14 characteristics of people who have brought a strong mother

At a young age it is very difficult to realize that you have a strong mother. You begin to understand that the values ​​that she taught you when you start to grow up.

Most importantly, it can convey to you - it is a force which it has itself. But there are a number of many other values. Let's see what you could learn from their strong mothers?

1. The propensity and ability to solve their problems.

When you ask for water for someone my mother interrupts: "You do not have your legs?". Or when you ask for the salt at the table: "You do not have your hands?". Everything is very clear: the world revolves not around you, and there is no obligation to do anything for you. You yourself have to learn to do for themselves.

2. It is easy to admit mistakes, not getting stuck in the pride.

Many of us deny that broken vase or drink spilled on the carpet. And often cut down on all the younger brothers / sisters. But the strong moms taught us to admit guilt and boldly answer for their actions. The man who raised a strong mother, it is easy to know precisely this quality.

3. feel special.

Because the strong moms are able to pass on their love and teach children to go after their dreams.

4. Have a clear goal, and strive to achieve it.

Strong mothers not only inspire a feeling of features, but also taught to be purposeful. Thanks to them, you have the complex goals and force that leads you to achieve them ...

5. The ability to say "no».

Many people want to be loved and respected. So often afraid to say 'no', and this is one of the most important problems. Sometimes we are even afraid to say that we do not know the address that we ask. But the man who brought a strong mother, do not be afraid of this.

6. Perfect self-esteem and self-respect.

Mom - the first and perhaps the only person who will love you unconditionally. It shows you what you are worthy of love. Strong mother teach you to love yourself and be in harmony with them, do not settle for less than you deserve.

7. Knowing that put themselves at the beginning of the list of priorities - this is not selfishness

. Help other people, be generous - it is certainly good quality. But being overly generous, always giving without receiving anything in return? Over time, it will destroy you. Children of strong mothers are able to manage this balance - think of yourself, but do not be selfish

. 8. Your value - it's not just your body

. In today's world outer beauty is considered to be the main component for success in society. However, children are strong mothers know they should love personality and character. They pay no attention to wrinkles, cellulite or abdomen.

9. The realization that sometimes you need to be able to let go.

Continue relationships that destroy both work for the unloved, or simply be friends with someone who only brings trouble. All this passes by people raised strong mother. They know when you just need to let go.

10. Do not give yourself offense.

Experts argue that the people around you, you can learn to respect yourself. Children of strong mothers learn this from an early age. They never allow insults or humiliation in the party.

11. Less words, more action.

"Want to know a person? Take a look at his actions, not words "- all well-known phrase. This fact children are strong mothers learn from an early age. Hard-dignity by becoming chief aide of such people.

12. To carry out its promises.

To carry out its promises - one of the best quality that can be learned from his mother. This mother's gift, which shall fulfill all my promises, despite the difficulties.

13. Ability to listen.

Strong mothers always know how to listen to their children. Even if children say meaningless things. Children who always listened carefully, aware that the price and themselves become good listeners.

14. Attachment to the family.

Children of strong mothers who grew up with the love and attention, are likely to continue this tradition and teach their children affection to family and friends. "


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