Deadlock honor.

For some reason the officers of special forces may oppose their commander?

SWAT officers, regardless of who it belongs to special forces - the Defense Ministry, the GRU or the Interior Ministry - a military elite. Not assigned per se, but to pay for the right to be called so in his own blood and the lives of his comrades. It creates this elite officer's honor code. And it was in the Special Forces problem of choice between honor and executive is greatest, often giving rise to conflicts between commanders and subordinates. Correspondents "PP" for a month watched from inside one of these conflicts - a typical, and, unfortunately, not the only one. The fact that we have succeeded, says that honor has lost in this conflict.
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2.Chest - it ...

Petersburg. Base paramilitary special forces "Granit". Kubrick personnel. On the laptop screen studded mat room. The video fighting two. The one in the helmet - a rookie, he had just passed regulations: pull-ups, push-ups, cross. Now, to go through five melee battles, each with a fresh opponent. This introductory test. Bute own, stand - privileged to serve with them.

- Yes, it regret! - Unhappy with someone behind me. The officers gathered to look at the traditional beating.

- That is a blow, struck his leg!

Rookie of the screen falls. Not for the first time. It can not get up. His probe pulse. Cry "work-work!", "Get up! Get up! »

- Right now evil Ruslan him naherachit!

On the screen was replaced by an opponent. Joy in the cockpit increases. The new clerk, shirtless, cheerfully jumping on the mat. It gives a playful slap. Enjoy. Gets the jaw.

- In Lehi anger awake! - Are rejoicing at my back.

Lech - so-called rookie. Now they are rooting for him. New battle. Lech on all fours. His tears - liver samples.

- I can say specifically for Julia. - This is Lieutenant Colonel Andrew. - Usually it is much, much tougher.

The action on the screen is called the "finishing rookie in the extreme tiredness for checking volitional qualities." In the spring to such a test in the special squad "Typhoon" candidate died. Sustained fighting, I went to the bathroom to wash up and died there of a heart attack. Lord of the "Granite" say senior officer in the group was obliged to see his condition, to stop in time - this time. The rookie had to understand where to climb, not to come to the test with a cold, swallowing tablets - that's two. Third, those who beat, not guilty of anything. Special Forces have their own idea of ​​good and evil, of worthy and dishonest. Formally, they are attached to the police, but in fact - the representatives of the most belligerent of modern Russian law enforcers. They are the daily battles in the spirit of the era - not with neat rows dressed in uniforms of the enemy and armed criminals in their own cities and terrorists in the Caucasus.


4.Unizhenny commander

SWAT - structure with rigid vertical. And with a heightened sensitivity to issues of honor. There are only senior officers. Their conflicts with the command of the general public rarely learns: the topic is too intimate stories mentioning honor, do not trust strangers. We had the rare opportunity we are witnessing the third week of the serious moral conflict in the unit "Granit" - the officers were against their commander.

- It is very difficult to make people fulfilled orders to not argue with you even look - I was explaining eyed commander "Granite" Victor Zavadsky. - And it is necessary. Otherwise, nick-a-ak.

He sits at his desk in his office and gives me an interview on the subject blurry "Honor modern officer." The commander of the "Granite" he began three years ago. Since then, he experienced fighters evince contempt and dismissed one after another. The commander does not know that now he will have another battle with the staff.

A knock at the door.

- I'm busy!

No invitations include two in civilian clothes. It Sazonenko officers Oleg and Sergei Chistyakov. In the summer they have not been re-certified and will soon be discharged. Oleg and Sergey had volunteered to make our presence Viktor Zavadsky, he thinks about it "Granit". They specifically asked us to arrange this meeting. They want when we talk with the commander of face to face, because of the curse of his eyes unworthy.

Officers sit down without permission, do not remove outer clothing.

- Get out, please - very politely asks us Zavadsky.

- Why, Victor Franzevich? We'll be together with you to give interviews on the subject of honor - calmly objected Oleg, his imposing figure in dutoy jacket "Adidas". Commander we no longer throws.

Oleg and Sergei begin the story of how, in the "Granite" recertify. Formally, the Commission carries out its five-respected people. No one really did not attend the proceedings. Sazonenko and Chistyakov show: Viktor Zavadsky recertification forms were signed by all committee members. The solution, he endured one on one with a subordinate in its sole discretion. Himself at that time was not pereattestovan. It was the culmination of - under the guise of reform commander kept his personal scores with his own squad. When Zavadsky fired, for example, Sergei, then explained his actions this way: "I'm fed up with you».

- Was Examination Board? - Asks the commander Chistyakov.

- There was! .. - Noticeably nervous Zavadsky. - What kind of commission do you mean?

Under this scheme, the commander fired nine senior soldiers, several others have resigned themselves. But in the summer staffing unit increased by ten people. So now "faces" catastrophic shortage: the procedure of admission to the special forces long, can pass the test, not all candidates.

- What have you fired Viktor Franzevich? - Oleg asks.

- You poor staff! I'm with you I do not want to work! Is that not clear?

He dials the air and took the initiative.

- How do you - the arrow, not the service - again given to the head and then cut down ?! - He shouts Oleg Sazonenko. - Special Forces soldiers - with a single blow!

- Victor Franzevich - meets Oleg, clearly stung - if you have a claim on my preparation, you can wear gloves and check it out personally.

The topic of conversation has changed dramatically, but participants seem natural. It is a challenge to a duel. Just now she called "the solution to the problem" when a dispute between officers comes to a standstill, they often go to the gym, and there shall come in a close fight. Unsubscribe - about the same as that endure the gauntlet thrown in the face.

- Check the desire to eat ... - responsible commander "Granite". - Only there is no way ... I want to say more. You dirty linen in public. Shame squad!

The commander said that the rebels do not comply with the duty officer - obey. He's right.


6.Unizhayuschie subordinates

- In June 2001, the head of Zavadsky came to the point of temporary dislocation in Tsentoroi - says Vadim, retired colonel who served with the current commander of the "Granite" in the 33th brigade of internal troops. - The first time he went with us to engineer reconnaissance. Igor, experienced field engineers, seemed a dangerous stretch of road. In such cases, the shell portion: bomb, if it's there, under fire works. But Zavadsky came breeching the drain. "No, - he said. - I see there safely. I'm in charge here, and you go forward, you fool. " Sam-I stayed behind. It was necessary to send such a commander to hell. And Igor went. The funnel was about three meters. His remains were collected, as they could, bit by bit. Zavadsky had to be transferred from us.

- Last fall, the hour of the internal troops were not allowed on the custodial staff spetsmilitsii object. I worked there, - says Alexander, another familiar Zavadsky. - Request to issue a pass. The police insulted, called Victor Frantsevich. And he brought a group of special forces combat "Granit" to force their way to the custodial facility. Can you imagine? Ran, masks show, as expected. The police against internal troops! Zavadsky screaming, they say, how they dare it, and these policemen not to allow, now, he sawed the door and everything will spread. Does he think that all the rules of the soldiers could open fire? And riot police have said.

Viktor Zavadsky opinions about the same, and the police and the Interior Troops. The way the commander had recertified in "Grand" is called meanness. His fear of the slave with the best physical preparation is referred to as "cowardly." According to the soldiers, he can not command the detentions, but the older leaves on the resonance application to receive prizes and awards. This is called a disgrace.

The men believe that the commander dropped his dignity. And they are also right.

- But in fact, if the head of asshole - you still need to endure. Under normal circumstances, no matter fighter control it - says former colleague Victor Alexander Zavadsky. - For this is the supreme chief. Although ... I'm twenty-seven years he gave the troops. In the nineties tried to enter the officers' - an institution where everyone is equal, just because everyone in uniform. At these meetings subordinates could all make, make suggestions, discuss colleague just inside his team, no offense. I clearly remember, in the two thousandth all this is gone. Now, if part of the state of emergency occurs, the commander quickly looks for extreme among the soldiers, and it covers your ass in front of the top leaders - that's all.

Zavadsky requires fighters "Granite" duty. They are on it - dignity. The honor of the hoof, and the lives of officers is similar to the madness. They are looking for a way out.


8. What to do?

Cafe not far from the base "Granite».

- When endure problems of division ... that's too bad, - Oleg Sazonenko darkens over a cup of green tea. The conversation with the commander had ended. - These people are not worthy to serve.

It is he himself. Oleg gave "Granite" seventeen years. Blurts out extraneous issues native detachment does not meet his concept of honor. Silently watch what's going on - too. Today, the officer often faces a choice that can not be done.

Several comrades - current employees - would write in defense of the dismissed collective letter. Oleg them banned. It seems Sazonenko realizes he made a mistake, having started the scandal. Honor does not have the right to protection from the outside. Because the honor - this property is strong. Once a strong shout: "Help!" - He becomes weak.

Cabinet commander "Granite».

- It's a redneck! - Said Viktor Zavadsky about Oleg, when the officers were gone. - Which of the rags to riches! Who scored because he could beat the muzzle! He - a freak goner! Understand, I had to lay off people, which I do not trust and do not trust me.

- And if you do not trust subordinates, it is their problem or yours? - I ask.

- So: my and their. If they do not trust me - so you do not have to work here.

The commander also told me a story about Chechnya:

- In the first campaign, in ninety-six, I commanded a battalion. Under the village of Samashki we got into a fight. Look: the enemy shells exploding directly on the positions of the neighboring battalion. And it instructs the regimental commander to know whether the people there alive. I am a fighter command: "Go into the first battalion will know that there is, to report." A bombardment continues. And he had to go two hundred meters of open ground under fire. And in his eyes: "Why me? Why should I go there? "But I disobey him nick-a-ak. "There!" - And went. Five minutes of the fight goes, I've already forgotten about it - come, find me, shouting: "There are all alive! It's all right! "And I think:" Che, he wants from me? Who is this guy? .. »

Zavadsky smiling memories. Survivor fighter did his duty and dropped military honor. A commander who had fallen into one of the worst for the officer sin - the sin of indifference to the life and death of the soldier?

Soldiers "Granita" claim that some of the most important facts about the commander, even now you can not make the audience. But they are ready to tell all the High Command. They ask the generals considered the official text of the appeal to conduct an officers' club, where they would be able to report the inappropriate action Viktor Zavadsky. A group of officers "Granite" in our editorial office reserves its position. It seems that other mechanisms to initiate a court officer's honor they have.

- What, in your honor? - I ask Zavadsky.

- Many components ... - he begins, but suddenly change position: - It is one thing - the readiness of the employee or soldier to do his duty, which he designed.

- And what is yours, commander of honor?

- I think, I honestly have to bring subordinates that they should. Demand from them. And take care of them as subordinates.


10.Vernost traitors

- What could do against tsarist officer unworthy superiors? - I asked a senior researcher of the Institute of Slavic Studies Andrey Ganin. The subject of his study - the Russian military in the XIX and XX centuries.

- It was possible to carry out orders in a slipshod manner, - he says. - Another could resign duel. Or shoot. Direct disobedience impossible. The honor of an officer in the tsarist army did not accept. It was the foundation of faith in the authorities. It is a given: there is the sky, the sun and the Emperor. These ideas evolved for centuries. But at the beginning of the XX century in power it turned democratic provisional government. Officers brought him a new oath, which in itself is nonsense during the life of the person to whom they have sworn before: it is - an oath of allegiance to the death. Then came the Soviet authorities, and had to have her swear. Government forced "in the public interest" to inform on fellow soldiers trapped on the other side in the Civil War. Two basic principles officer's honor - patriotism and comradeship - it turns out, came into conflict. And what happens with faith in the rules that you can not perform?

The cockpit fighters "Granite" magazine on a table with an appetizing female ass in a thong. When they saw me, they quickly pass it from hand to hand, and hide in the table. What is still firmly at the officers - so it's respect for women.

- You have there a catalog of prostitutes? - Says I.

- No, really. Here! - Out of the box, which disappeared ass, Major Kostya as a magician pulls out a stack of magazines departmental "I have the honor».

- In the 91 th year of independence of the people of Lithuania demanded - says in an interview with me, Colonel Alexander, the commander of the special forces "Vityaz" in the first Chechen campaign. - The Republic soldiers were sent special forces and airborne troops. In clashes with the protesters they killed people. When the scandal broke, Mr. Gorbachev said that he had his officers to not send. I disown. What do you think this contributes to the approval of consciousness officer's honor?

- The current special forces know the story. Why then serve? - I ask.

- Ninety-fourth year, the decision to restore constitutional order in Chechnya - he explains another example. - There send people from Taman, Kantemir, and other divisions. Many died. Operation failed. Representatives of the state said: "We did not send them there." What was their officer's honor?

- Why did the officers know about the constant betrayal of the state, still serve him?

- Well, what ?! - Does not understand the question, Colonel.

Specific fighters, from which disown power, resigned. Those who have not betrayed, continues to serve. Honor loves beautiful removed silently endure. Perhaps this bloodless version of hara-kiri.

- Army - the machine state, rather than the common good, - says the former commander of the "Vityaz" Alexander. - Or are you suitable for her part, or not.

- Need to be a normal person, that's all - give me another answer to the question, what is the honor of the officer, Lt. Col. Edward of "Granite". But it seems that this is the wrong answer. This is - the answer of despair.


12.Hranitel combat focus

- Do you know why a woman was appointed keeper of the hearth? - Lt. Col. Andrew jeering. - Net physiology. She was just physically unable to extinguish it - could not bring water, but before this there were problems.

- If the commander Zavadsky such unworthy, why do not you give it a decisive rebuff? - I do not give up.

- I'll tell you about the head of the Airborne Forces. Literacy General. But in place of several of his deputies, officers, Minister Serdyukov unannounced planted obedient girls. General wrote to the Minister: "Explain the situation." No answer. Then the general comes to his office. But Serdyukov said: "You were ordered - Go, perform." In general, the general wrote a letter of resignation. And this report, as is the whole, rubbed minister in the face.

Andrew's voice pride. This heroic deed officer rumored to General Valery Yevtukhovich. This story is walking to the army for two years in different variations: report threw in the face, rubbed his face, just gave in the face.

- That is retired - I say I are heroic episode.

- Yes.





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