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The war with the German invaders claimed the lives of millions of Soviet people, cutting out huge numbers of men, women, children and the elderly. Horror fascist attack experienced every citizen of our vast country. The sudden onset, the latest weapons, experienced soldiers - it was from Germany. Why does a brilliant plan "Barbarossa" failed?

The enemy did not consider one very important detail: He stepped on the Soviet Union, the people who were willing to die for every scrap of his native land.
Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Georgians and other nationalities of the soldiers of the Soviet State together fought for their country and died for the free future of their children. One of these brave and valiant soldier was Nicholas Sirotinin.

Little is known about the hero, even the exact date of his birth is lost. At the beginning of the century it was not accepted officially celebrate every birthday and some citizens simply do not know it, but remember only one year.
And Nikolai Vladimirovich was born in a difficult time in 1921. A resident of the city of Orel, was working at a local industrial complex "TEKMASH." We also know from the evidence of his contemporaries and colleagues, he was a modest, polite, not tall and lean.

Documents of this great man there is very little, and events on the 476 kilometer highway Warsaw became known, thanks largely to the diary of Friedrich Hёnfelda.

That German Lieutenant of the 4th Armored Division wrote in his notebook the history of the heroic feat of the Russian soldier:
"17 July 1941. Falconer, near Krichev. In the evening, an unknown Russian soldier buried. He alone stood by the gun, he shot a long column of tanks and infantry, and was killed. All were amazed at his courage ... Oberst (Colonel) in front of the tomb said that if all the soldiers fighting the Führer as the Russian, then conquered the whole world. Three times fired a volley of rifles. Still, he was Russian, whether such reverence? »

Immediately after recruitment Sirotinin hit the 55 Infantry Regiment, which is based near the small town of the Soviet Krichev. Here he identified gunner guns that, judging by subsequent events clearly Sirotinin succeeded. On the river with the name of entertaining "Dobrost" regiment stayed for about two weeks, but the decision to retreat, though, it was adopted.

Nicholas remembered Sirotinin locals very polite and sympathetic person. Hardly anyone could have seen this young senior sergeant brave hero that can stop a tank division. However, those he became.

To withdraw the troops, it was necessary to cover, because it is in the position and remained Sirotinin. According to one of the many versions of the soldier and his commander he supported also stayed, but in battle he was wounded and moved to the main structure. Sirotinin was to create a traffic jam on the bridge and join her, but the young man decided to stand up to the end, to give the maximum time fellow soldiers to retreat. The goal of the young fighter was simple, he wanted to carry as much as possible the lives of the soldiers of the enemy army and destroy the entire technique.

Location only 76-mm gun, from which were being fired at the advancing, it was well thought out. The gunner was surrounded by a dense field of rye, and the gun was not noticeable. Tanks and armored vehicles with armed infantry quickly moved on territory under the leadership of a talented Heinz Guderian. It was also the period when the Germans had hoped to conduct lightning capture of the country and the defeat of Soviet troops.
Their hopes were shattered thanks to soldiers like Nikolay Vladimirovich Sirotinin. Later, the Nazis are not just faced with desperate courage of the Soviet soldiers, each such a feat had a serious demoralizing effect on the German troops. At the end of the war, the courage of our soldiers, even in the enemy camp was legendary.

Plan of senior sergeant was blocking the first and the closing level of the column and causing possible heavy losses to the enemy. The calculation was correct. When the first tank caught fire, the Germans attempted to withdraw from the firing line. However Sirotinin hit a closing machine, and the colony was immobilized target.

The Germans rushed in panic to the ground, not knowing where there is shooting. Enemy intelligence provided evidence that no battery in this area is not, so the division moved without special precautions. Fifty-seven shells were expended Soviet soldier is not in vain. Panzer Division appeared stopped and defeated a Soviet man. Armored vehicles were trying to cross the creek to wade, but firmly stuck in the coastal mud.

The Germans are still the fight did not even know that faced with only one defender of the Soviet Union. Even devoid of ammunition for the cannon and fire to continue, Nikolai Vladimirovich enemy shot from a carbine. Only after his death passed Sirotinin position.

German command and the soldiers were horrified when they realized that confront them, only one Russian soldier. Behavior Sirotinina caused genuine admiration and respect for the Germans, including Guderian, despite the fact that the losses were enormous divisions.

The enemy lost eleven tanks and seven armored personnel carriers. The shelling damaged 57 enemy retired military.
One man was worth an entire armored division, it is not surprising that even the enemies gave three volleys over his grave as a token of recognition of the highest courage.

Feat Nicholas Sirotinina lost among the glorious example of the courage of Soviet soldiers. Its history has been studied and illuminated only in the early 60s. At the same time I learned about the heroic battle and his family. In the postwar period Sirotinina grave, which was made by the Germans in the village called Falconer, had to be removed. The remains of a valiant warrior were buried in a mass grave. The gun from which the shot Sirotinin Panzer Division, handed over to the scrap for recycling. Today, a monument was erected, and in Krichev there is a street with his name.

Residents of Belarus feat remembered and respected soldier, though in Russia this glorious history knows not everyone. Time gradually covers his touch events in wartime. Despite the fact that Sirotinina heroism was recognized in 1960 through the efforts of employees of the Archives of the Soviet Army, the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union it has been assigned.
It interferes painfully awkward fact: Soldier's family did not have his photograph. Photographs were necessary for filing. As a result, the man who gave his life for his country, little known in his own country and was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, only the first degree.

That's what this says about the sister of Nicholas Sirotinina Taisia ​​Shestakov:

 - We had only one card with his passport. But the evacuation in Mordovia mom gave it to enlarge. And the master had lost her! All our neighbors brought the works completed, but we do not. We are very grieved.

 - Did you know that Kohl stopped one armored division? And why he has not received the Hero?

 - We have learned in the 61 th year when Krichevskys historians found the grave of Koli. We went to Belarus as a family. Krichevtsov bustled to present Kohl the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Only vain: for documents certainly needed his picture, at least some. And we also do not! So do not give Kolya Hero. In Belarus, his feat is known. And it is very sad that in his native Orel about it, few people know. Even a small alley in his name was not called.

However, there was a good reason for failure - to the rank of hero must represent a direct command, which was not done.

However Sirotinin fought not for glory and hardly dying, he thought about the Order. Most likely, this devotee of the Soviet Union people hoped that his descendants will be free, but the Russian land never set foot man with a swastika. Apparently, he was wrong, but still not too late to resist the vile attempt to rewrite history.

In this article, once again referred to his glorious name to the memory of the heroes of the war has not been erased. Eternal memory and honor Nikolai Vladimirovich Sirotinin, a true patriot and a brave son of his country! Eternal memory and honor all the heroes who gave their lives for the Motherland!




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