Scary places on the planet

Thrill seekers can not only climb on the rocks and jump with a parachute, but also to visit the most horrible places in the world, which is enough.
And it's not necessarily Pripyat, where there was a terrible disaster.
This is a place about which you can shoot horror, about which legends.

Winchester House

160 rooms, 40 staircases and one big mystery. That's what is Winchester House - a huge manor house in San Jose, where lived a crazy widow, and a whole family of ghosts. It all started with the fact that Sarah Winchester lost her husband and inherited his multimillion-dollar fortune. Later, it was the spirit of the deceased, who said joyless news: money earned on human bones, all the Winchesters are cursed, and the ghosts will retaliate. To make peace with them, you can only start building a house. Preferably without stopping. Because if hammering dies down, the woman dies.

Sarah immediately set to work. Their new-found millionaire bought in California old house and hired workers. The house began to appear new rooms, corridors, balconies and hidden passages. Floors braided web of stairs, which often led to nowhere - slowly goes mad Mrs. Winchester was hoping to mislead ghosts haunt her. House has grown by leaps and bounds, the construction did not stop more than a day, and continued in the end as much as 38 years! Today, in this grand mansion lead guided tours. Fend off the group can not - or instantly get lost in the maze of creepy rooms. In which, it is said, the ghosts are still waiting for their victims.

Aokigahara Forest

Gloomy forest at the foot of Mount Fuji would amiss for the filming of "Blair Witch Project." Through the dense trees of the national park is almost breaks the sun, people here do not work compasses. Themselves, the Japanese called this place "Les suicides": from the 1950s brought more than five hundred people in a remote thicket own lives. By the number of suicides in front Aokigahara is just a bridge "Golden Gate" that in San Francisco.
Instead of plates, "Do not throw garbage!" In the forest hanging ad requests to think about loved ones. Everywhere written numbers of psychological services. Video surveillance. But people (most often tormented life office clerks in business suits) continue to die: peaceful tourists stumble from time to time in the woods on the bodies of dead or "tools killings" in the form of tablets and rope loops. In general, a nice walk!

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