Brave, smart, cute 8 long, but cute facts about the taxi

To some, these dogs may seem clumsy or even ridiculous, but in fact fees, as a breed, quite ancient, and even eminent, and in the heart of dogs themselves love, no less than others, maybe more "hyped" or photogenic. The site offers a collection of facts about taksah.1. Initially, fees were intended for hunting barsukovNa taxes actually brought about 300 years ago in Germany specifically for hunting badgers. Their short legs and small size allows you to get into a badger hole, and they have enough character to come to grips with this animal.

2. In the world there are not only short-haired black taksyEsli all taxes were originally black, but today there are 12 standard colors color representatives of this species and three species of "special signs". They can be black, brown, even gold and wool may have short and long. There are also two sizes fee - standard and miniature.

3. Fees have become "victims" of love for them German imperial domaIz for the love of the German Emperor Wilhelm II to the taxi (he had five dogs of this breed) during and immediately after the First World War, the popularity of a taxi to the rest of the world declined sharply. Dachshund even portrayed in cartoons, when drawing the image of the aggressive and blunt the representatives of the German nation.

4. The Nazis claimed that taught one of the taxi at the taxi razgovarivatUdar caused and commitment to the breed of leaders of Nazi Germany. German scientists in 1930 conducted special studies in the program Hundesprechschule Asra. As a result, they have gone so far that allegedly taught dachshunds to speak, read, communicate telepathically. It took decades of post-war peaceful life to the reputation of the breed restored.

5. The fee was the first Olympic maskotomTaksa was the first Olympic mascot - "animal", nicknamed Vajda was invented in 1969 as a symbol of the Games of 1972 in Munich. Dachshunds are known courage and athleticism, so they are ideal for the role of the Olympic mascot.

6. Many artists loved taksMnogie artists love dachshunds. For example, attachment to a dog of this breed is known Andy Warhol, who took the dog to the interview and gave her an opportunity to "respond" to questions that he did not like. When Picasso met with a taxi David Douglas Duncan (famous American photojournalist), he fell in love with an animal at first sight. This love has been captured in photos, the Duncan. Loved taxes and David Hockney (his were two).

7. It is believed that the hot dogs were named after taxes "History" sausages in the text called "hot dogs" - it is dark, but some researchers believe that hot dogs were named after taxes, as the original " Taxi "is the length of the sausages, which put in a bun. Legend has it that the final name "hot dog" fixed for them, when a creator of comics could not properly write a compound word «dachshund» («Taxi" in English), and reduced it to a hot dog. However, the "historians" can not show us this comic, so ...

8. The fee is the first cloned dog in VelikobritaniiTaksa became the first cloned dog. 12-year-old Vinny was the winner (or rather, won his mistress) and was cloned by South Korean scientists. These five months took care of the puppy and then sent him back to his homeland. Hostess says that Mini Winnie (the name of a new dog), not only in appearance is a copy of his "ancestor", but he has the same habits that antiquity Winnie, he is healthy and there is no reason to believe that the dog does not live long and happy life . All taxes deserve such a life!



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