When the task group of soldiers was ambushed. We had someone to cover the withdrawal colleagues. It took the soldier Nikolai Y. Anfinogenov. Its a premium piece of the battle episode is described as follows: "... covering the retreat of his comrades attacked by a gang dushmans and expending all ammunition was surrounded by rebels squad. Convinced that his comrades out of danger, the last grenade blew himself up close and find the bandits. He died heroically, destroying eight rebels and thus secured his companions access to the more favorable position ... ". For this feat ordinary NY Anfinogenova awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Similar feats have made paratroopers - Sergeants A. and N. Chepik Mironenko, who in a critical combat situation, when there was no other way out, blew themselves up with grenades, but surrendered to the rebels. Examples of such self-sacrifice can cite dozens.
During the fighting in Afghanistan, especially evident solidarity of the Soviet soldiers, union officers and subordinates officers and men, the real battle mutual assistance, a willingness to help in moments of mortal danger ...

Platoon, which served as a soldier Yury Fokin, was ordered: to make the maneuver and hit the gang dushmans rear. Marines made their way secretly to the positions of the rebels and suddenly rained down on them dagger fire. Fierce battle ensued. Fokine saw running from cover to cover, fell wounded platoon commander. The soldier immediately rushed to the officer and began to make his bandage. Shelter was far away. The officer ordered him to leave, but Fokin has made everything to save the commander, to get together. They were found and after the fight, wounded platoon commander and literally bullet-riddled dead soldier. True martial partnership Guard soldier Yury Fokin was posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Star.
Private Komkov GI battle fire from his gun killed 5 dushmans. And when he saw that the platoon commander Lieutenant Galevsky AV He threatened, covered him with his body. The soldier was wounded, but saved the commander who brought to an end to combat the problem.

There are many examples of a different order and when the officers risked his life to saving his subordinates or colleagues.
A group of warriors led by the political officer Lieutenant Alexander Ivanovich Demakovoj pursued dushmans who disappeared in the village. Spooks entered the homes and in the trenches. For cod automatic and machine-gun fire, it became clear that the band is much superior to a group of scouts. Dug trenches testified that spooks prepared to meet with the column. After a brief exchange of fire began to surround the bandits and spies attempted to take them prisoner.
Lieutenant Demakov ordered the group to crawl back to the ditch, and he began to cover their retreat. Bandits noticed how escape from the encirclement of Soviet soldiers, rushed forward and openly. Fire Demakova stopped them. Three times tried to climb spooks - and three automatic fire lieutenant pressed them to rocks. From the dushmans heard cries: "Surrender!" Political officer shot back to the last bullet.

It does not have a few minutes coworkers to save comrades. The last grenade political officer blew himself and those around him dushmans. For this feat lieutenant AI Demakov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
The tremendous work during the fighting in Afghanistan fell to the helicopter. Thanks to them, many lives were saved by the Soviet soldiers. Here is one such example.
Returning from a mission, the crew of the helicopter under the command of Major V. Scherbakov got the message that our helicopter hit mujaheds and made an emergency landing. There was no hesitation. Unfolding the car, the officer took her to the area. The crew in the most difficult conditions, under the fire of a gang rescued comrades in distress.

The main thing that determines the action hero B- "Afghans" was loyalty to military duty, combat brotherhood. About the resilience and courage of the Soviet soldiers says the following example.
Twelve of the Soviet soldiers Soviet forces in Afghanistan for various reasons in the hands dushmans. They were placed in a camp in Pakistan. Torture, torture, inhuman conditions did not break their spirit. They made every effort to escape from the bandits. Soviet soldiers are carefully prepared for this. April 25, 1985 they are acting boldly and brazenly destroyed the guards and seized the ammunition depot. However, to escape from the camp failed, so the soldiers organized a perimeter defense in the warehouse. Unequal battle ensued. Our soldiers fought desperately to give all the proposals met the fire. In a fierce battle they managed to destroy more than a hundred attack. And then the enemy applied artillery. There was a loud explosion, burying those who dare not received the honor.

Combat experience in Afghanistan has shown that the basis of all the brave deeds of warriors - the desire to carry out the order at any cost, to ensure the safety of comrades, keep the military honor. This once again shows how highly developed our soldiers a sense of camaraderie, the brotherhood of combat. The current generation has to be someone with whom to take an example. The baton courage begun fathers to support their sons are worthy of their grandchildren today. So it should always be.

Afghanistan, we remember you.

Eternal memory to the fallen soldiers of the Soviet Special Forces! 1 company 334 th OoSpN (5th battalion) 15th OBrSpN GRU!




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