Assembling hot rod with his hands

Cool photo report on how craftsmen gathered with their own hands this unique hot-rod Factory Five.

I am very pleased to begin the narrative of Rod'e Hot! Hurrah!)
Here he is in front of me Readily,
a full custom and unusual ... I remember a time when exactly
a year ago, your humble servant, drove in a unique place,
I saw two huge boxes in which to parse were Hot Rod and
Cobra:) And what was the interest of specialists
Vintage Auto soon have to start assembly of the American
Designer, currently "Lego" for adults!)

But the assembly has not been without serious difficulties. For example,
Representatives of the manufacturer of kit cars Factory Five
a total ordering, did not bother to warn,
that offered them as an option on the new engine
Ford Mustang will be "daunting" to place in the engine compartment
Hot Rod'a. A similar situation was with the gearbox,
which is quite simply not fit where there should be!)

Ie as you know, the build process was quite thorny.
We had to solve the problem can not be solved:)
In addition to all other colleagues on the other side of the globe at
the formation of a large parcel that is not reported, but something confused ...
All these little things, or rather their elimination takes a lot
time, but, as they say, art requires sacrifice!)

Since the two paragraphs above, we touched the engine and gearbox
transmission, then, perhaps, let's be clear according
The engine has been chosen the most powerful and expensive of the entire line
suggested Factory Five. They became the five-liter V8 from Ford Racing,
with a capacity of 425 horsepower:)

Just imagine what will be the speaker at this Road King,
especially considering its weight, which is about 800 kilograms,
the hurricane also:) I look forward to the arrival of the warm season
the year that it was possible to study the dynamic characteristics of plump
Hot Rod'a, confident that the surprise would be no limit, would rather have:)

On the gearbox - it was the product from TCIauto,
specifically for this engine developed a new
six-speed tiptronic. Fun fact: representatives
Factory car kit did not know about the existence of such a
boxes and thanked the representatives of the Vintage Auto
providing knowledge:) it was worth a lot of money - $ 8200!)

Check with the owner of Hot Rod'a last spring in Vintage Auto,
we tried to quickly put down literally exterior
car kit components, in order to understand how it will look in the finals.
In addition to body parts,
We have also wonderful new slippers dimension
23540ZR17 which the front and rear 30535ZR18:) understand how
at least one thing -
look at the final car will just bombicheski!) were
bought just two sets of rubber, that's what the picture at the bottom left
for city driving and trying on wheels with real racing

Owning such a car, watching the phases of its
assembly - the dream of most motorists,
For children it is an incredible feeling when you collect
new class constructor:) Here and there around the same!)
Here, for example, the new KONI small stands and brake system

Then you can evaluate the appearance of even the bare frame, not
less bare buckets Kirkey Racing Fabrication, small fuel tank,
as well as the pedals of the same brand WILWOOD. The entire assembly
It took place with the help of a huge, 600-page commercials, book-assembly instructions.
And most interesting is that along the assembly was located
in the neighborhood of "Cobra»:)

Vintage Auto experts then gathered front suspension with a brake
system, everything went like clockwork,
because then no one even knew what a dead end will face
staff during the installation of the engine and gearbox,
for which there was no room:) The individual deserves applause
grille, I believe her masterpiece:)

The owner of Hot Rod'a at a decent level approached the question of stylization
his car.
Designer Yuri Skripnik has worked with dozens of design options
Angry Smurf'a!) Yes, yes, that is the name given to the project:)
On the collage, you can see the final design approved
"Evil Smurfs»,
as well as one photo barely Place motor and holy
assembly instructions:)

Six months after the start of large-scale motions of the assembly
Hot Rod'a was already light at the end of the tunnel.
The car received its final color and took treatments
registration of the traffic police, which was recorded as a homemade
(how, why and why not ask to ask, on the registration
similar cars somehow make a separate note).
Primary color disapprove very rich went !:)

And a month later with a small project was almost complete:
established quality music,
All drives in the final order of the state, one word comes
last march to victory:) Individual enthusiastic exclamations,
in my opinion, deserves the instrument panel, which is made in
unique fire style, bravo Factory Five!

In general, in the interior Angry Smurf'e very original and surprisingly it
still enough space for a comfortable fit:)
The only thing I worry about, it's buckets.
Pay attention to their shape with a missing head restraints,
need to test the Hot Rod Alexei alexxxxxxx Hansa with shlemafonom!)
You agree that in the cabin there is absolutely plague style
and it perfectly fits the definition of "cool»:)

By the way, we now have another set Hot Rod'a roof. Before that there was
a similar, but slightly different form.
Excuse the expression, but "both roofs" are very small, even greater
symbolic windshields and rear windows, just like a tank!)
The peculiarity of the current is that if you want it dismantled
for five minutes and "voila" - your Hot Rod has an open-top:)

One of the flaws of the unfortunate Americans - instead of the rear arches certain
suitable size they sent quite different,
intended for much larger wheels. The Vintage Auto
We remedy this situation by making a carboxylic analogues have the right "size bed».
On the bottom right you can see how wonderful and evenly bake carbon
local culinary experts of carbon fiber business,
and is located right above the second roof Hot Rod'a:)

Alexei plans to skate this season in the form of, and the following year
(if the machine someone will buy, very much it is original!)
possible changes in the style of the popular "rat look":) By the way, I ask
to evaluate the real brass knuckles,
which are located on the sides fun bonnet compartment, as well as on
trunk lid, style ?:) Just "check it out" as neatly turned
arrange itself the luggage compartment, which is now in addition to the battery
live more serious musical components in the form of a subwoofer,
two amplifiers and even something:)

The car was very strong. I express deep gratitude to
alexxxxxxx'u, for,
that decided on such a protracted experiment successful outcome. I know,
it was not easy, had to solve many problems, questions ...
And of course my respects to Alexander AlexVintageAuto because our
the country thanks to its specialists from
Vintage Auto became one unique car more super!

That's all:) I hope you have been interesting to learn a little more about the assembly
serious kit cars like this.
I am glad that many of you are enlightened about the culture of "hotrodinga" because
it's really interesting and unusual car direction,
which is quite rightly does not receive enough attention in Russia.
Thank you and see you soon!



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