Let the chaos to organize itself

Chaos - really just the natural order. Resistance supports chaos chaos, often making life miserable. Moreover, it deprives nasvozmozhnosti achieve a higher order of unity and deep connection with the universe and the universe. In fact, the order is born out of chaos, not chaos from order. For example, imagine that you are floating on the rough and rapid river. If you try to swim against the current, you will experience the chaos in full. You will feel the water pressure on the chest and stomach; for you can tilt and hit against the rocks. But if you will be like water and flow with it, all of a sudden out of chaos will arise a new order.

Chaos, which we so strenuously resist, really has an inner meaning and beauty. When we perceive it as a flow of energy, chaos allows us, how could David Bohm said, "to gain a deeper connection with his own universe┬╗.

Our habits - is an attempt to organize the chaos. Therefore, chaos often seems our psychological system, something devastating. In the above case, the person using the discomfort as a new standard of comfort.

The famous teacher of the Fourth Way GI Gurdjieff used to say that people have a limited amount of both physical and psychological positions. This means that the rigidity of the system prevents the diversity of life experience. For example, few people would deny that rage or fear taboo for them, and their bodies resist these feelings. Wilhelm Reich said that the body is an energy system that needs to be charged (energy generation) and discharging (releasing energy). Psychological problems, according to Reich. It arises because the body creates permanent bodily armor to suppress the free flow of energy. This means that at all levels (psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual) power of emotions perceived as causing chaos and resistance, limiting our experience and feelings. Father Alexander Lowen bioenergy called this energy bioenergy. That is why it is working with bioenergy therapy and chronic emotional and interrupt the energy flow.

Expanding the context sufficiently, you will find order in chaos. Quantum Psychology says that if you do not allow energy to flow freely, it will turn into chaos, but if you give it the river, she ordered and re-organized on a higher, deeper and interconnected universal level. To illustrate this process, imagine a lake. Throw in a big stone - had a strong ripple. If we let the ripples, the wall surrounding it, it will only intensify. If we expand the context ripples include the entire lake, chaotic land of water will soon reach a deeper connection with the whole lake. In the same way manifestations of chaos within the individual system - if they just take - in the end will help you to connect with the whole lake (implicit order). Through involvement, acceptance and expand the context of individual chaos - to the infinite limit, if necessary - there is a birth of a new order. This means that emotions should take and realize how energy; chaos should be taken as the energy. The lack of resistance chaos helps the individual to reorganize themselves on a new level.

In other words, if you take the chaos, you will be able to discover the deepest unity or unified field that connects us with all that is. In other words, just let the chaos to organize itself ┬╗.

Stefan Wolinski - Tao chaos


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