The cycle of the Sleeping Phoenix 2027— what will happen to our planet?

2027 will start the cycle of the Sleeping Phoenix, which runs on the planet in about 400 years. That he will bring us? Let's try now to understand.

People go through certain life cycles – return of Saturn, Uranus, Charon. Each person spends his life under one or another Incarnation cross. And similarly, our entire planet is also home to the global cycles under defined Incarnation crosses.

The degree of the impact of global cycles on the existing civilization and the behavior of people is huge. But to learn about what it means to live during that particular cycle or what happens when the cycles change, we can only speculative, by studying eyewitness accounts of certain historical epochs, as the duration of a global cycle takes about 400 years. And of course, much more rational to believe that global cycles do not exist and every man is the architect of his destiny. Much calmer for the mind to believe, for example, that the financial crisis was caused by the erroneous strategy of the banking sector concerning loans, than at least for a moment imagine that the collapse of the global financial system in 2007, called Neptune, who came to the gate 49. Perhaps, in this connection, all this information can be inside you somewhere between forecasts and disturbing fantasy descriptions of "end of the world" in 2000 and 2012.


Global cycles determine the frequency or the topic of what will happen on the planet in a certain period of time. Global cycles define what will be the main background on the planet, how they will interact with each other than they are busy than to be a their inner space etc.

Cross Planning

Starting from 1615 until 2027, our planet is in the Cross of Planning. This cross is formed by 37, 9, 40 and 16 gates. The basis of this cross is the channel Community's 40-37: the Design of a part seeking a whole that carries the features that are considered today the basis of our civilization:

We live the interests of your family and your community. Mostly we are monogamous in their behavior. Those people that exhibit a different pattern of behavior, often cause a moral condemnation, and in some countries of a legal nature. Relationships between people are of an affiliate nature and are associated with the allocation of responsibility for various aspects of life. For example, in the family according to the formula "at the man money, the woman – life" in society the principle of division of spheres of business – "we produce candy, you make a package, and you sell it all, and together we make a great product".

We trust each other. We believe that, despite some cases, people in General are trustworthy and deserve respect. We allow banks, which know nothing except their signs and posted on the network reporting to manage our money on a Deposit account. We keep money on the card and believe that you will always be able to get them at any ATM. We buy appliances and we believe that it is not broken, and if it breaks, it will be repaired in service center. In our world, there are supported a huge number of contracts and transactions between different people, based on trust.

We support and care about each other. There are considered a legitimate a variety of social institutions that provide education, support, treatment. There are many non-governmental organizations, the activities of which is to "patch holes" in processes that cannot or can but not very high quality, to implement the government. Existing mechanisms are largely used to support various processes of life and of people caught in difficult or challenging circumstances. If any social institution (for example, the housing Department, the government or the airport) is not working, this causes us a lot of questions and complaints because the program cross Planning clearly indicates that any social institution needs to work to support and care.

All of these characteristics logically follow from the values of the gates of the cross: the gate 37 of the mother and father, 40 love to work and work for the community, for others, for family, 16 gate training and skills development and gate 9 focus on the details. And if you are familiar with different values of the gate, you can continue this list.

We are witnesses of how the cross ends. In this regard, the world is undergoing transformation: increasing number of divorces, most of the transactions rests on the insurance, money and financial sureties (a trust out), social institutions slowly cease to provide the support that they provided before, etc.

Where are we going?

In the cross, which is called the cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. From 19.16 we are in the 1st line of the gate 37 (global crosses always start with the 6th and the end of the 1st line) and the next switching will occur in 2027 in the 6th line of gate 55.

The Cross Of The Sleeping Phoenix

The cross of the Sleeping Phoenix is deeply personal cross, consisting of 55, 34, 59, and 20 gates. In his capacity, he is fundamentally different from the energy that all of us live now. We will leave from the nature of the creation and support of communities, from transactions on trust to strangers, from a sustainable material well-being, from addictions to relationships, all of our "need for family, duty and other people", etc will remain on the frequency that runs out in 2027. The main voice of the planet and each person will be "I'm busy with themselves and their survival."

In 2027 we are entering an era when something dies and from the ashes something new emerges. We enter the deep dark... the darkness is Coming, and it is spreading among us.

This means that we never have time for awareness of the mind space of the Universe and spaces of life. After 2027, the year we will never have the time for it.

"And what will happen to us? For us it will be a shock and destruction.

So we really lived the most brilliant of all eras in the history of mankind, the most wonderful age.

2027, all of a sudden feel that their time is over. Everyone will Wake up early in the morning and feel that his time is over. But since everybody is moving from the mind, and no one has this knowledge, of course, they'll think they just in a bad mood. Six billion Wake up in a bad mood. Six billion just Wake up in fear, inexplicable, illogical feeling of shock.

This is information that already exists on planet Earth. Somewhere deep down we know that... we know that We have raves... We know that instead we will receive a new look that will begin life on this planet... their development, their reign... We can survive wars, natural disasters and environmental catastrophes... From this perspective it is obvious that the events of the twentieth century with its terrible revolutions, two world wars, the genocides of Armenians, Jews, Ukrainians, of Russian nobility, most of the population of Kampuchea and Rwanda, is part of the preparation for the biggest shock through which we will have to go – to the shock of the transition 2027...

The plan of the cross of the Sleeping Phoenix tells us that when entering into a new cycle would shock the vanity of mankind. The whole world is About me and About the world I will be in shock.

In 2027 the Program will no longer be interested in people. It will no longer carry anything specifically intended for mankind. Now the Program will be designed for Raves, for them the Plan of the cross of the Sleeping Phoenix will sound like "Initiation" and "Awakening". World human About I nothing will be left except the "Shock"...

And then will be born the Raves. They will be born here in the nursing home they will have their people with a certain quality of chemistry — of DNA for which they are intended program. In the ordinary human hospitals will be the first small Raves, like reptiles with cold thick skin, with a complete lack of facial expression on the face, and the complete lack of reaction on the external world and emotions.

The main features of the Raves:

  • Lack of emotion
  • Vegetarianism
  • The lack semireflective consciousness
  • The lack of identity
  • No issues, commitment to learning
  • Hypersensitive skin. Undeveloped "flat" facial muscles a lack of facial expression
  • Poor eyesight, an inability to distinguish people's faces
  • Different from the human pH balance
  • The inability to reproduce
  • Completely Right. A special circulation of energy in Bodegraven
  • The ability to share in emotional awareness in the C (group 3 to 5).
  • Super security strategy to C.
The basis of the cross of the Sleeping Phoenix is the 20-34 the channel of Charisma: a Design where thoughts become actions. Find among his acquaintances a Manifestation of Generators with this channel and try to get them thinking about you or about someone else, care about you, worry about your interests – it is unlikely that you will succeed.

Why survival? Because most social institutions would be full of people who will start to think only about yourself and your interests. Because the credibility of the others will fall sharply. Because the lion's share of transactions in the delivery of food to large cities would be avoided that are likely to lead to a crazy shortage and economic inflation. Remember the collapse of the USSR when thousands of businesses were left without the necessary fuel or raw material, as it is the fuel produced on the territory of a neighboring, first, fraternal, and now – the very sovereign state, preoccupied with its survival? It can be assumed that the transition in 2027 will remind something similar, only in a disproportionately large planetary scale. Of course, this transformation will not happen in one night, instantly. But any person able to think in broad categories and see the "big frame", certainly resonates with this — after all, it already kind of starting to happen now.

What else will happen in 2027 and later?

The emergence of a new human species. In 1781, Pluto has entered the gate 41, thereby giving a start in life 9-and-center creatures. Next time Pluto will enter the gate 41 in 2027 and will give rise to new mutations, which will lead to the emergence of a new human species – raves. Raves will feature an entirely new level of awareness, a different form and appearance, other patterns and ways to live.

The raves will be the first and only beings who possess emotional awareness. Why we are not emotionally aware? Because the Solar Plexus center is the motor, which we experience as emotional chemistry, moving up and down. Especially about the emotional people one day they get up, having one view of the world, the other day – it's a totally different look. Emotional chemistry determines how a particular person is emotionally aware of himself in this world at the moment, the world around them. And so we can't speak about mindfulness. We know that emotional beings, there is truth in the moment.

The Raves will be a very special relationship with food. We don't know what they will eat, and how much they will need food. But we know that they are born to be vegetarians. Of the primary health system (PHS) it is known that all "right" — receptive, it does not need a large amount of energy in order to survive physically. The raves will be completely "right" on all the variables — they will not have anything left (strategic) from people. We can assume that they will need very little food and maybe they will eat some prana, solar energy, water, or herbs. Exactly what they won't be able to eat meat and won't eat hot food and will eat at night.
Because it will not one child, but many, of course, will be the question of "what to do with them?". For these children Raves it will be a real challenge. From Human Design, we know about the Raves that in order for the mutation Raves took place, the first thing you need to do for them is take them in groups, to unite in Penta.

In order to place the mutation at the Raves, it takes time. We don't know how it will evolve: can newborn Raves will be held on the stages of the mutation, or change from generation to generation: the new generation Raves, born somewhere in 2050, the year will differ from the first generation. We don't know how it will happen, but in parallel there will be a mutation in humans. And this is what we can speculate. Emotional certainties can be stopped by a wave. This means that for people with emotional certainty, except the certainty of the outpouring of emotion after 2027 may cease to have the value of emotional credibility. There may be a real stop waves.

Now comes the preparation. Autistic children are mutants, strange children, and it is difficult to find an approach to them. RA calls it: "the Right mutation at the wrong time". These are children that have exemplary features of Raves. Emotional distancing, inadequate response of social situations when they are trying to pull, aloofness and lack of contact with other people, the inability to recognize faces of other people.

For us, for the people, it is important to understand that when the wave is fixed, the food will lose its emotional appeal. In fact, for most people after 2027, when it will be found failing to fill themselves with the emotional experiences of food and when sex will no longer bring the emotional enjoyment, although will the habit continue, the main experience will be the shock of the feeling of emptiness of life. For people who will not have flashes of spirituality, life loses meaning.

The mutation of the Solar plexus center.

The solar plexus operates in waves, runs as a motor and this motor most people operates correctly. Much of this irregularity is caused by a misunderstanding of the mechanics work and attempt to explain what is happening in a person's life emotional uncertainty. Mutation which will come in 2027, will make the center of the Solar plexus center of consciousness. Awareness of the Solar plexus will rely on getting instant information about the auric field, a snapshot reading of the electromagnetic field, etc. things that are beyond our even wildest dreams about the possibilities of human perception. The people who will be born after 2027, will have the potential for greater sensitivity than we have now. At the moment our ability to be emotionally aware is very limited. We do not feel almost anything that really affects us is what in esoterics is called "vibrations", the neutrino fluxes, the auras of other people, Penta-and Wa-frequency, gamma rays, electrical and magnetic fields, etc. things that lie beyond the perception of the vast majority of people.

Change waves. The mutation occurs in 49 and 55 the gate of the Solar plexus center under pressure 19 and 39 of the gates of the Root center. 49 and the gate 55 in the year 2027 would not have a wave nature. It is unknown how this will affect the people living now and having a channel 19-49, 39-55 separate or gates 49 and 55, but it can be assumed that children who are born after 2027, the gate will work without waves.

The decline of human fertility.

Due to the fact that the mandala 55 59 gates polar gates, is responsible for the reproduction, one of the changes that will happen on the way and after 2027 – a huge decline in fertility in humans. In a world with rapidly growing business on the artificial reproduction and surrogate mothers. The closer we approach 2027, the harder it will be to get pregnant and have a baby. In addition, sex and intimacy lose their former appeal. And whether you like sex, if at stake will be issues related to an elementary search of food and security.

A new spirituality.

Another change in the context of the forthcoming mutation – gate 55 will be the basis of the center of awareness. With the awareness of a new type, allowing to Express the spirit that will not be subject to distorted perception of the emotional wave and the spirit, which will be based on the hypersensitivity. But we are not talking about the fact that the entire planet will suddenly Wake up or "raise vibration and make the transition to a higher dimension". On the contrary – look at this soberly — what kind of spirit will be involved, if 99% of the people living their about Me? Having such a powerful potential, those of us who will observe the transformation in 2027, are more likely to see all the possible effects of the lack of spirituality, blind selfishness, inner emptiness, meaninglessness, lack of content and present manifestation of the ugliness in other people. Such ugliness, compared with which the middle ages with the Inquisition and Stalin's extermination of dissenters seem "good old days".

The end of animal food, end Pets.

A mutation in the 49 gates will break connecting people with wildlife. Mystically, 19-49 is a cross-species channels linking people and animals. In this gate contains biochemistry a kind of "contract" with animals, in which we have tamed them, and domesticated and use as a resource, food and any other. This contract is with the animals is broken. Than it is fraught? Difficulties with the control and use of animals. These difficulties will be of a psychological (it is now a lot of people are becoming vegetarians, and in the future this trend will increase), physical and behavioral in nature. Obviously, people will get more and more resistance from domestic animals and Pets – cats and dogs will run away, refuse to obey commands, stop treat people friendly. You can also predict the diseases that will carry out whole species of Pets (recent examples are probably familiar to you — jump in the bee population, avian flu, etc.)

The end of God and the end of religion. In another section, the gate 49 is closely connected with our religion. God, need to find God and believe in him just as well put in our bodygraph, like all other aspects of human nature.

After 2027, the pressure to find God, to seek God, to be with God within a Church, spiritual community, or just search "a higher power or cause, which explains everything" stop. Never, the religion did not succumb to such attacks from society and science as it is now – and example can be scandalous action Pussy Riot, active censure of income and way of life of Orthodox priests, scandals with pedophilia in the Catholic Church, the latest book of scientific enlightenment Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, etc.

You will pass the God of their positions just like that? Alas, no. You certainly see that side of religion in response to the attacks appears very militant fundamentalism – not only Islamic but also Christian, Jewish, etc. Church, feeling the loss of his influence, until 2027 will be desperately trying to integrate with the power of force to impose their rules in the Constitution, to bring the Church to the army (for example, in Russia in the form of the Institute of chaplains), in education (to study together, or instead of scientific disciplines, religious myths), to start the next "Crusades" against infidels to provoke the division of people into "us" and "them" to send wearing a bomb or virus strains of the martyrs in supermarkets and stations, etc.

This will end in 2027, and if your own spiritual quest was associated with the "dark night of the soul" when you've lived the most terrible depths themselves without any support from the outside, you already have an understanding of what is likely to be a constant inner reality of most people devoid of God inside and outside. Just imagine what will happen to the people about me who have from the manifestation of aggressive nature was protected by the fear not to go to heaven, or the morality of "thou shalt not kill", and all of a sudden come to understand that heaven is not, never was and never will be?

Changing social institutions. So popular and common in the West, marriage, education, social institutions, social support loses its appeal. People will stop to consider the society and community, something attractive. The cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, deeply personal in nature will not support any of this. Most likely, we have to forget about what hospital. Most likely, our children will not receive a pension or social grants – as do not receive these payments residents of third world countries now.

You know what's interesting? If you look at futuristic predictions of modern scientists and economists, you will see a lot in common with the cosmological perspective of the Human Design for the future. For example, the French scientist and economist Jacques Attali in his book "a brief history of the future", intellectually comparing the past experience of the development and decline of civilizations, comes to the same future scenario, and RA Uru Hu: the civil war, individualism, survival, maximized market with consumer attitude. These trends are already actively manifested — just look at the world closely and distantly.

Be yourself — it's the opportunity to be alive and healthy

All information is Human Design important only for one thing – understanding the high importance of its accuracy. Understanding the importance of tuning with your type and your Strategy. Understanding of the importance of a 7-year process of retabulation and continuous experiment with the knowledge of its design – not to stay in the illusion of his election ("I know I'm the generator, I read about it and so I just smarter than everyone else"). You can know about your design and a huge success to live about Ya And about I means to make decisions with your mind and remember that you are the Generator only when it comes to Human Design.

I think now Human Design is perceived by many people as an interesting toy as an excuse to call myself a sounding name "projector" or "generator".

After 2027, the Human Design is the only knowledge which will allow you to answer only two basic questions: "what am I gonna do now to survive" and "can I trust these people". The only knowledge that will not dissolve in the growing chaos, confusion, lack of understanding of global disasters, indifference to the suffering of others. And of course, we are more than privileged to have the opportunity to watch the sunset and the transformation of our civilization.

Strategy and Authority – tune your destiny and teach the body to make the correct decision for him. In the end, if you are by yourself, you have nothing to fear – don't you (reading this now, puzzled, skeptical, frightened, in disbelief or something else), and your body, based on the signals of your Inner Authority will lead You to where You will be alive, healthy and happy in spite of everything man...

Life on Earth will continue for another 1300 years...

People will be able to coexist with Raves until the very end.

However, two species, Homo Sapiens in Transitus and Raves, live in a completely different, parallel realities. Contacts between these two types will be extremely limited.

The raves are going to build their brand beyond our panemuniu and comprehension civilization, it will be a completely separate us from the world. In the achievements of our civilization and progress have Raves there will be no interest.

The only thing the Raves will depend and need us and our descendants is simply the process of reproduction.

Despite the difficulties for our species and civilization as a whole, people will be able to still survive following the Strategy and Authority!.. This is the only thing that remains for Us is to just SURVIVE.... The program and the cycle of the Sleeping Phoenix will only care about the Raves and not about People. And that's what we're gonna have to watch the next 400 years. All the best, that could offer people and humanity as a whole has already been executed. Then time and life in all its glory will predlagatj not us. And the chance to see this movie, we'll watch - though as we didn't want to believe it. All this will take place not somewhere far away, and on our Planet Earth. It will be owned already the next species, which was isolated from cells of human DNA and is embodied in a new form called the Rave. The whole history of man and mankind as a whole, was only in order to give the opportunity to be born a new form and this is the purpose and mysteries of mutation-evolution in General. Always make the next step towards the development of something...

In order to obtain a new formula chemistry of DNA and enrich it in the proper form, you need the variety and number of genetic materal from which to build itself the chemistry of DNA. And therefore, all begotten and born, the number of people on Earth was only for the one receiving sootvetstvuyuschego genetic material. For the next step of the structure of the new unknown life-forms — the Rave.

From what You and congratulations.... we are participants and observers of these processes is mutation.

Earth in the near future will be to get rid of overpopulation, not the right amount of genetic material, namely, people who are awakened to happen very quickly in several stages. No one is to blame — it's just a process of the next cycle of mutagenesis programs. And we are part of the development process of a new consciousness on the planet Earth, but not its ultimate outcome. The final stage is a Rave.

We must understand that for the global programme, evolution, mutations, and everything connected with it morality, ethics do not exist. All of our Oh? Ay? and Why? Why ? and I disagree and I am more Holy and worthy to survive!!! ... in this case. The program determines the appropriate genetic material, chemistry of DNA for the subsequent stage and it is not a question of morality, philosophy, cultural imaginary of the election or anything else. It's just mechanics and chemistry, in order to run the program and everything!!!.. All.!!.. as we would not want to accept it or not, to experience the illusion, imagination and speculation about it... like an ostrich burying his head in the sand. We are all a part and not whole... we become whole after, when the moment of returning home ... Now we play our roles given to us at birth and identified by the program. The ground for this is the possibility called planet Earth. It is very important to understand the temporality of our costumes and not to autoescuelas with everything that will happen in the near future. This may save you from total insanity, disorder, dipressii of future processes that will live...

Human design is intended to hold us, if we understand this through the prism of our secutive Maya. In which we all arrive.

Strategy and Authority are all that can be mentioned after the above.


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