Androgynous celebrities

All, or almost all know the feeling when you look at the face and did not know ... who is it? Boy or girl? And if you look closely, among celebrities, the phenomenon of androgyny, occurs often. Here it is - a list of 15 modern androgynous celebrities.

15. Chloe Sevigny (chloë sevigny), certainly a nice girl. And being a man, too, would be nothing. Looking at the next photo, I want to shout: "Hey, kid, what are you doing lip nakrasili?»

14. Milla Jovovich (milla jovovich) That's who absolutely have got used to the image of a tough, cocky kid. Apparently, this feature of her and helped her to play the role in the film "Jeanne d'Arc".

13. Rumer Willis (rumer willis) Her father, of course, a tough nut, but for the most Rumer, such quality as masculinity, rather less for a career than a plus.

12. All seryl beloved star "Sex in the City" - Sarah Jessica Parker (sarah jessica parker), did not differ special beauty ever. And many of those who saw her in her youth, claimed that Sarah Jessica could easily be mistaken for Man.

11. Model Christian Brill (christian brylle) has, in general, male appearance, but decided to play in the modeling business for "women's team." And that he goes very, very bad.

10. The singer, better known under the name La Roux looks like a very cute boy with bangs a la Carlson. The image is well recognized, but a little clogged.

9. Do you think to be a daughter of the famous producer? And here and there. When you entrusted the responsibility for the surname "Spelling", have ordinary appearance, a crime. And at the same time be similar to the guy - the crime twice. So you can only sympathize with the Tories.

8. Donatella Versace (donatella versace) Many will agree with me that this famous lady more like a man disguised as her aunt. And aunt, considerably inflated silicone.

7. The singer Prince (prince). It just amazes with its feminine charm. Although, if you look closely, it becomes clear that it is still muzhichina.

6. Samantha Ronson (samantha ronson). Recognizable hat and smile. I do not believe it, but it's still a girl.

5. Singer of the popular German band Tokio Hotel - Bill Kaulitz (bill kaulitz) incarnation of the anime character with obvious signs, both boys and girls. That one, my dear girl, you need to learn what should ideally be smoky ayes.

4. Courageous. No comments. Runner Caster Semenya (saster semenya).

3. Brian Molko (brian molko) lead singer of the rock band Placebo, known throughout the world not only as a musician but also as the owner of carefully maintained image of femininity. This half-man half-woman with a sweet voice than once confessed in an interview that feels like "a lesbian in the pants."

2. Due to the androgynous appearance Tilda Swinton (tilda swinton) could play in the film "Orlando", where she played both male and female role. And indeed Tilda probably considers his unconventional appearance "godsend." Her albino style became the hallmark of Swinton in Hollywood.

1. Model Serbo - Croat origin Andrej Pejic (andrej pejic). Pejic himself hinted: "With me, you get two for the price of one." And the designers just clap their hands gleefully exploiting his image, and dressing up in clothes with the slogan "Guess who?".


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