Fashion Week in Paris: Atelier Versace

Fashion Week in Paris opened a fashion house Versace. Donatella Versace presented to the audience a collection of autumn-winter 2012-2013, remember that the line of haute couture brand is called Atelier Versace. By the way, this is the second show at the Versace Fashion Week ever since, as the fashion house returned to the number of brands belonging to the Syndicate of High Fashion, who left in 1997 after the death of Gianni. The show was held at the Paris Ritz, which is also symbolic, because this legendary hotel have many memories associated Donatella:

This is an exciting time for me to return to the Ritz, where I am with my brother has gone through so many highlights. Closing Ritz Paris for two years (immediately after the show is closed for reconstruction) symbolizes the end of one era and the beginning of another. So this display of collections of fashion house Versace will truly be a turning point in its history.

Atelier Versace Collection is difficult to confuse with another display of the fashion house. Creation Donatella always very feminine, sexy and daring even further in this line, you will not find any trouser ensemble - entirely dresses and skirts. Versace, as no one else knows and is not afraid to open the female body, to prove it was not only the length of superdemokratichnaya mini-dresses, and the cuts to the thigh, revealing neckline and transparent inserts on lifah and skirts.

Most of the orders were carried out on the lines of the classic sketch - tight corset, decorated with beads, embroidery kroshetnym, large crystals and flying skirt, made of shimmering silk laminated (by the way, the last collection of Gianni Versace was performed because of the tissue). Despite the apparent monotony of styles, a variety of colors clearly impressed the imagination - here and lemon and sky-blue and pastel green and berry colors as well as shades of "precious" range - silver threads, play bronze, pearl nacre.

Many of the dresses, in addition to the luxurious colors have been decorated with original prints. Prints symbolized the principal values ​​of Tarot cards, which are inspired to create a collection of Donatella. Expert arcane Tarot surely make out the image on the clothes lovers, stars, moon, sun and other values ​​of the cards. This symbolism is not only gives the dress a certain mystique and originality, but also filled with a fashion sense, the lack of which is often far from complaining about her people.

From accessories in Atelier Versace collection can be identified, in particular, jewelry and leather belts. Jewelry rings were presented with major jewels of white and pink gold - sapphires, yellow diamonds, topaz.

Wide leather belts again were "marked" the values ​​of the Tarot, this time related to the symbolism of numbers. On waists models were seen Roman numerals VIII, XV, XIX, XXI, which correspond to the concepts of "justice", "devil", "sun", "world", which can be interpreted both positively and negatively - based on the specificity of the digital symbols of the Tarot.

After the show, the guests, among whom were many celebrities who were invited to a cocktail party by the pool - this tradition once introduced Gianni Versace. In general, the spirit of the founder of Versace that night felt in everything - in dresses on the catwalk, in a choice of Ritz as the venue for the show, in a lush party after the show, who loved Gianni.

Donatella Versace, according to tradition, came to bow at the end of the show.

Star guests of the show: Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Alba, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, Fan Bingbing, Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich. All the ladies certainly in ensembles by Versace.


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