Life will be much better when You stop to give importance to unnecessary things

Their own Affairs more engaged when they have meaning; otherwise, it throws its meaningless and climbs into strangers.

American philosopher Eric Hoffer

People by nature tend to want to be loved and accepted – hence, it is the eternal striving to meet anyone's expectations. However, You can make a conscious effort and to cease to attach importance to what really its not. Free yourself from unnecessary burden. It's a skill that requires practice. Once You learn how to get rid of useless things, the world around You starts to change dramatically.

You should accept one simple truth:You should not give importance to what does not concern You – the good work of another person, a new neighbor's car, which is better than yours, a large, modern house Your friend, and so on. When You pay attention to all that, in principle, should not worry You, it makes You more miserable. You begin to torment thoughts about who You are and what You do not.

No need to waste their lives chasing a Mirage. This leads to undesirable mental health problems. Giving too much importance to others things, You are, in fact, cease to live a full life. The key to a good life is to score on what is important to Your growth, career and overall well-being.

When You cease to give importance to what they think about You other people, Your confidence will skyrocket faster than You can imagine. You will start to believe in yourself and what have much to offer this world, and will not let outside factors hinder You and influence Your decisions.

The more You strive to be like someone else, the worse and nedostajao You feel. The more You want to be happier, the lonelier You become, despite the fact that You are surrounded by wonderful people.

Psychological stability, happiness and a full life associated with the realization of what I really need to worry, and – most importantly – things that do not pay attention.

Mark Manson explains this as follows: "In life we have something to worry about. Actually such thing as apathy does not exist. The only question is what each of us prefers to spend their experiences. The stock of these experiences is limited, so you must use them wisely. As my father used to say: “mark, the experience doesn't grow on tree”. Well, okay, he never said that. Anyway, so let's imagine that he said it. The point is that the experience you first need to earn, and then wisely invest in anything."

Forget about the weaknesses and focus better on their strengths

You need to play to your strengths and do not give a chance to the weak.

Most likely, You give negative information too much attention. Millions of people in the world are constantly thinking about how they can get rid of their weaknesses.

It's no use. You should primarily concentrate on their strengths. Accept the bitter truth: You will never be able to overcome their weaknesses. However, You can change your lifestyle and focus on what You do best. The key here is that You don't need to change yourself. And so you become the best version of yourself if you pay attention on its own merits. You must accept your mistakes and shortcomings, to overcome fears and to get rid of uncertainty. Start to confront the painful and cruel truth about themselves.

In a study conducted by the magazine "Harvard Business Review" ("Harvard business review"), it was noted that if people attach great importance to criticism, the realization of mistakes is unlikely to lead to improved performance.

Scientists later found that the development of their own strengths may help You understand how to deal with their weaknesses, and gain confidence in yourself.

This allows You to say: "I'm a good leader, but I don't like to mess around with the numbers, so instead of sending me on courses in mathematics, provide me with a good financial partner."

Instead of worrying about the fact that You suck at it, play to your strengths. Do what You are capable of doing very well. Understand that You may not be the best at everything.

Learn to accept the fact that everyone is different!

Allowing you to live really and fully, we challenge the world with his vision and ways of being. (The Irish poet Thomas Moore)

You do not have to match. You don't have to be like everyone else. If You do not like, refuse it. Don't be afraid to accept your true self. Don't be afraid of how You perceive the world. While others try to adapt the rest of the world, make the world adjust to You.

Develop immunity to the opinions of others and be open to new ideas. Don't be fooled by the fact that while others are content with the mundane, You research exceptional. If You don't care about what others will say about Your work, then You are on the right track.

Use your right to break routine and try something new, and You will see how changed You and the world around You – of course, the better. There's always a decent option. Make a habit to question the rules; look for opportunities to try myself in something else. You will certainly be surprised at what You can do. Everything will change for the better.

In a world where all follow the rules, no one has time to notice anything. People every day are one and the same. Nobody cares that You work with all your strength to finish the job. Your boss wants to see the result. He doesn't care how You reach it. You are part of the process, and if this process is effective, then You should stay there and do what You are supposed to.

Inquire yourself. Take yourselves. Be yourself.

My biggest mistake I can not forgive myself, is that I once declined a persistent pursuit of your own individuality. (English philosopher and writer Oscar Wilde)

Do not wait for approval. Ask forgiveness, not permission.The only thing that is stopping You from doing amazing things is You. If You really want to do something amazing, stop to engage in idle chatter and do it!


Love and Conscience are the tools of confrontation degradation. NO other!Look for THEIR Take responsibility for their own lives. If You are not satisfied with the present and try to change it. The lack of action to nothing lead. If You are not afraid of going beyond the comfort zone and security, then You will achieve what you wish.

Stop it, finally, to worry about unnecessary and useless things to You are irrelevant. Start living for real! Your life will improve dramatically if You stop to give importance to the fact that You think people will care more about themselves and develop their strengths.published

according to the article by Thomas Oppong





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