Leo Babauta: How to change your life - 7 simple and clear steps

You will never change your life until you change something you are doing on a daily basis.

Mike Murdock

Leo talks about how to begin to change your life, day after day, as long as you do not get the desired result. Total 7 simple and clear steps that give hope for a better life.

Start with a simple question: What do you want your life was

? Do you want to become a writer, musician, designer, programmer, polyglot, a carpenter, an artist that draws in the style of Manga, an entrepreneur or an expert in any field?

How do you plan to achieve this? Do you want to write your wishes on a piece of paper, put it in a bottle and throw it into the sea in the hope that they will be fulfilled? Alas, the universe will do the work for you. You will have to take up their lives with their own hands.

Have you set yourself a big and meaningful purpose to be achieved by the end of the year or in the next three months? This work does not end. Probably because of their life experience, you know, that the establishment of long-term goals does not always work. How often this strategy led you to achieve this goal?

On the basis of its 7 years of experience, during which I have carried out various experiments, I managed to bring law: "Nothing will change until you start to daily changes»

. I tried to come to a system with weekly changes to things that must be done in a day, a large monthly purposes and many other variations on the theme. None of it worked, except for daily changes.

If you do not want to change their daily life, then you and generally do not want it to change the planned route. You just like the idea of ​​learning to draw / talk in Japanese / play guitar / programming and so on. But in fact, you do not want to do anything.

Take the same of yourself and begin to change your life every day. Let us know how it's done!

How to send your good desire to track daily changes

For clarity, we list several objectives:

lose weight

write book beat procrastination own
be happy
travel the world
drink more water
learn Spanish language
learn how to save money
do more
photos cena

How, then convert these ultimate aims in daily changes? Think about the daily activities would help you to move and be closer to your goal? Sometimes the detail is not easy. Therefore I propose a few examples for clarity:

1. Lose weight. Start walking every day. First 10 minutes. A week later - to 15. Then, 20 ... One day, when you walk 30-40 minutes a day, weigh new change - start to drink water instead of soda and soda

. 2. Write a book. Write for 10 minutes a day.

3. Defeating procrastination. Each morning find the most important task for the day and work on it 10 minutes before you go to grab the browser or mobile.

4. Fall in love. Walk somewhere every day and meet new people. Or working day after the day of working to become a fascinating man.

5. Be happy. Follow every day things that help make the world better, help people.

6. Travel the world. Start saving money (see. The following paragraph). Or start selling their stuff as long as all your belongings do not fit in a backpack. Then hitchhiker.

7. Save money. Start gradually reduce your costs. Start to take the habit of eating and cooking at home. Sell ​​the car and start to walk, ride a bike or train. Find a smaller house (adapted version for Russia - Remove the smaller apartment). Instead of buying things and services to be engaged in by those who do not enter you in a pretty penny.

8. Drink plenty of water. Drink water when you wake up, and then every hour when you do break (approximately every hour).

9. Learn Spanish.

10. Do the photos. Take pictures during your lunch break (but not what you eat) and publish them in your blog.

11. Read more books. Read every morning and before you go to bed.

So, you get the idea. Not all of the examples listed above are ideal, but you can always come up with something that works better for you. The point is to do it every day.

How to implement the daily changes?

This method is very simple to implement and, if you just follow him, he will lead you to the result:

1. One change at a time. You can break this rule, but do not be surprised if in the end failed. Work on one thing a month before adding another change. Add new change only if successfully coped with the first.

2. Start with small changes. I've already said a thousand times about it, and yet, no one remembers it. Start with 10 minutes a day or even less. If the change is difficult for you, better start with 5 minutes. If you can not, and with 5 minutes, reduce the interval to two.

3. Follow the steps to instilling new habits in the same time. Of course, not literally at the same moment at exactly 6 am, but when the same trigger in your daily life: once you drink the first cup of coffee in the morning, immediately after arriving at work, after returning home, after brushing teeth, taking a shower, breakfast, waking, lunch, or turn on the computer.

4. Share your intentions with someone. Better with a few people. Make sure that these are the people whose opinions you respect. For example, I made a commitment to my friend to learn PHP Tynan every 10 minutes a day. I assumed this obligation also to my wife, the readers of his blog, my children and many others.

5. Be responsible. Every day I fill Google-table data as how many minutes I have done every day (talk about the new things that you try to bring into your life). For example, as programmed. And access to this document have my friend, about which I wrote above. He controls me.

A tool that you use to maintain internal discipline does not matter - it can be posts in Twitter, Facebook or personal account to the person who helps you. You must be sure that your partner controls you every day and every month. If it does not, find another person who agrees to help you.

6. Install a punishment or a reward depending on the result. The most important motivation for training is that if you have not been able to instill in themselves a useful habit, people will respect you less, and if you were able to - it will respect you more. If your accounting system is set up so you'll have to find a new way to make it work. You may need to change the partner who helps you.

You can also add your performance of daily tasks bit of fun. I promised that the removal of land from the whale, if you do not meet expectations for yourself daily changes (I have to meet them, because to eat a whale to me tantamount to eat a cow or a child, that is not possible). In another case, I promised that sing in front of strangers song in Japanese, if you screw up suddenly.

Make the consequences for yourself unbearable, you missed two days and simply impossible, if missed three days. You can set yourself and reward if you suddenly do not miss a single day during the week.

7. Enjoy the change. If the implementation of these new daily action you feel tired, or perform these actions for you something like the routine, then you are doing something wrong. Find a way to get pleasure from these actions, or eventually you will leave this venture. Or, find other things, the occurrence of which in your life carries more weight for you.

That's all. Follow these 7 simple steps and your life will change. Each of these steps is feasible. You can start changing your life today.

And what have you done today to change your life? A year later, you will be sorry that did not take effect today.

Author: Karen Lamb


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