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Each of us makes many mistakes — and that goes without saying. But some people make the same mistakes again and again, unable to overcome itself, and forever rigidly in one place. Researchers from the Department of clinical psychophysiology at the University of Michigan found that people fall into one of two categories when it comes to bugs. The first have a fixed mindset, like "Oh shit, I'll never be good at it". Second, I guess: "something went wrong. Maybe I made a mistake? Must understand where not to stumble again."


Smart, successful people in any case are not immune from mistakes; they just do everything to learn from them. Here are a few main vital mistakes that smart people will never commit twice.

To do the same thing, expecting a different result albert Einstein once said that only a madman does the same thing, waiting for a different result. Despite the apparent veracity of the statements, in the light of the living is still a lot of people who believe that repeated multiplication deuce on the deuce will, in the end, the figure of five. Smart people understand that a different result they will achieve only by changing your approach.

The ability to postpone the pleasure of Intelligent people know that satisfaction does not come quick and hard work is exactly what precedes a long-awaited reward. They also know how to use it as motivation at every stage of the arduous process that leads to success.


To believe in the too good the outcome is a Joint result of naivety and lack of due diligence could once justify the excessive belief in miracles. But to believe that this wallet lying in the road just, but still full of money that only a very intelligent man. Remember, to believe the best outcome is possible only when you have placed a lot of resources and effort.


To please everyone So, basically, what people do weak. Afraid to disappoint someone, they spray all the energy on trying to maintain a fragile status quo. But smart people understand: it is simply impossible to please everyone. Therefore, they develop the courage to make a choice, even if he doesn't like someone from the environment.


Not to see the big picture it's easy to lose the forest for the trees, giving himself the difficult work and forgetting where it all should lead. Give yourself time to reflect: how much time you have to work and why you do this. Otherwise you can be stymied.


Play the victim Is a form of manipulation, to show myself to others weaker than it really is. Narrow-minded people, undertaking this game just doesn't understand how hard it is substituted under blow, changing its strength, its power over a dubious joy that can bring to life the party people.


To be someone you are not Is very tempting to show others only what they would like to see you. But no one likes a fake, and such an attempt in 99 cases out of 100 will end in failure. Smart people realize this after the first of the problems: they quickly associate their failure with such a stupid course of action — and never do. Happiness, success, and even luck are directly related to the internal attitude of the person. published


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