Harmful self-hypnosis and how to get rid of them.

Word has tremendous power. It really financially.

When I was a teenager, it is often something dropped. Teens are often clumsy because growing rapidly. When I smashed a cup, my mother in the hearts exclaims: "Why can not you hold it in your hands? Hands-hooks! ". And then, when I already own something drop, then he said: "Again! Hands-hooks. " So it is self-hypnosis was fixed in me.

At the same time I'm not armless. On the contrary! She graduated from the Mukhina Academy, and a lot I can do hands (the list is long). But sometimes I drop the dishes, and I continue to lament: "Hands-hooks!ยป ...

And then it dawned on me: and yet I myself for life to develop this belief continues to inspire myself that with me that something is wrong.
Well, think of it, as a child broke a few glasses, long had to forget about it. But no, because my mother said I was to blame, then it's me.

When we educate our parents, they say a lot of things. They do it with the best intentions. They feel responsible for us and we are trying to grow a decent people. Each of us has heard similar suggestion: "Why are you wearing this skirt, it spoils you," "Did not you learn a poem, you have that memory is not?" And so on. N.

These beliefs are imprinted in children ("... my spoils," "... I have no memory") and have a negative impact on them.

Well, if the child is strong-willed. When he grows up, he will understand in their qualities, understand their strengths. And another lifetime live under their weight and would consider themselves second-class.

How many times I have seen attractive girls who consider themselves ugly. I wanted to shout: "Open your eyes, come to the mirror and look good you are!". But perhaps their mother for so long inspired them that they are the "hump" or "spoils of their hair," that they believe it.

Here are some negative beliefs: "Why am I so unlucky ...", "Money does not come to me", "I'm all bypass", "I found some dissolute man" and so on. D. I had to hear this?

Repeating negative auto-suggestion, every time we feed them and, thus, more fixed in the mind. The more repeat them, the stronger they become, and then determine the rest of our lives.

Words have tremendous power. No wonder so feared earlier curses or bad words thrown behind. But the bad words to myself - this is also a curse, only handwritten.

One friend told me that her relative, the eternal loser, any news, events, situations, always respond the same way: "This trouble is!" "Well, just a disaster." It's his favorite sayings. And what do you think? In his life, things go awry, for which neither undertake. What's so surprising? He himself constantly giving negative attitude.

Another friend told me that could not get pregnant. Beloved husband, prosperous life, and no children ... Went to the doctors - all to no avail. Doctors said that the female part of it is healthy. I went to a psychologist. And during one of the consultation it became clear that the merry student years in the head had only one thought: if only not to get pregnant, and it can ruin your life! And the body including the program of permanent "psychological protection". As soon as she understood it, a month pregnant .... Now my daughter is already a great.

How to get rid of negative self-hypnosis? First of all, to realize them. Understand that what inspires you as a child, and what you're used to, as a matter of course, it's just a word. Maybe they were needed in the process of education as a stimulus - to encourage you to change, to grow on them.

But the period of training was over. We all grow up and become adults. It is time to discard old stereotypes and begin to create new ones.

How to do it? Every time you notice the old head unit, replace it with a new one. Banishes obsolete idea to sweep it out of consciousness. And settled there a new, good, useful, risuyuschuyu the quality of what you want to purchase.

I recently saw a TV show about the Altai shaman. A wise woman with a great sense of humor. She said the same thing. When the presenter, who interviewed her, bad said about the upcoming event, she stopped him, saying that it is impossible to say bad words about the events that you expect. Everything must speak (and think) good about themselves as well. So we give the words of a good effect.


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