Afghanistan in 1988.

9th Rota 345th Parachute Regiment Airborne took several heights, forming a company strong point. Combat task was as follows: to prevent the enemy breakthrough to the road Gardez - Khost. Under the cut you will not fictional story about the heroism of the glorious soldiers of the 9th Company, which was presented on the basis of the combat reports and information from other sources.

By 1988. the whole world knew that the Soviet troops will soon leave Afghanistan eventually. The billions of dollars invested by the US administration in the financing of various groups 'fighters for the faith', has not yet been given any serious results. Neither province has been under the full control of the 'spirits', no one even bedraggled town was captured. But how annoying the US establishment - and not really the USSR retaliated for Vietnam! In the camp of the Afghan opposition to the Pakistani bases, with the participation of American and Pakistani advisers devised a plan: to take the border town of Khost, Kabul, to create there an alternative government, with all the ensuing consequences. Spirits was able to block the land route to the Host, and supply the garrison for a long time carried out by air. In the autumn of 1987 the command of the 40th Army launched a military operation on the deprotected Host called 'backbone'. Dukhovskoy groups were defeated and retreated behind Dzhadransky range, releasing a line on the host. Our occupied the commanding heights along the way, and went Host loads.

January 7, 1988., About 15-00 began shelling the height of 3234, which were 39 paratroopers platoon-ta V.Gagarina tbsp. Rather, they fired all the heights, but focused, massive fire was precisely in this area of ​​the dominant height of 3234. During the shelling killed soldier Andrei Fedotov, radioman art spotter Art. Lieutenant Ivan Babenko, and radio was broken. Then Babenko took the radio one of the platoon commanders.

At 15-30 began the first attack. As part of the storming of the rebels was a special unit - the so-called 'Black Stork', dressed in black uniforms, black helmets and turbans. Its structure, as a rule, were the best-trained Afghan Mujahideen and Pakistani special forces and various foreign mercenaries (as advisers to commanders). According to the intelligence of the 40th Army, also participated in combat commando regiment 'Chehatval' Pakistan Army.

On our part, directly fight led commander of the 3rd Platoon of the 9th Company Senior Lieutenant Viktor Gagarin. After the first attack the enemy lost 40 men killed and wounded. We have been wounded ml.s t-Borisov. After a massive bombardment from mortars and rockets portable PU, 17-35 in height enemy attacked from a different direction, but came under concentrated fire from the heights where held defense platoon st.leytananta S.Rozhkova. After 40 minutes of battle spirits departed. At 19-10 began the third attack, a massive, under the cover of fire rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns. At this time, died st.serzhant V.Aleksandrov rate of gun 'cliff', Sergey Borisov and Andrey Kuznetsov. Position 12, 7mm machine guns NCW ('Rock') covered the approaches to the basic positions of paratroopers. To destroy a heavy machine gun, kosivshy spirits almost point-blank, the attackers used massively RPG. Vyacheslav Alexandrov understood that to survive can not be machine-gun crew, so gave the command to his two numbers calculation - A.Kopyrinu and S.Obedkovu - move the main forces, and he shot to the last. And machine guns, and Sergeant were literally riddled with shrapnel grenades.

Next was attack after attack. At the end of the day to the 3rd platoon of reinforcements came: a group of paratroopers second platoon of the 9th Company Senior Lieutenant Sergei Vladimirovich Rozhkov, at night there was a group of scouts tbsp-ta Alexei Smirnov. Immediately after that, about 1-00 January 8th, the enemy launched the most violent attack. Spirits managed to approach to a distance throw grenades and throw grenades of the company position. However, this attack was repulsed. Total enemy made 12 massive attacks last night in the middle of January 8. During the night came another 2 reserve group:-commandoes tbsp that Sergei Tkachev and scouts tbsp-ta Alexander Merenkova. They took ammunition and water defenders, and took part in the reflection of the latest attacks.

From the memoirs of a sergeant of the 2nd Platoon of the 9th company SY Borisov made it right after a fight at a height of 3234 (based on the book Lapshin Yuri Mikhailovich - zamkomandira 345 RAP in 1987-89. "The Afghan diary»).
'All attacks dushmans were well organized. For us to come to the aid of others Platoon, we replenished our supply of ammunition. There was a lull, or rather the shooting calmed down. But the wind got up, it was very cold. I went down under Skalnik, where the comrades had just come. At this time it began the most terrible and the most terrible attack. It was light on the gaps 'Granik' (grenades RPG-7). Spooks were heavy fire from three directions. They figured out our position and were concentrated fire from grenade launchers at the place where there was a row. Melnikov with a machine gun. Perfume released there five or six grenades. He's already dead came running down. He fell dead, without a word. From the very beginning of the fight was shooting a machine gun, both our direction and with, where he received a mortal wound.

Ml. Sergeant Peredelsky V. I ordered all the grenades carry upstairs, to the stone where all our comrades. Then he picked up the grenade and rushed there. Cheer up guys, to keep, himself became a fire.
Spirits have reached 20-25 meters. We were shooting at them almost at point blank range. But we did not even know that they podpolzut closer to a distance of 5-6 meters, and from there we will throw grenades. We just could not shoot through the pothole, near which were two thick wood. At this point, we have grenades were gone. I stood next to A. Tsvetkov and a grenade, which exploded beneath us, was to him fatal. I was also wounded in the arm and in the leg.
There were many wounded, they were, and we could do nothing to help them. We left four: I Shchigolev Vladimir, Victor and Paul Peredelsky Trutnev, then ran to the aid of Zurab Menteshashvili. We've already had two stores each, and any grenades. Even there was no one to equip shops. In this most terrible moment for us to come to the aid of our reconnaissance platoon, and we have to pull out the wounded. Private Igor Tihonenko covered our right flank all 10 hours, conducted aimed fire from a machine gun. Perhaps because he and Andrew Melnikov "spirits" we have not been able to get around to the right. In the fourth hour of the spirits of just realized that this hill they did not take. Pick up their dead and wounded, they became othodit.Na battlefield then we found a grenade launcher, shooting him in different places, and three hand grenades without rings. Apparently, when they tore the ring, checks were in the heat. Maybe the rebels and did not have just these three grenades to suppress our resistance.
Everywhere was a lot of blood, apparently, they had big losses. All the trees and the stones were riddled not seen a living space. The trees sticking out from the shanks 'Granik'.
I have not written about "The Rock", which "spirits" bullets and shrapnel literally turned into a piece of scrap metal. We drove from his fire until the last minute. How much was the enemy, we can only guess. According to our estimates, no less than two or three hundred. '

Alexei Smirnov, a graduate RVVDKU, led a group of scouts, who came to the aid of Victor platoon Gagarin.
'... It has launched a major operation' Backbone ', during which provoevavshemu in Afghanistan for six months and Smirnov had a chance to fight with the 9th company of their 345th Regiment on the above-mentioned high-rise.
At the end of November 1987 the regiment was transferred under the Gardez with the task to clear the 'spirits' from the commanding heights around the town of Khost. In the 20 days of December Smirnov won without a fight with his scouts the height of 3234, handing her parachute assault platoon of the 9th Company. Then, a few days carried out the following combat missions - occupied new heights and participated in the clean-up in the nearby village. January 6 began a fight for the height 3234.
Hill fired mortars and recoilless rifles, spooks tried to take her intention to attack. When the 9 th company has its first 'two hundredth', the battalion commander ordered Smirnov to rise to the height to make the deceased Corporal Andrei Fedotov from the battlefield. But a minute later changed the decision and ordered Smirnov to take as much ammunition and, before reaching the neighboring high-rises, wait for his further commands. By defending platoon commander, meanwhile, went 9-th company to another platoon, but resist the increasing attacks dushmans becoming increasingly difficult. Performing with his fifteen scouts nearby reserve role for nearly surrounded platoon Smirnov saw the mujahideen all furiously to the attack, as the snow-covered hill blackened by explosions and propellant gases. This battalion stubbornly keeps it in reserve, thinking that 'spirits' might try to bypass a company with his hand. With a few hundred meters that separated Smirnova and fight the 9th company, he could hear the screams of the Mujahideen: 'Moscow, surrender!'. And when it was late in the evening from the battlefield began to be heard the reports of the company commander fighters run out of ammo, Smirnov radioed the battalion commander, that you can not pull over. Having received the go-ahead for the attack, he rushed to the rescue company. 15 scouts Smirnov and delivered their ammunition have done their job: after a few hours a night battle the militants retreated. At dawn, on the outskirts of the resist height strewn thrown a lot of weapons, and the snow was full of blood stains. '

In fact, on our side it was quite competently. Artkorrektirovschik st.leytenant Ivan Babenko attracted to the suppression of artillery attacks imparted - self-propelled 'Nona' and howitzer batteries for the application and adjustment artudarov from the beginning to the end of the battle, and our shells exploded in the last attack, only 50 meters away from the positions of the fighters 9th company. Obviously, the artillery support was instrumental in that paratroopers, despite the overwhelming superiority in manpower attack, managed to keep the position.
The 9th company courageously and ably defended 11-12 hours. The measures taken for the organization of the command of the battle were timely and correct: as a reserve for the height of the profit 4 groups; fire support was at the level of the connection worked well. According to some reports, the company has been a part of, and forward air controllers, but due to adverse weather conditions it was not possible to apply aviation. Our losses can be considered relatively small: they accounted for just 5 killed during the battle, another died of his wounds after a fight. Senior sergeant Alexandrov VA (gun 'Rock') and Junior Sergeant AA Melnikov (PC gun) was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously. All the other participants in the battle were awarded orders. Enemy losses can be estimated only approximately, because of all the dead and wounded mujahideen was evacuated during the night on the territory of Pakistan. The total number of 'spirits', while participating in the attacks, according to the participants of the fight was between 2 and 3 hundred, ie per the defending Soviet soldier had 6 to 8 of the attackers in the middle.

The height of 3234 defended the officers - Victor Gagarin, Ivan Babenko, Vitaly Matruk, Sergei Rozhkov Sergei Tkachev, Ensign Vasily Kozlov; sergeants and privates - Vyacheslav Alexandrov, Sergei Bobkov, Sergei Borisov, Vladimir Borisov, Vladimir Verigin, Andrei Demin, Rustam Karimov, Arkady Kopyrin Vladimir Krishtopenko, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Andrey Kuznetsov, Sergei Korovin, Sergei Lasch, Andrei Melnikov, Zurab Menteshashvili, Nurmatdzhon Muradov, Andrei Medvedev, Nikolai Ognev Sergey Obyedkov Victor Peredelsky Sergei Puzhaev Yuri Salamakha Yuri Safronov, Nikolai Suhoguzov Igor Tihonenko Pavel Trutnev, Vladimir Shchigolev Andrei Fedotov, Oleg Fedoronko Nicholas Fadin Andrei Tsvetkov and Eugene Jatsuk; and Scouts 345th RAP and other paratroopers platoon of the 9th company, coming up as a gain.

Among them were killed at the height of 5 persons: Andrei Fedotov, Vyacheslav Alexandrov, Andrei Melnikov, Vladimir Krishtopenko and Anatoly Kuznetsov. Another fighter - Andrey Tsvetkov - died in hospital a day after the battle at an altitude of 3234.



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